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From Proto-Vietic *k-jɔːʔ, from Proto-Mon-Khmer *kjaal; cognate with Chut [Rục]] kəjɔː³, Arem kajɑːʔ, Khmer ខ្យល់ (khyâl), Halang kơyal.



(classifier cơn, ngọn, luồng) gió (, 𩖅, 𩙋, 𩙌, 𩙍, 𫕲, 𫖾, 𫗃, 𫗄)

  1. wind (movement of air)
  2. harmful elements that are believed to cause fevers, especially if the patient is exposed to a lot of wind, commonly thought of as actual harmful winds that can penetrate the body
    Yếu mà còn ra gió.
    Don't expose yourself to the wind if you're so weak. / Don't try to do daring things if you really can't.

Derived terms[edit]