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entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
a but, and (cf. (ali, ȁli)) Serbian Bosnian,Croatian
абажур lampshade Serbian
abdal fool Bosnian,Serbian
абдал fool Serbian
abdest (Islam) abdest Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
абдест (Islam) abdest Serbian
abdikacija abdication Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
абдикација abdication Serbian
abdomenski abdominal Croatian
абдоменски abdominal
abdominalan abdominal Croatian
абдоминалан abdominal
abeceda alphabet Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
абецеда alphabet Serbian
абецедар index (alphabetical listing)
абецедариј index (alphabetical listing)
abecedni alphabetical Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
абецедни alphabetical Serbian
abhaski Abkhazian Croatian
абхаски Abkhazian
Abhaz Abkhazian, Abkhaz Croatian
Абхаз Abkhazian, Abkhaz
Abhazija Abkhazia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Абхазија Abkhazia Serbian
Abhažanka Abkhazian (female) Croatian
Абхажанка Abkhazian (female)
ablativ ablative case Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
аблатив ablative case Serbian
ablaut ablaut
аблаут ablaut
abnormalan abnormal Croatian
абнормалан abnormal
abnormalno abnormally
абнормално abnormally
abnormalnost abnormality Croatian
абнормалност abnormality
abortus miscarriage Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
абортус miscarriage Serbian
aceton acetone (the organic compound (CH3 ... Croatian
ацетон acetone (the organic compound (CH3 ...
ada island (usually one on a river) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
ада island (usually one in a river) Serbian
Adam (biblical character) Adam. Croatian,Serbian
Адам (biblical character) Adam. Serbian
адаптација adaptation
adekvatan adequate Croatian
адекватан adequate
adekvatno adequately Croatian
адекватно adequately
adekvatnost adequacy Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
адекватност adequacy Serbian
Adem (Islam) Adam
адјункт assistant
администрација administration
administrator administrator Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
администратор administrator Serbian
adrenalin adrenaline Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
адреналин adrenaline Serbian
adresa address Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
адреса address Serbian
адверб adverb
advokat advocate, attorney, lawyer Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
aerobiologija aerobiology Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
аеробиологија aerobiology Serbian
aerodinamika aerodynamics Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
аеродинамика aerodynamics Serbian
aerodrom airport, aerodrome Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
аеродром airport, aerodrome Serbian
aerolit aerolite
аеролит aerolite
afekt affect Croatian
афект affect
афера affair Serbian
aferim bravo! Bosnian,Serbian
аферим bravo! Serbian
афикс affix
афинитет affinity
афирмација affirmation
афорист aphorist
афоризам aphorism
Afrika (uncountable) Africa Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Африка (uncountable) Africa Serbian
Afrikanac African Croatian
Африканац African
африката (phonology) affricate
afrički African Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
афрички African Serbian
afroazijski Afro-Asiatic Croatian
афроазијски Afro-Asiatic
Afrodita Aphrodite Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
afrodizijak aphrodisiac Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
афродизијак aphrodisiac Serbian
agava agave Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
агава agave Serbian
agda sugar syrup
агда sugar syrup
agencija agency Croatian
агенција agency
агент agent
агломерат agglomeration (cluster)
agnosticizam agnosticism Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
агностицизам agnosticism Serbian
агностик agnostic
агностичар agnostic
агностичарка agnostic (female)
агонија agony
agresija aggression Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
агресија aggression
agresivan aggressive, offensive Croatian
агресиван aggressive, offensive
agresivno aggressively Croatian
агресивно aggressively
agresivnost aggressiveness Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
агресивност aggressiveness Serbian
agrikultura agriculture
агрикултура agriculture
agronom agronomist Croatian
агроном agronomist
ahiret (Islam, uncountable) akhirah
ахирет (Islam, uncountable) akhirah
ајатолах ayatollah
ajkula shark Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ајкула shark Serbian
akademija academy Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
академија academy Serbian
akademik academician, academic Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
