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entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
za (with accusative) for Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
за (with accusative) for Serbian*
zabava fun, amusement Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
забава fun, amusement Serbian
забављач entertainer
zabeleška written note tag
забелешка written note
zabijati (transitive) to hammer in, pound in, driv ...
забијати (transitive) to hammer in, pound in, driv ...
zabilješka written note tag
забиљешка written note
zabiti (transitive) to hammer in, pound in, driv ...
забити (transitive) to hammer in, pound in, driv ...
zabluda delusion
заблуда delusion
zaborav oblivion
заборав oblivion
zaboravan forgetful
забораван forgetful
zaboravno forgetfully
заборавно forgetfully
zaboravnost (uncountable) forgetfulness
заборавност (uncountable) forgetfulness
zabrana prohibition, ban Croatian
забрана prohibition, ban
zabraniti (transitive) to forbid, prohibit Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
забранити (transitive) to forbid, prohibit Serbian
zabranjivati (transitive) to forbid, prohibit Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
забрањивати (transitive) to forbid, prohibit Serbian
zabrinut worried
забринут worried
zabrinuti (transitive, reflexive) to worry, upset
забринути (transitive, reflexive) to worry, upset
zadarski of or pertaining to Zadar
задарски of or pertaining to Zadar
zadatak task, assignment
задатак task, assignment
zadati (transitive) to assign, give (an assignme ...
задати (transitive) to assign, give (an assignme ...
zadavati (transitive) to assign, give (an assignme ...
задавати (transitive) to assign, give (an assignme ...
zadiviti (transitive) to amaze
задивити (transitive) to amaze
zadivljavati (transitive) to amaze
задивљавати (transitive) to amaze
zadnji back Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
задњи back Serbian
zadovoljan content, satisfied Croatian
задовољан content, satisfied
zadovoljno with pleasure
задовољно with pleasure
zadovoljstvo pleasure
задовољство pleasure
zadruga zadruga Serbian*
задруга zadruga
zadržati (transitive) to keep, retain, withhold
задржати (transitive) to keep, retain, withhold
zadržavati (transitive) to keep, retain, withhold
задржавати (transitive) to keep, retain, withhold
zadužiti (reflexive) to get into debt
задужити (reflexive) to get into debt
zaduživati (reflexive) to get into debt
задуживати (reflexive) to get into debt
zaglibiti (transitive, reflexive) to get stuck, mire
заглибити (transitive, reflexive) to get stuck, mire
zaglibljivati (transitive, reflexive) to get stuck, mire
заглибљивати (transitive, reflexive) to get stuck, mire
zagonetka riddle, puzzle Croatian
загонетка riddle, puzzle
zagrada parenthesis (either of a pair of brackets) Croatian
заграда parenthesis (either of a pair of brackets)
zagraditi (transitive) to enclose, fence in
заградити (transitive) to enclose, fence in
zagrađivati (transitive) to enclose, fence in
заграђивати (transitive) to enclose, fence in
Zagreb Zagreb (capital of Croatia) tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Загреб Zagreb (capital of Croatia) tag Serbian
zagrebački of or pertaining to Zagreb; Zagrebian
загребачки of or pertaining to Zagreb; Zagrebian
zagrepsti (transitive) to scratch, scrape
загрепсти (transitive) to scratch, scrape
Zagrepčanin Zagrebian
Загрепчанин Zagrebian
zagrliti (reflexive, transitive) to hug Croatian
загрлити (reflexive, transitive) to hug
zagrljaj hug, embrace Croatian
загрљај hug, embrace
zahtev request tag
захтев request
zahtevati (transitive) to demand tag
захтевати (transitive) to demand
zahtijevati (transitive) to demand tag
захтијевати (transitive) to demand
zahtjev request tag Croatian
захтјев request
zahvala thanks, thanksgiving, gratitude
захвала thanks, thanksgiving, gratitude
zahvalan grateful, thankful
захвалан grateful, thankful
захвалност (uncountable) gratitude, thankfulness
zaista indeed
заиста indeed
zajednica community Croatian
заједница community
zajednički common, joint
заједнички common, joint
zajedništvo (uncountable) community, commonness, comm ...
