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From Proto-Philippine *huluʀ, from Proto-Malayo-Polynesian *huluʀ, from Proto-Austronesian *Suluʀ.


  • Hyphenation: hu‧log



  1. to drop (fall under the influence of gravity)
  2. to fall down


For quotations using this term, see Citations:hulog.

Derived terms[edit]


Alternative forms[edit]


From Proto-Philippine *huluʀ, from Proto-Malayo-Polynesian *huluʀ, from Proto-Austronesian *Suluʀ (to lower, let down, as on a rope). Compare Paiwan surur (a taut-stretched line), Ilocano ulog (to descend, go down), Bikol Central hulog, Cebuano hulog, Malay hulur (letting go, slacking or paying out (a line)), and Manggarai ulur (to lower, let oneself down).

Pronunciation 1[edit]

  • Hyphenation: hu‧log
  • IPA(key): /ˈhuloɡ/
  • Rhymes: -oɡ



  1. fall; falling (from a height)
    Synonyms: bagsak, pagbagsak, lagpak, paglagpak, laglag, paglaglag
  2. drop; dropping (of something)
  3. accidental fall (from a high place)
    Synonyms: bulid, pagbulid, pagkabulid
  4. lapse; slip (into a bad habit)
    Synonyms: pagkabuyo, pagkaligaw
  5. failure (in examinations)
    Synonyms: bagsak, kalabasa, kamote
  6. capture; ensnarement
    Synonyms: pagkabihag, pagkadakip, pagkakadakip
  7. dropping of a letter in a mailbox
  8. payment by installment
    Synonyms: paghuhulog, paghuhurnal
  9. installment (payment)
    Synonyms: aplaso, hurnal
    Tatlong hulog na lang ang kailangan para bayad ka na sa utang.
    You only need three installments for your debt to be paid.
  10. contribution paid; fee; quota (to an organization as a member)
    Synonyms: kontribusyon, ambag, butaw
  11. (banking) amount of deposit
    Synonym: deposito
  12. tally (count, number)
    Synonyms: paya, tantos
  13. translation
    Synonyms: salin, pagsasalin, pagkakasalin
  14. meaning (of a word)
    Synonym: kahulugan
  15. one's interpretation; explanation; version
    Synonyms: pakahulugan, palagay, paliwanag
  16. grace; blessing (from God)
    Synonyms: pala, pagpapala, kaloob, grasya, (colloquial) talaga
    hulog ng langit
    blessing from heaven
  17. (carpentry, masonry) determination of a construction being vertically set using a plumb line
  18. (carpentry, masonry) vertical position of a construction (determined with a plumb line)
    Synonym: pagkakahulog
  19. (carpentry) construction of an additional roof on a house (such as an awning or eaves)
  20. (carpentry) added roof or room to a house
    Synonyms: sibi, sulambi
  21. (fishing) number of casts with a fishing net
  22. (baking) amount of butter used (per pastry of cakes, waffles, etc.)
    Synonyms: takal, sukat
  23. (baking) number of pastries thus made with a certain amount of butter (of cakes, waffles, etc.)
  24. insertion of a needle through a cloth
  25. metamorphosis
  26. (physiology) weight loss (due to poor health)
    Synonyms: pagpayat, pangangayayat
  27. (physiology) muscular tension (as a health condition)
  28. (physiology) development of puberty (among boys and girls)
    Synonyms: pagbabaguntao, pagbibinata, pagdadalaga
  29. (chemistry) reactant; reagent
    Synonym: reaktibo
  30. (metallurgy) alloy
    Synonyms: halo, banto
  31. (physics) gravitational force
    Synonyms: hilabigat, grabedad, hulog-bigat
  32. manner of sloping (of mountains, hills, noses, etc.)
  33. (gambling, slang) fixing of a game

Derived terms[edit]

Pronunciation 2[edit]

  • Hyphenation: hu‧log
  • IPA(key): /huˈloɡ/, [hʊˈloɡ]



  1. fallen down (especially of fruits)
    Synonyms: bagsak, lagpak
  2. failed; unsuccessful (as in examinations)
    Synonym: bagsak
  3. (physiology) thin; losing weight (due to poor health or unhealthy weight loss)