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way too (not comparable)

  1. All too, much too; to a degree that is very excessive.
    • 1997, William Ayers, A kind and just parent: the children of juvenile court, Beacon Pr:
      Like one day when I was just a shorty my mother was drinking a beer and a policeman told her to pour it out. He was way too little to be saying that to my mother. No way I was going to let him put handcuffs on her.
    • 2005, Matt Kloskowski, Extreme Photoshop CS (page 132)
      What can I say about pixel art other than that the designers who create it have way too much time on their hands? All joking aside, pixel art has taken on a life of its own in recent years.
    • 2007 January 2, “Our Girls Are Growing Up Way Too Fast (3 Letters)”, in New York Times[1]:
      Our girls are growing up way too fast. (title of the article)
    • 2007, Ralph A. Gessner, Deep in My Heart, page 105,
      That's taking things way too far in my book.
    • 2008, Julie Johnson Oliver, I've Been 16 for 34 Years, Groveland Branch Press (2008), →ISBN, page 72:
      Everyone will have to guess who I want to dance with tonight, I thought. I'm not giving myself away to this bunch of gomers. That would be way too embarrassing.
    • 2011, Trish Perry, Tea for Two (page 47)
      This was one flirty dress. Way too sultry for a first date, especially with someone she might have no real interest in.


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