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From waste +‎ -en.


wasten (third-person singular simple present wastens, present participle wastening, simple past and past participle wastened)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) To become wasted or cause to be wasted
    • 1865, John Stock (Vicar of Finchingfield, Essex.), An Exposition of the First Epistle General of St. John.:
      It is our wisdom to master this wastening incredulity: to overcome unbelief, by faith; and so the more easily this present world; making light of its permitted trials, and sitting loose to its possessions.
    • 1920, Lady Augusta Gregory, A Book of Saints and Wonders:
      And there are seven wax tapers in the quire" he said "that have never been lighted by any man's hand, and that bum day and night at every hour of prayers and that have never wastened or lessened through these fourscore years."
    • 1962, Evidence, page 83:
      [] do you love me, Mabel?
      not a pennysworth, Joe
      troves I lost I never looked for: cracked
      fountain pens that stained my fingers wastened
      by irreconcilable degrees into the dust.
    • 1980, Nancy Lenz Harvey, Thomas Cardinal Wolsey, page 118:
      Wolsey wastened no moment in responding. In all diplomatic courtesy, he confirmed Henry's commitment to Francis and his willingness to meet with Charles.
    • 2015, Oliver Lockewell, Behind The Mirror: Fright Night Flash Fiction:
      Not a second was to be wastened when your parent sends you on an errand or some chore.

Derived terms[edit]






  1. plural past indicative and subjunctive of wassen