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w {letter}  :: The 24th letter of the Spanish alphabet
W {letter}  :: The 24th letter of the Spanish alphabet
wadi {m}  :: wadi
wafle {m}  :: waffle
waflera {f}  :: waffle iron
wagneriana {f}  :: feminine noun of wagneriano
wagneriano {adj}  :: Wagnerian
wagneriano {f}  :: Wagnerian
wagyu {m}  :: wagyu
wahabismo {m}  :: alternative form of wahhabismo
wahhabismo {m}  :: Wahhabism
wampanoag {m}  :: Wampanoag
wapití {m}  :: wapiti; elk
wasabi {m}  :: wasabi
wasap {m}  :: A message sent or received over WhatsApp
wasapear {v}  :: to send a message using WhatsApp Messenger
Washington {prop}  :: the letter W in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
Washington {prop}  :: Washington
washingtoniana {f}  :: feminine noun of washingtoniano
washingtoniano {adj}  :: Washingtonian
washingtoniano {f}  :: Washingtonian
waterpolista {m}  :: water polo player
waterpolo {m}  :: water polo (sport)
watt {m}  :: watt
we {m} [colloquial]  :: dude, guy, buddy
we {m} [Mexico, colloquial slang]  :: chump, punk, dumbass, idiot, jerk
web {f} [computing]  :: web (Internet)
web {f} [computing]  :: webpage, website
weber {m}  :: weber
webserie {f}  :: web series
weón {f} [slang, Chile, Peru]  :: alternative form of huevón
weno {adj}  :: eye dialect of bueno
weona {f}  :: feminine noun of weón
western {m}  :: western (film)
wey {m} [colloquial]  :: dude, guy, buddy
wey {m} [Mexico, colloquial slang]  :: chump, punk, dumbass, idiot, jerk
whatsappear {v}  :: alternative form of wasapear
whiskería {f}  :: whisky bar
whisky {m}  :: whisky (alcoholic liquor)
wifi {m}  :: Wi-Fi
Wikcionario {prop}  :: Wiktionary
wiki {m}  :: wiki
wikificar {v} [Internet slang, nonstandard]  :: to wikify (to adapt text to a wiki)
Wikinoticias {prop} [Wiktionary and WMF jargon]  :: Wikinews
Wikipedia {prop}  :: Wikipedia
wila {f} [Costa Rica, slang]  :: alternative form of güila
winche {m}  :: winch
winchester {m}  :: Winchester (rifle)
windsurf {m}  :: windsurfing
windsurfista {m}  :: windsurfer
Wisconsin {prop}  :: Wisconsin
wólfram {m}  :: alternative form of wolframio
wélter {m} [boxing]  :: welter (boxing class)
wn {adj} [Chile, informal, Internet, text messaging]  :: Contraction of huevón
wolframio {m}  :: tungsten; wolfram
wolof {adj}  :: Wolof (relating to the Wolof people)
wolof {m}  :: a member of the Wolof people
wolof {m}  :: Wolof (a Niger-Congo language spoken in Senegal and the Gambia)
woodyalleniano {n}  :: Of or characteristic of Woody Allen
wow {interj}  :: An indication of excitement or surprise
wáter {m} [colloquial]  :: water closet, toilet, rest room
Wyoming {prop}  :: Wyoming