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This template generates a list of letter names using Module:letters. It uses the function letterNames if the template is used in appendices (such as Appendix:Letters/English), and the function letterNames2 elsewhere, such as in the entry a.


(required) Language code: for instance, en.
(optional) Script code. Defaults to Latn, the code for the Latin script.
|native name=
(optional) The word for “letter” in the language in question.
|1=, |2=, |3=, ...
(required) The letters. If the script has uppercase and lowercase characters, place uppercase and lowercase in the same parameter: for instance, |1=Aa. If one letter consists of more than one character, separate them by slashes: for instance, |3=Ch/ch. If a non-Latin-script letter consisting of more than one character has no uppercase or lowercase equivalent, precede it by *: for instance, |5=*ӏу.


Hungarian letters (see {{Template:list:Latin script letters/hu}}):

|native name=betű

(Latin-script letters) betű; A a, Á á, B b, C c, Cs cs, D d, Dz dz, Dzs dzs, E e, É é, F f, G g, Gy gy, H h, I i, Í í, J j, K k, L l, Ly ly, M m, N n, Ny ny, O o, Ó ó, Ö ö, Ő ő, P p, Q q, R r, S s, Sz sz, T t, Ty ty, U u, Ú ú, Ü ü, Ű ű, V v, W w, X x, Y y, Z z, Zs zs