академик academician, academic Serbian
akademski academic Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
академски academic Serbian
akadski Akkadian
акадски Akkadian
akceleracija (physics) acceleration Croatian
акцелерација (physics) acceleration
akcelerator accelerator Croatian
акцелератор accelerator
akcija action Croatian
акција action
акламација acclamation
ako if Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ако if Serbian
аконтација advance (of pay)
акорд chord (music)
akrobacija acrobatics (a stunt) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
акробација acrobatics (a stunt) Serbian
акробат acrobat
akrobatika (uncountable) acrobatics Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
акробатика (uncountable) acrobatics Serbian
akrobatski acrobatic Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
акробатски acrobatic Serbian
akromegalija acromegalia
акромегалија acromegalia
акроним acronym
акропола acropolis
акростих acrostic
акт act
aktivacija activation Croatian
активација activation
aktivan active Croatian
активан active
активист activist tag
aktivistkinja activist
активисткиња activist
активизам activism
aktivno actively Croatian
активно actively
aktivnost activity Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
активност activity Serbian
aktovka briefcase Croatian
актовка briefcase
aktualan topical, current Croatian
актуалан topical, current
aktuelan topical, current Croatian
актуелан topical, current
акумулација accumulation
акумулатор accumulator
акустика acoustics
akustičan acoustic Croatian
акустичан acoustic
akustički acoustic Croatian
акустички acoustic
акузатив the accusative case
akvanaut aquanaut Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Alahu ekber (Islam) Allahu akbar Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Алаху екбер (Islam) Allahu akbar Serbian
alat tools tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
алат tools tag Serbian
Albanac Albanian (citizen of Albania, or a person of ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Албанац Albanian (citizen of Albania, or a person of ... Serbian
Albanija (uncountable) Albania Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Албанија (uncountable) Albania Serbian
albanski Albanian Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
албански Albanian Serbian
albatros albatross Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
албатрос albatross Serbian
Aleksandar (given name, male), Alexander. Bosnian,Serbian
Александар (given name, male), Alexander. Serbian
Aleksandra (given name, female), cognate to Alexandra. Serbian
alem jewel, gem Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
алем jewel, gem Serbian
alergija allergy Croatian
алергија allergy
alergičan allergic Croatian
алергичан allergic
alergično allergically Croatian
алергично allergically
aleutski Aleutian Croatian
алеутски Aleutian
alfa alpha; the Greek letter Α, α Croatian
алфа alpha; the Greek letter Α, α
alfabet alphabet Croatian
алфабет alphabet
alfabetski alphabetical Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
алфабетски alphabetical Serbian
algonkijski Algonquian Croatian
алгонкијски Algonquian
ali but Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
али but Serbian
alibi alibi Croatian
алиби alibi
aligator alligator Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
алигатор alligator Serbian
Aljaska Alaska (US state) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Аљаска Alaska (US state) Serbian
aljaski Alaskan; of, or pertaining to, Alaska Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
аљаски Alaskan; of, or pertaining to, Alaska Serbian
alkohol alcohol Croatian
алкохол alcohol
alternativa alternative Croatian
алтернатива alternative
altituda altitude
алтитуда altitude
aluzija allusion Croatian
алузија allusion
alzaški Alsatian Croatian
алзашки Alsatian
Alžir (uncountable) Algeria Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Алжир (uncountable) Algeria Serbian
Alžirac Algerian (male citizen of Algeria, or a male ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Алжирац Algerian (male citizen of Algeria, or a male ... Serbian
alžirski Algerian Croatian
алжирски Algerian
aman pity
аман pity
amaterski amateurish Croatian
аматерски amateurish
ambasada embassy (official residence; organization) Croatian
амбасада embassy (official residence; organization)
ambasador ambassador Croatian
амбасадор ambassador
ambasadorski pertaining to embassy or ambassadors Croatian
амбасадорски pertaining to embassy or ambassadors
ambicija ambition Croatian
амбиција ambition
ambiciozan ambitious Croatian
амбициозан ambitious
ambiciozno ambitiously Croatian
амбициозно ambitiously
ambijent ambiance Croatian