заједништво (uncountable) community, commonness, comm ...
zajedno together
заједно together
zakasniti (intransitive) to be late
закаснити (intransitive) to be late
zakazati (transitive) to schedule, call or arrange ...
заказати (transitive) to schedule, call or arrange ...
zakazivati (transitive) to schedule, call or arrange ...
заказивати (transitive) to schedule, call or arrange ...
zakidati (transitive) to withhold one's due, to st ...
закидати (transitive) to withhold one's due, to st ...
zakinuti (transitive) to withhold one's due, to st ...
закинути (transitive) to withhold one's due, to st ...
zaklanjati (transitive) to shelter, screen, guard
заклањати (transitive) to shelter, screen, guard
zakletva oath Bosnian,Serbian
заклетва oath tag Serbian
zaključak conclusion Croatian
закључак conclusion
zaključni concluding
закључни concluding
zaklon shelter, covert Serbian
zakloniti (transitive) to shelter, screen, guard
заклонити (transitive) to shelter, screen, guard
zakon law Croatian,Serbian Bosnian
zakonik code (law)
законик code (law)
zakonit legal, lawful
законит legal, lawful
zakonito legally, lawfully
законито legally, lawfully
zakonodavstvo legislation, legislature Croatian,Serbian
законодавство legislation, legislature
zakonski legal (in conformance with the law) Croatian
законски legal (in conformance with the law)
zakopati (transitive) to bury (dead person, treasu ...
закопати (transitive) to bury (dead person, treasu ...
zakopavati (transitive) to bury (dead person, treasu ...
закопавати (transitive) to bury (dead person, treasu ...
zakočiti (ambitransitive) to brake (vehicle)
закочити (ambitransitive) to brake (vehicle)
zalaz descent (of a Sun or Moon); sunset, moonset
залаз descent (of a Sun or Moon); sunset, moonset
zalazak descent (of a Sun or Moon); sunset, moonset
залазак descent (of a Sun or Moon); sunset, moonset
zalaziti (intransitive) to go behind (corner, object)
залазити (intransitive) to go behind (corner, object)
zalediti (transitive, reflexive) to freeze (turn to ... Croatian
заледити (transitive, reflexive) to freeze (turn to ...
zaleđivati (transitive, reflexive) to freeze (turn to ...
залеђивати (transitive, reflexive) to freeze (turn to ...
zaliha stockpile
залиха stockpile
zaljubiti (intransitive) to fall in love
заљубити (intransitive) to fall in love
zaljubljivati (intransitive) to fall in love
заљубљивати (intransitive) to fall in love
zalutati (intransitive) to get lost, go astray
залутати (intransitive) to get lost, go astray
zamaknuti (intransitive) to disappear, vanish, move ... Croatian
замакнути (intransitive) to disappear, vanish, move ...
zaman time Bosnian,Serbian
заман time Serbian
zamaći Alternative infinitive of {{i|zamaknuti|zamàk ... Croatian
замаћи Alternative infinitive of {{i|замакнути|зама̀ ...
zamena substitute, replacement tag Serbian
замена substitute, replacement Serbian
zamenica pronoun tag Serbian
заменица pronoun Serbian
zamenik substitute, replacement (male) tag Serbian
заменик substitute, replacement (male) Serbian
zamerati (ambitransitive) to reproach, criticize, ... tag
замерати (ambitransitive) to reproach, criticize, ...
zameriti (ambitransitive) to reproach, criticize, ... tag
замерити (ambitransitive) to reproach, criticize, ...
zamerka objection tag
замерка objection
zamerljiv objectionable tag
замерљив objectionable
zamicati (intransitive) to disappear, vanish, move ... Croatian
замицати (intransitive) to disappear, vanish, move ...
zamisao idea, conception
замисао idea, conception
zamisliti (ambitransitive) to imagine Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
замислити (ambitransitive) to imagine Serbian
zamisliv conceivable, thinkable, imaginable
замислив conceivable, thinkable, imaginable
zamišljati (ambitransitive) to imagine
замишљати (ambitransitive) to imagine
zamjena substitute, replacement tag Bosnian,Croatian
замјена substitute, replacement
zamjenica pronoun tag Bosnian,Croatian
замјеница pronoun
замјеник substitute, replacement (male)
zamjerati (ambitransitive) to reproach, criticize, ... tag
замјерати (ambitransitive) to reproach, criticize, ...
zamjeriti (ambitransitive) to reproach, criticize, ... tag Croatian
замјерити (ambitransitive) to reproach, criticize, ...
