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good-looking drawing-room dining-room high-pitched forty-five heart-warming better'n dark-haired forty-eight half-dozen half-hour black-market black-bearded brand-new witch-doctor broad-shouldered first-class empty-handed full-length ever-present half-past night-vision deep-set dream-time cross-examination horn-rimmed sun-browned night-watch pocket-money ink-stained sea-green cow-dung stuck-up fire-breathing low-key

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also: species:Dictionary, User:Pengo/List of Latin and Greek words commonly used in systematic names, Category:Latin entry maintenance, [4]

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Ikaruga and Shogi[edit]

Missing for a specific language[edit]

  • gamen - Old English (“amusement”), see backgammon
  • bune - Middle English bune (“hollow stalk or stem, drinking straw”), from Old English bune (“cup, beaker, drinking vessel; reed, cane”). See bunny




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