амбијент ambiance
ambijentalan environmental Croatian
амбијенталан environmental
ambulantni ambulatory Croatian
ambulantski ambulatory Croatian
ameba amoeba Croatian
амеба amoeba
амелиорација amelioration
Amerika America Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Америка America Serbian
Amerikanac American Croatian
Американац American
amerikanski of or pertaining to America Croatian
američki American (of or pertaining to America) Croatian
амерички American (of or pertaining to America)
amfiteatar amphitheatre Croatian
amfiteatralan amphitheatrical Croatian
amharski (masculine, substantive) the Amharic language
амхарски (masculine, substantive) the Amharic language
amnestija amnesty Croatian
амнестија amnesty
amoralan amoral Croatian
аморалан amoral
amper ampere (unit of electrical current) Croatian
ампер ampere (unit of electrical current)
amputacija amputation Croatian
ампутација amputation
анафора anaphora
anakonda anaconda Croatian
анаконда anaconda
analitički analytical Croatian
аналитички analytical
анализа analysis
analni anal
analni seks anal sex
анални секс anal sex
анални anal
anamneza anamnesis Croatian
анамнеза anamnesis
anarhija anarchy Croatian
анархија anarchy
anatema anathema Croatian
анатема anathema
anatomija anatomy Croatian
анатомија anatomy
anatomski anatomic Croatian
анатомски anatomic
andorski Andorran
андорски Andorran
Andrija (given name, male) Croatian
Андрија (given name, male)
anegdota anecdote Croatian
анегдота anecdote
anemija anemia Croatian
анемија anemia
angina pektoris angina pectoris Croatian
ангина пекторис angina pectoris
Angola Angola Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Ангола Angola Serbian
anketa poll Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
анкета poll Serbian
anomalija anomaly Croatian
аномалија anomaly
ansambl ensemble Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ансамбл ensemble Serbian
antena antenna Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
антена antenna Serbian
antilopa antelope Croatian
антилопа antelope
antimaterija (uncountable, physics) antimatter Croatian
антиматерија (uncountable, physics) antimatter
antipatija antipathy Croatian
антипатија antipathy
antičestica Lua error in Module:qualifier at line 23: The parameter "lagn" is not used by this template. antiparticle
античестица Lua error in Module:qualifier at line 23: The parameter "lagn" is not used by this template. antiparticle
antički antique Croatian
антички antique
antonim antonym Croatian
антоним antonym
антонимија (semantics) antonymy
anđelić little angel Croatian
анђелић little angel
anđelčić little angle Croatian
анђелчић little angle
anđeo angel Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
анђео angel Serbian
aparat apparatus Croatian
апарат apparatus
apartan exquisite Croatian
апартан exquisite
aperitiv apéritif Croatian
аперитив apéritif
apetit appetite Croatian
апетит appetite
aplaudirati (intransitive) to applaud Croatian
аплаудирати (intransitive) to applaud
aplauz applause Croatian
аплауз applause
apostol apostle Bosnian,Serbian
апостол apostle Serbian
apostrof apostrophe (the character ’) tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
апостроф apostrophe (the character ’) tag Serbian
apoteka apothecary (place) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
апотека apothecary (place) Serbian
apotekar apothecary (person) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
апотекар apothecary (person) Serbian
apsolutan absolute Croatian
апсолутан absolute
апсолутна нула (thermodynamics) absolute zero
apsurdan absurd
апсурдан absurd
ar are, measurement of area. Equals 100 m² Croatian,Serbian
ар are, measurement of area. Equals 100 m² Serbian
arabica A form of the Perso-Arabic script once used t ...
арабица A form of the Perso-Arabic script once used t ...
Arabija (uncountable) Arabia Croatian
Арабија (uncountable) Arabia
aramejski (masculine, substantive) the Aramaic language
арамејски (masculine, substantive) the Aramaic language
aranžman arrangement
аранжман arrangement
Arap (colloquial) Arab (person of Arab origin.) Croatian
Arapin an Arab Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Арапин an Arab Serbian
arapski Arab Bosnian,Serbian
арапски Arab Serbian
arebica A form of the Perso-Arabic script once used t ...
аребица A form of the Perso-Arabic script once used t ...
arena arena
арена arena
Argentina (uncountable) Argentina Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Аргентина (uncountable) Argentina Serbian
Argentinac Argentinian (male citizen of Argentine, or a ... Bosnian,Serbian
Аргентинац Argentinian (male citizen of Argentine, or a ... Serbian
argentinski Argentinian
аргентински Argentinian
argument argument (fact or statement used to support a ...