замјерка objection
zamjerljiv objectionable tag
замјерљив objectionable
zamka trap, snare Croatian
замка trap, snare
zanat trade (skill) Bosnian,Serbian
занат trade (skill) Serbian
zanimati za ... Croatian*
занимати за ...
zanimljiv interesting
занимљив interesting
zanimljivo interestingly
занимљиво interestingly
zanimljivost curiosity (unique or extraordinary object or ...
занимљивост curiosity (unique or extraordinary object or ...
zanoćati (intransitive, reflexive) to fall (of night)
заноћати (intransitive, reflexive) to fall (of night)
zao evil Croatian
зао evil
zaostajati (intransitive) to fall behind, lag, drop ...
заостајати (intransitive) to fall behind, lag, drop ...
zaostati (intransitive) to fall behind, lag, drop ...
заостати (intransitive) to fall behind, lag, drop ...
zapad (uncountable) west Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
запад (uncountable) west Serbian
zapadni western Croatian
западни western
zapadnjački Western/western
западњачки Western/western
zapadno west, westwards
западно west, westwards
zapaliti (transitive) to set fire to, set on fire, ... Croatian
запалити (transitive) to set fire to, set on fire, ...
zapamtiti (transitive) to memorize (commit to memory) Croatian
запамтити (transitive) to memorize (commit to memory)
zapaziti (ambitransitive) to notice, observe, see
запазити (ambitransitive) to notice, observe, see
zapažati (ambitransitive) to notice, observe, see
запажати (ambitransitive) to notice, observe, see
zapis note, writing (something written) Croatian
запис note, writing (something written)
zaplašiti (transitive) to scare, frighten
заплашити (transitive) to scare, frighten
zaplivati (intransitive) to commence swimming
запливати (intransitive) to commence swimming
zaploviti (intransitive) sail away; leave, depart, ...
запловити (intransitive) sail away; leave, depart, ...
zaposlen employed
запослен employed
zaposlenik employee
запосленик employee
zaposliti (transitive) to employ, hire
запослити (transitive) to employ, hire
zapostaviti (transitive) to neglect, disregard
запоставити (transitive) to neglect, disregard
zapoved order, command tag
заповед order, command
zapovedati (intransitive) to order, command tag
заповедати (intransitive) to order, command
zapovediti (intransitive) to order, command tag
заповедити (intransitive) to order, command
zapovednik commander tag
заповедник commander
zapovid (Chakavian, Ikavian) order, command tag Croatian*
zapovijed order, command tag Croatian
заповијед order, command
zapovijedati (intransitive) to order, command tag
заповиједати (intransitive) to order, command
zapovjediti (intransitive) to order, command tag
заповједити (intransitive) to order, command
заповједник commander
zapošljavati (transitive) to employ, hire
запошљавати (transitive) to employ, hire
zapravo in fact, really, actually Croatian
заправо in fact, really, actually
zapremina (Bosnian, Serbian) volume (measure of space) tag
запремина (Bosnian, Serbian) volume (measure of space) tag
zapreti (ambitransitive) to lock, bolt, latch tag
запрети (ambitransitive) to lock, bolt, latch
zaprijeti (ambitransitive) to lock, bolt, latch tag
запријети (ambitransitive) to lock, bolt, latch
zaprljati (transitive, reflexive) to dirty, soil
запрљати (transitive, reflexive) to dirty, soil
zaprti Alternative infinitive of {{i|zaprijeti|zàpri ...
