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From there +‎ out.


thereout (not comparable)

  1. (obsolete) Out of it, out from it.
    • 1590, Philip Sidney, Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia:
      Claius presently went to a Fisherman, & having agreed with him, and provided some apparrell for the naked stranger, he imbarked, and the Shepheards with him: and were no sooner gone beyond the mouth of the haven, but that some way into the sea they might discerne (as it were) a stayne of the waters colour, and by times some sparkes and smoke mounting thereout.
    • 1895, Thomas Hughes, Tom Brown's Schooldays, page 38:
      "Keep thy money, man, and gi's thy hand," says he, and they shake hands; but the old gamester gives the new hat to the shepherd, and, soon after, the half-sovereign to Willum, who thereout decorates his sweetheart with ribbons to his heart's content.
  2. (obsolete) outside; outdoors
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