аргумент argument (fact or statement used to support a ...
argumentacija argumentation
аргументација argumentation
arhanđeo archangel Bosnian,Serbian
arheolog archeologist
археолог archeologist
arheologija (uncountable) archeology Bosnian,Croatian
археологија (uncountable) archeology
arheološki archeological
археолошки archeological
arhitekt architect Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
архитект architect Serbian
arhitektonski architectural
архитектонски architectural
arhitektura architecture Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
архитектура architecture Serbian
arija aria Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
арија aria Serbian
arijski Aryan Croatian
аријски Aryan
aristokratski aristocratic Croatian
аристократски aristocratic
Armenac Armenian Croatian
Арменац Armenian
Armenija (uncountable) Armenia tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Арменија (uncountable) Armenia tag Serbian
armenski Armenian Croatian
арменски Armenian
armija (military) army, military tag Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
армија (military) army, military tag Serbian
arogancija (uncountable) arrogance Croatian
ароганција (uncountable) arrogance
arogantan arrogant Croatian
арогантан arrogant
arogantno arrogantly Croatian
арогантно arrogantly
arsuz shameless
арсуз shameless
arsuzluk shamelessness
арсузлук shamelessness
as (card games, sports) ace Croatian,Serbian
ас (card games, sports) ace Serbian
aseksualnost asexuality
асексуалност asexuality
asimetrija asymmetry Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
асиметрија asymmetry
asimilacija assimilation Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
асимилација assimilation
Asirac Assyrian Croatian
Асирац Assyrian
Asirija (uncountable) Assyria Croatian
Асирија (uncountable) Assyria
asirski Assyrian Croatian
асирски Assyrian
asocijacija association
асоцијација association
asocijalan asocial Croatian
асоцијалан asocial
astal (dated) table Serbian
asteroid asteroid
астероид asteroid
astrofizika (uncountable) astrophysics
астрофизика (uncountable) astrophysics
astronaut astronaut Bosnian,Serbian
астронаут astronaut Serbian
astronom astronomer Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
астроном astronomer Serbian
astronomija (uncountable) astronomy (study of the phy ... Bosnian,Croatian
астрономија (uncountable) astronomy (study of the phy ...
at steed Serbian
ат steed Serbian
ataše attaché Croatian
atelje atelier Bosnian,Serbian
атеље atelier Serbian
atički Attic
атички Attic
Atlantik (uncountable) the Atlantic Ocean Croatian
Атлантик (uncountable) the Atlantic Ocean
atlantski Atlantic Croatian
атлантски Atlantic
atlas atlas Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
атлас atlas Serbian
atletski athletic Croatian
атлетски athletic
atmosfera atmosphere (also figuratively) Croatian
атмосфера atmosphere (also figuratively)
atom atom Croatian
атом atom
atomski atomic Croatian
атомски atomic
atonalan (music) atonal
атоналан (music) atonal
atrakcija attraction
атракција attraction
atraktivan attractive (pleasing or appealing to the se ...
атрактиван attractive (pleasing or appealing to the se ...
auspuh muffler Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ауспух muffler Serbian
Australac Australian Croatian
Аустралац Australian
Australija (uncountable) Australia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Аустралија (uncountable) Australia Serbian
australijski Australian Croatian
аустралијски Australian
australski Australian Croatian
аустралски Australian
Austrija (uncountable) Austria Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Аустрија (uncountable) Austria Serbian
Austrijanac Austrian Croatian
Аустријанац Austrian
austrijski Austrian Croatian
аустријски Austrian
austrougarski Austro-Hungarian
аустроугарски Austro-Hungarian
autentičan authentic
аутентичан authentic
autentičnost authenticity
аутентичност authenticity
auto car, automobile Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ауто car, automobile Serbian
autobiografija autobiography Croatian
аутобиографија autobiography
autohton autochthonous, native Croatian
аутохтон autochthonous, native
automobil automobile tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
аутомобил automobile tag Serbian
autonomija autonomy Croatian
аутономија autonomy
autor author Croatian
аутор author
autoritet authority (the power to enforce rules or give ...
ауторитет authority (the power to enforce rules or give ...
avarski Avar
аварски Avar
avatar avatar
аватар avatar
avaz voice Bosnian
аваз voice
avestički Avestan
авестички Avestan
avet ghost, apparition Croatian
авет ghost, apparition
avion airplane, aeroplane Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
авион airplane, aeroplane Serbian
azbest (uncountable) asbestos Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
азбест (uncountable) asbestos Serbian
azbuka (uncountable) alphabet (based on the Cy ... Bosnian,Serbian
азбука (uncountable) alphabet (based on the Cy ... Serbian
Azija (uncountable) Asia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Азија (uncountable) Asia Serbian
Azijac Asian Croatian
Азијац Asian
azijski Asian Croatian
азијски Asian
ašikluk flirting, flirtation Bosnian,Serbian
ашиклук flirting, flirtation Serbian
aždaja dragon Bosnian,Serbian
аждаја dragon Serbian