запрти Alternative infinitive of {{i|запријети|за̀пр ...
zar really Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
зар really Serbian
zarada pay, wages
зарада pay, wages
zaračunati (intransitive) to charge (money) Croatian
зарачунати (intransitive) to charge (money)
zaračunavati (intransitive) to charge (money)
зарачунавати (intransitive) to charge (money)
zarobljenik captive Croatian
заробљеник captive
zaseda ambush tag
заседа ambush
zaselak hamlet, small village
заселак hamlet, small village
zaseniti (transitive) to shade tag
засенити (transitive) to shade
zasenjivati (transitive) to shade tag
засењивати (transitive) to shade
zasjeda ambush tag
засједа ambush
zasjeniti (transitive) to shade tag
засјенити (transitive) to shade
zasjenjivati (transitive) to shade tag
засјењивати (transitive) to shade
zasluga merit Croatian
заслуга merit
zaslužan meritorious (deserving credit) Croatian
заслужан meritorious (deserving credit)
zasmetati (ambitransitive) to disturb, prevent, ham ...
засметати (ambitransitive) to disturb, prevent, ham ...
zastajati (intransitive) to stop temporarily (of mo ...
застајати (intransitive) to stop temporarily (of mo ...
zastati (intransitive) to stop temporarily (of mo ...
застати (intransitive) to stop temporarily (of mo ...
zastava flag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
застава flag Serbian
zastavnik (military) warrant officer
zastoj stoppage, jamming, slowdown (esp. of traffic ...
застој stoppage, jamming, slowdown (esp. of traffic ...
zastrašiti (transitive) to frighten
застрашити (transitive) to frighten
zastrašivati (transitive) to frighten
застрашивати (transitive) to frighten
zastreti (transitive) to cover tag
застрети (transitive) to cover
zastrijeti (transitive) to cover tag
застријети (transitive) to cover
zastupati (transitive) to represent (a party)
заступати (transitive) to represent (a party)
zastupiti (transitive) to represent (a party)
заступити (transitive) to represent (a party)
zataškavanje cover-up
заташкавање cover-up
zatočenica detainee, prisoner, confined woman
заточеница detainee, prisoner, confined woman
zatočenik detainee, prisoner, confined person
заточеник detainee, prisoner, confined person
zatočeništvo imprisonment, confinement
заточеништво imprisonment, confinement
zatražiti (transitive) to request, ask for, seek
затражити (transitive) to request, ask for, seek
zatrovati (transitive) to poison
затровати (transitive) to poison
zatvarati (transitive) to close (down), shut (down)
затварати (transitive) to close (down), shut (down)
zatvor prison
затвор prison
zatvoriti (transitive) to close (down), shut (down)
затворити (transitive) to close (down), shut (down)
zaustaviti (transitive, reflexive) to stop
зауставити (transitive, reflexive) to stop
zaustavljati (transitive, reflexive) to stop
заустављати (transitive, reflexive) to stop
zauvek forever tag
заувек forever
zauvijek forever tag
заувијек forever
zavera conspiracy tag
завера conspiracy
zavesa curtain tag
завеса curtain
zavesti (transitive) to seduce Croatian
завести (transitive) to seduce
zavet covenant tag Serbian
zavetrina lee tag
заветрина lee
zavideti na| ... tag
завидети на| ...
zavidjeti na| ... tag Croatian
завидјети на| ...
zavisan dependent Croatian
зависан dependent
zavisiti (intransitive) to depend
зависити (intransitive) to depend
zavisno depending (+ (o, on))
зависно depending (+ (о, on))
zaviđati na| ... Croatian
завиђати на| ...
zavjera conspiracy tag
завјера conspiracy
zavjesa curtain tag Croatian
завјеса curtain
завјетрина lee
zavladati (intransitive) to take over or establish ...
завладати (intransitive) to take over or establish ...
zavladavati (intransitive) to take over or establish ...
завладавати (intransitive) to take over or establish ...
zavlačiti (transitive) to put (object inside or und ...
