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This is to announce this year's Christmas competition, which is open to ALL contributors. It's completely copied from Wiktionary:Christmas Competition 2008.

How it works[edit]

The contest will include several game sections, each consisting of a word chain. Each game section will appear under its own section header with a chain that is independent of the other chains. Once a new game section appears (I'll start each one off), you may add to that chain. The idea is to have a chain of words that do not overlap themselves, but from which interposing words may be formed. The object of the competition is to score points by extending a chain, by stumping the other participants through stopping the chain, or by getting lucky.

Here is how a game section might look after three turns: (all user signatures are for demonstration purposes only)

The initial word here was bear. Each extension of the chain consists of at least one interposing word and one following word.

To extend the chain, take the final three letters of the last word added. For the first turn in the example above, this is ear-. Find a word that begins with those three letters (in this case earwig). This is called the interposing word in the rules. Format the interposing word in italics and parentheses, then add a following word that (1) begins with at least the last three letters of the interposing word, in this case wig-, but (2) does not include any of the portion from the end of the previous word in the list, and (3) does not leave "unused" letters from the interposing word that are not used in either the preceding or following words. All three points together can be summarized as: the interposing word(s) should be formed by taking the final three letters of the preceding word together with the initial three (or more) letters of the following word, without rearrangement.

In the example above the interposing word's overlap with the previous and following word is exactly three letters in each case, but this is not mandatory. Additional letters of overlap with the following word are permitted, as exemplified in the scoring section below. Do note that interposing words must be at least six letters long, in order to contain both the final three letters of the preceding word as well as at least three other letters to begin the following word. The scoring is what makes this really interesting...

Scoring :

  • +10 for each successful extension of any game section's chain. You may contribute more than once to a particular chain, within the restrictions outlined below.
  • +5 for each additional interposing word. For example, if the first addition to the example chain looked like this:
    bear (earphone, earphones) phonestheme
then the score would be +15, since there is an additional interposing word. Note that both interposing words contain the final three letters of the previous word, and contain at least three letters from the start of the following word.
  • +10 if you are the last participant to extend a particular chain. This could result from selecting a word that prevents other players from extending the chain further, or could result from being the last person to edit that particular chain before the competition closes at UTC 23:59 on 31 December. Be prepared for edit conflicts in the last hour of the contest. Also keep in mind that the "blocking" of a word chain also means that it is no longer available for you to score points from. Multiple additions to a chain can score further points, but only so long as that chain keeps growing. So, blocking may not be the wisest way to score points.
  • +25 if you successfully extend a chain that has not been extended in the previous 72 hours (3 full days). The +25 is received in addition to the score for the extension itself.

Additional rules :

  • All words in the chain must have a Wiktionary entry, and if the word is not a lemma, then the lemma form must also have an entry.
  • Words may be in any language, but must be in a language that uses Roman script. Non-Roman script entries will be allowed only in cases where the language of the entry has a module listed in its data file that transliterates to Roman script, or an "About" page that unambiguously describes how to transliterate the language's script. This may be in the form of a complete table, or may be a pointer to a site that describes such a transcription system.
  • Spaces, capitalization, and diacritical marks are ignored. For example, ñ and N are considered equivalent for purposes of connecting words in the chain.

Editing restrictions[edit]

There are four editing restrictions on participation:

  1. You may not remove or alter anyone's contribution to the games, and may not retroactively alter your own contributions once someone has contributed after you to that section.
  2. Each participant must alter only one game section per edit. You may not edit multiple sections with a single edit. Each section must be edited separately. Please use section editing to do this, so that the edit history indicates which section was edited.
  3. Each participant may extend each section only once per 24 hour period. Once you have edited a particular game section, you may not extend that same section until at least 24 hours have passed. Note that this is not the same as editing once per day. If you extend a section at 06:00 UTC, you must wait until at least that time the following day to extend that section again. This will permit more participation from more people. This does not restrict you from extending a chain in a different game section; each section has its own 24 hour limitation independent of the others. Nor does this restirct others from adding to that section during the next 24 hours. Note: If an extension you added is ruled invalid and unuseable, then it is as if that extension was never made. So, you will not be restricted from editing for 24 hours simply as a result of an invalid extension. Only valid extensions impose a 24-hour waiting period on your editing of that game.
  4. Participants may not extend the same game section two times in succession. That is, someone else must extend the section before you may extend that section again. Even if 24 hours have passed since you last extended a game section, you may not extend that chain again until another person, using a different account, has done so. (A sockpuppet account is not another person.)

Game sections[edit]

The contest begins with three game sections, but I will add new sections during December. The rate at which additional game sections are added will depend upon the level of participation. Thus, more participlation → more game sections → more scoring opportunities.

Please, remember to edit only one section at a time. And remember this is about having fun!

Game 1[edit]

Game 2[edit]

Game 3[edit]

Game 4[edit]

Game 5 - new rule - you're not allowed to copy any of the entries from the 2008 competition[edit]

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Game 9[edit]


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