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This page is a glossary of Japanese film credit terms translated into English. Translation of credits requires knowledge of the terminology used by both the American and Japanese film industries, including live action and anime. This article provides an easy translation guide for those wishing to do so.


Terms are listed alphabetically according to romanization.

Japanese Rōmaji English Notes
アフレコ afureko voice/dialogue recording from "after recording"
アニメーション animeshon animation  
アニメーション監督 animeshon kantoku animation director  
アニメーション協力 animeshon kyouryoku animation assistance / co-operation  
アニメーション制作 animēshon seisaku animation work  
アニメーション制作協力 animeshon seisaku kyouryoku animation work assistance Normally by studios that does work outsourced to them by the main animation production company (アニメーション制作 ‎(animeshon seisaku)).
アニメーター animētā animator  
アシスタント ashisutanto assistant Can be used after any credit term
アソシエイトプロデューサー asoshieito purodyūsā associate producer
アテレコ atereko ADR/revoicing from 声をあてる ‎(koe wo ateru, to apply a voice)
番組担当 bangumi tantō program manager  
美術監督 bijutsu kantoku art director Pertaining to the backgrounds.
美術設定 bijutsu settei background artists Refers to the major backgrounds; usually used for individual artists.
文芸担当 bungeitantou script supervisor  
チーフプロデューサー chīfu purodyūsā chief producer  
著作 chosaku publication, author  
ダビング dabingu dubbing/sound mixing mixing dialogue/ADR, sound effects and music (with original production sound, where applicable) to produce the finished soundtrack.
デジタル合成 dejitaru gousei digital composition  
動画 dōga in-between animation  
動画チェック dōga chekku in-between animation check Checks the in-between animation drawings. Also credited as 動画検査 (dōga kensa) or in-between animation inspection.
エグゼクティブプロデューサー eguzekutibu
executive producer  
絵コンテ ekonte storyboards Literally "picture continuity".
演出 enshutsu animation director/episode direction/overview/direction/technical director Literally "production (e.g. play) / direction".
演出補佐 enshutsu hosa assistant episode direction/assistant direction/assistant technical director  
演奏 ensō musical performance/performed by  
フィルム firumu film  
副監督 fukukantoku assistant director 助監督 ‎(jokantoku) is also used for "assistant director"
原案 gen'an original plan  
原案協力 gen'ankyōryoku original plan assistance  
原画 genga key animation Literally "original picture".
原作 gensaku original work  
現像 genzō film developer  
販売 hanbai marketing  
背景 haikei backgrounds
Usually used for studios or groups that produced the backgrounds, sets, or scenery.
配給 haikyū distribution The company that distributed the film.
編曲 henkyoku arrangement (music)  
編集 henshū editor  
翻訳 hon'yaku translation  
衣装デザイナー ishō dezainā costume designer  
色指定 iro shitei Colour coordination Determines the color scheme of the anime in general. Generally come from the shiage (仕上げ) department.
監修 kanshū supervision  
監督 kantoku director ディレクター(direkutā) is also used.
火薬技師 kayaku gishi gunpowder technician  
企画 kikaku planning Usually called "development" in western production
企画協力 kikaku kyōryoku planning coordinator  
記録 kiroku recorder
production diary/journal
小道具 kodōgu props
stage properties
広報 kōhō publicity
public relations
公開日 kōkaibi release date  
構成 kōsei organization (as in "series organization")  
脚本 kyakuhon script
脚本家 kyakuhonka screenwriter  
キャメラマン kyameraman cameraman  
キャラクターデザイン kyarakutā dezain character design  
キャスティング kyasutingu casting  
協力 kyōryoku coordination
メカニックデザイン mekanikku dezain mechanical design Usually shortened to "メカデザイン" ("mekadezain"; mecha design). This mostly refers to the design of robots.
ミキサー mikisā mixer  
大道具 ōdōgu stage setting
音楽 ongaku music
mostly refers to "music"
音楽監督 ongaku kantoku music director  
音響 onkyō sound  
音響監督 onkyō kantoku sound director / audio director  
音楽製作 ongakuseisaku music production  
音楽協力 ongaku kyōryōku music co-production / music cooperation  
音響効果 onkyō kōka sound effects  
音響プロデューサー onkyō purodyūsā sound producer  
音響制作 onkyō seisaku sound work  
プロデューサー purodyūsā producer  
プレスコ puresuko pre-recording from "pre-scoring"
ラインプロデューサー rainpurodyūsā line producer  
ライティングディレクター raitingu direkutā gaffer  
連絡デスク renraku desuku communications desk
response desk
録音 rokuon audio recording  
録音演出 rokuon enshutsu sound director/sound production/audio director/audio production/recording director/recording production  
作画 sakuga animation
key animation
作画監督 sakuga kantoku animation supervisor
key animation director
Literally "drawings supervisor". Checks the key animation and drawings and also ensures faces are drawn according to the character design. As such many character designers often double up as 総作画監督 ‎(sou sakuga kantoku) or chief animation supervisor who checks the drawings, especially the character drawings.
作詞 sakushi lyrics (music)  
作曲 sakkyoku composer (music)  
撮影 satsuei photography
撮影技師 satsuei gishi camera operator  
撮影監督 satsuei kantoku director of photography
撮影制作 satsuei seisaku photography work  
宣伝 senden promotion/marketing  
選曲 senkyoku theme song/music selection  
製作 seisaku production
executive producer
制作 seisaku production
制作事務 seisaku jimu production office work  
制作管理 seisaku kanri production manager  
制作進行 seisaku shinkou production advance  
製作担当 seisaku tantō executive producer/production manager  
仕上 shiage Coloring
finish animation
touch-up animation
ink & paint
The people who do the clean-up work to make sure the animation cels look good. They also add color to the animation (using computers).
色彩設計 shikisaisekkei colour design  
照明 shōmei lighting  
照明技師 shōmei gishi lighting technician  
照明監督 shōmeikantoku lighting director  
chief… This can appear before any title. It can also mean general. "チーフ(chīfu)" is also used.
挿入歌 sōnyūka insert song song used during the movie, usually in the background (i.e., in a cafe)
総作画監督 sōsakuga kantoku chief animation director  
主題歌 shudaika theme song  
スチール suchiiru still photography  
タイトル taitoru titles/titling The credits.
提供 teikyou sponsor  
テクニカルディレクター tekunikarudirekutā technical director  
特殊効果 tokushukōka special effects  
; uta song/sung by/performance/vocal usually refers to who is singing the song
ゼネラルマネージャー zenerarumane-jā general manager