завлачити (transitive) to put (object inside or und ...
zavod institute, office, bureau
завод institute, office, bureau
zavoditi (transitive) to seduce Croatian
заводити (transitive) to seduce
zavodnica seductress
заводница seductress
zavodnik seducer
заводник seducer
zavodnički seducing (as a seducer)
заводнички seducing (as a seducer)
zavoj bend, turn (of a road)
завој bend, turn (of a road)
zavojit winding, twisting, meandering
завојит winding, twisting, meandering
zavojnica spiral
завојница spiral
završetak ending, the end Croatian
завршетак ending, the end
završni final, concluding, last
завршни final, concluding, last
zavući (transitive) to put (object inside or und ...
завући (transitive) to put (object inside or und ...
zaći (intransitive) to go behind (corner, object)
заћи (intransitive) to go behind (corner, object)
začiniti (transitive) to spice, flavor
зачинити (transitive) to spice, flavor
začuditi (transitive) to amaze, astonish
зачудити (transitive) to amaze, astonish
začudo surprisingly
зачудо surprisingly
začuđivati (transitive) to amaze, astonish
зачуђивати (transitive) to amaze, astonish
zaštita protection Croatian
заштита protection
zaštititi (transitive, reflexive) to defend, protect
заштитити (transitive, reflexive) to defend, protect
zaštićivati (transitive, reflexive) to defend, protect
заштићивати (transitive, reflexive) to defend, protect
zašto why Bosnian,Serbian
зашто why Serbian
zaželeti (transitive) to wish (+ accusative or gen ... tag
зажелети (transitive) to wish (+ accusative or gen ...
zaželjeti (transitive) to wish (+ accusative or gen ... tag Croatian
зажељети (transitive) to wish (+ accusative or gen ...
zbijati (transitive) to crowd together, jam, pile ... Croatian
збијати (transitive) to crowd together, jam, pile ...
zbilja indeed
збиља indeed
zbiljski real, genuine, true Croatian
збиљски real, genuine, true
zbirka collection Croatian
збирка collection
zbiti (transitive) to crowd together, jam, pile ...
збити (transitive) to crowd together, jam, pile ...
zbog because of Croatian
због because of
zbogom goodbye, farewell Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
збогом goodbye, farewell
zboriti to speak Serbian*,Montenegrin
зборити to speak
zbornik miscellany, anthology
зборник miscellany, anthology
zbunjen confused
збуњен confused
зденац well (hole sunk into the ground)
zdrav healthy Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
здрав healthy Serbian
zdravlje (uncountable) health tag Croatian*
здравље (uncountable) health
zdravo healthily Bosnian*,Croatian,Serbian,Montenegrin
здраво healthily Serbian
zdravstvo health care
здравство health care
zeba chaffinch
зеба chaffinch
zebra zebra Bosnian,Serbian
зебра zebra Serbian
zec hare Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
зец hare Serbian
zejtin oil Bosnian,Serbian
zelen green Croatian
зелен green
zelenilo greenery, verdure
зеленило greenery, verdure
zelenkast greenish
зеленкаст greenish
Zemlja Earth Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
zemlja (uncountable) earth Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
Земља Earth Serbian
земља (uncountable) earth Serbian*
zemljište area, land, terrain
земљиште area, land, terrain
zenit zenith
зенит zenith
zepsti (intransitive) to be chilled, to freeze Croatian
зепсти (intransitive) to be chilled, to freeze
zerdelica apricot (fruit)
зерделица apricot (fruit)
zet son-in-law Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
zeta zeta; the Greek letter Ζ, ζ
зета zeta; the Greek letter Ζ, ζ
zev yawn tag Serbian
зев yawn Serbian
zevati (intransitive) to yawn tag Serbian
зевати (intransitive) to yawn Serbian
zevnuti (intransitive) to yawn tag
зевнути (intransitive) to yawn
zgoda episode, event Croatian*
згода episode, event
zgodan handsome, pretty, attractive (of a person)
згодан handsome, pretty, attractive (of a person)
zgrabiti (transitive) to seize, grip, grab, grasp, ...
