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Etymology 1[edit]

A sound effect. Popularized by the Usenet Oracle, a humorous Internet advice service, where the word was used as an irritated dismissal of a question.


zot ‎(third-person singular simple present zots, present participle zotting, simple past and past participle zotted)

  1. (slang) To zap, kill, or destroy.
    • 1980, Kit Reed, Magic time
      I reached for the handle and it zotted me — an electric shock to the elbow.
    • 1997, "Matt Lepinski", Zotting (on Internet newsgroup rec.humor.oracle.d)
      I've heard rumors about the oracle zotting people and I have these questions about zot?
    • 1997, "Terry Moore", COPS PUT LIVES ON LINE? (on Internet newsgroup austin.general)
      When a taxi driver, convenience store clerk, pizza deliverer, etc., gets zotted, it is on the back page of the local newspaper and not in out of town newspapers at all.
    • 1998, "RosieDawg", watergardening and dogs and Rosie's new toy, OT-ish (on Internet newsgroup rec.ponds)
      electric fence - zotting me was fine (well really!) but they were worried about zotting the several dozen human puppies that hang around at our house.

Etymology 2[edit]

Sound effect in the comic strip B.C., first published in 1958, associated with both (1) the rapid tongue of an anteater character and (2) lightning bolts.


zot ‎(plural zots)

  1. (US, slang) An anteater.



  1. (US) The characteristic sound made by an anteater's tongue or by lightning.

Usage notes[edit]


Alternative forms[edit]

  • (Archaic) (religion) Zojzi


From older zota, from Proto-Albanian *dzwāpt, from *w(i)tspáti, from Proto-Indo-European *weyḱpotis(clan leader) (compare Lithuanian viēšpats, Avestan 𐬬𐬍𐬯𐬞𐬀𐬌𐬙𐬌(vīspaiti)), compound of *wéyḱs(clan, extended family) (compare Ancient Greek οἰκία(oikía, house (clan)), Avestan [script needed](viθ-, royal court)) and *potis(master) (compare Ancient Greek πόσις(pósis, husband), Tocharian A pats(husband)).



zot m (indefinite plural zotër, definite singular zoti, definite plural zotat)

  1. master, headman
  2. boss, head
  3. (religion) Lord, God
  4. sir, mister

Alternative forms[edit]

Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]


zot m (indefinite plural zotët, definite singular zoti)

  1. landowner, owner of a wealthy estate
  2. lord, head of a wealthy family with servants




zot ‎(comparative zotter, superlative zotst)

  1. crazy
  2. mad

Usage notes[edit]

Mainly Brabantian.


Inflection of zot
uninflected zot
inflected zotte
comparative zotter
positive comparative superlative
predicative/adverbial zot zotter het zotst
het zotste
indefinite m./f. sing. zotte zottere zotste
n. sing. zot zotter zotste
plural zotte zottere zotste
definite zotte zottere zotste
partitive zots zotters


Mauritian Creole[edit]


From French les autres(the other guys).

In French, the plural word autres is commonly preceded by a word, such as aux, les or mes, whose final s or x is not pronounced except in front of vowels, where it is pronounced /z/. As a result, there was a misconception among Mauritians not well-acquainted with the French language that the singular word started with /z/.



  1. you, y'all (second-person plural personal pronoun)
  2. they, them (third-person plural personal pronoun)

Usage notes[edit]

When usage might be ambiguous, zot is reserved for second-person plural and bann-la is used instead for third-person plural.

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