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Alternative forms[edit]


Perhaps from aquila (eagle) +‎ (name-forming suffix), personifying the cold north wind as a "fast, aggressive raptor".


aquilō m (genitive aquilōnis); third declension

  1. north wind, the wind god Boreas
    Synonyms: boreās, septentriō
  2. the north
  3. (New Latin) kite


Third-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative aquilō aquilōnēs
Genitive aquilōnis aquilōnum
Dative aquilōnī aquilōnibus
Accusative aquilōnem aquilōnēs
Ablative aquilōne aquilōnibus
Vocative aquilō aquilōnēs

Derived terms[edit]



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Further reading[edit]

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From Old Galician-Portuguese aquilo, from Vulgar Latin *eccum illum, neuter singular of *eccum ille.



  • Hyphenation: a‧qui‧lo
  • (file)


aquilo (indefinite demonstrative pronoun)

  1. that, that thing (demonstrative)
    Ou isto ou aquilo
    [It's] either this or that (there's no third option)
  2. (obsolete, literature, literary) that sentence; that word, that dictum

Usage notes[edit]

  • Mainly used to represent things yet to be introduced or explained (in contrast with aquele or aquela). Also used with objects rather than people.

See also[edit]

Portuguese demonstratives (edit)
Pronouns Adverbs
Singular Plural Neuter
Masculine Feminine Masculine Feminine
Proximal X este esta estes estas isto aqui,
de + X deste desta destes destas disto daqui
em + X neste nesta nestes nestas nisto
Medial X esse essa esses essas isso
de + X desse dessa desses dessas disso daí
em + X nesse nessa nesses nessas nisso
Distal X aquele aquela aqueles aquelas aquilo ali,
de + X daquele daquela daqueles daquelas daquilo dali
em + X naquele naquela naqueles naquelas naquilo
a + X àquele àquela àqueles àquelas àquilo
Anaphoric X o a os as
de + X do da dos das
em + X no na nos nas
a + X ao à aos às