зграбити (transitive) to seize, grip, grab, grasp, ...
zgrada building Croatian
зграда building
zid wall Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
зид wall Serbian
zidar mason Bosnian,Serbian
зидар mason Serbian
zijan loss
зијан loss
zijev yawn tag Bosnian
зијев yawn
zijevati (intransitive) to yawn tag Bosnian,Croatian
зијевати (intransitive) to yawn
zijevnuti (intransitive) to yawn tag Croatian
зијевнути (intransitive) to yawn
zima winter Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
зима winter Serbian
zimski winter (of or pertaining to) Croatian
зимски winter (of or pertaining to)
zlatan golden Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
златан golden Serbian
zlato gold Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
злато gold Serbian
zlikovac evildoer
зликовац evildoer
zlo evil Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
зло evil Serbian
zlokoban ominous, foreboding
злокобан ominous, foreboding
zlokobno ominously, forebodingly
злокобно ominously, forebodingly
zloslutan ominous, foreboding
злослутан ominous, foreboding
zloslutno ominously, forebodingly
злослутно ominously, forebodingly
zloćudan malignant
злоћудан malignant
zločin crime Croatian,Serbian
злочин crime
zločinac criminal Croatian
злочинац criminal
zmaj dragon Croatian,Serbian Bosnian
zmija snake Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
змија snake Serbian
znak sign Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
знак sign Serbian
znakovit indicative Croatian
знаковит indicative
znanje knowledge Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
знање knowledge Serbian
znanost science tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
знаност science tag Serbian
znatan considerable, substantial
знатан considerable, substantial
znati (ambitransitive) to know Croatian
знати (ambitransitive) to know
znatno considerably, substantially
знатно considerably, substantially
značaj significance, importance
значај significance, importance
značajan significant
значајан significant
značajno significantly
значајно significantly
značenje meaning Croatian
значење meaning
značiti (intransitive) to mean Croatian
значити (intransitive) to mean
značka badge Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
значка badge Serbian
znoj sweat Croatian
зној sweat
zob oat Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
зоб oat Serbian
zona zone, area
зона zone, area
zoolog zoologist Croatian
зоолог zoologist
zoologija (uncountable) zoology Croatian
зоологија (uncountable) zoology
zoološki zoological
зоолошки zoological
zor force, power Bosnian
зор force, power
zora dawn Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
зора dawn Serbian
zorom at dawn Croatian
зором at dawn
zova elderberry, elder
зова elderberry, elder
zrak (uncountable) (Bosnian, Croatian) air tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
зрак (uncountable) (Bosnian, Croatian) air tag Serbian
zraka ray, beam Croatian
зрака ray, beam
zračenje radiation tag Croatian
зрачење radiation tag
zračiti (intransitive) to shine, emanate light Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
зрачити (intransitive) to shine, emanate light Serbian
zrcalo mirror Croatian
zrelost maturity
зрелост maturity
zreo ripe Croatian
зрео ripe
zrnje (uncountable, collectively) grains
зрње (uncountable, collectively) grains
zrno grain Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
зрно grain Serbian
zub tooth Serbian Bosnian,Croatian
zubar dentist Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
зубар dentist Serbian
zulum violence, terror, tyranny
зулум violence, terror, tyranny
zumbul hyacinth Bosnian,Serbian
зумбул hyacinth Serbian
zurna (musical instrument) zurnazurna
зурна (musical instrument) zurna
zvati (ambitransitive, reflexive) to call
звати (ambitransitive, reflexive) to call
zver beast, wild animal tag Serbian
звер beast, wild animal Serbian
zvezda a star tag Croatian,Serbian
звезда a star Serbian
zvezdica a small star tag
звездица a small star
zvijer beast, wild animal tag Croatian
звијер beast, wild animal
звијезда a star
zvir (Chakavian, Ikavian) beast, wild animal tag Croatian*
zvjezdica a small star tag
звјездица a small star
zvon ring, jingle, chime (sound)
звон ring, jingle, chime (sound)
zvono bell
звоно bell
zvuk sound Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
звук sound Serbian
zvučnik loudspeaker
звучник loudspeaker