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From Latin regalia, neuter plural of regalis (of a king), from rex (king).



regalia pl (plural only)

  1. royal rights, prerogatives and privileges - actually enjoyed by any sovereign, regardless of his title (emperor, grand duke etcetera)
  2. the emblems, symbols, or paraphernalia indicative of royalty or any other sovereign status; such as a crown, orb, sceptre, sword of justice
    • 1937 November 10, “Ceremonial of the Coronation of Their Majesties [King George VI and his wife Elizabeth, Westminster Abbey, London, 12 May 1937]”, in The London Gazette (Supplement)[1], number 34453, page 7031 at 7056:
      THE INTHRONIZATION. The King ascended the Theatre, accompanied by the two Bishops his Supporters, the Great Officers of State, the Lords carrying the Swords, and the Lords who had borne Their Majesties' Regalia, and was Inthroned by the Archbishops, Bishops, and the other Peers, who then stood about the steps of the Throne.
  3. decorations or insignia indicative of an office or membership of an order or society; such as freemasonry
  4. finery, magnificent dress, or lavish or flashy costume
  5. (obsolete) Sumptuous food; delicacies.
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regalia (plural regalias)

  1. (archaic) A kind of large cigar of superior quality.
    • 1840, Isaac Butt, Irish Life (page 294)
      I have taken care that there's both brandy and whiskey nicely stowed away in the barrack-room, with plenty of prime regalia cigars []
    • 1850, United States. Congress, Congressional Edition: Volume 552 (page 868)
      The quantity of regalias imported into northern ports is comparatively small.

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regalia f (plural regalie)

  1. tip, gratuity
  2. regalia
  3. handout

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  1. nominative neuter plural of rēgālis
  2. accusative neuter plural of rēgālis
  3. vocative neuter plural of rēgālis


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