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entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
i and Serbian Bosnian,Croatian
iako albeit, even though (usually sentence-initially) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
иако albeit, even though (usually sentence-initially) Serbian
Ibrahim (Islam) The prophet Abraham. Bosnian,Serbian
ideal ideal
идеал ideal
idealan ideal
идеалан ideal
idealistički idealistic
идеалистички idealistic
idealizacija idealization
идеализација idealization
idealno ideally
идеално ideally
ideja idea Croatian
идеја idea
identifikacija identification
идентификација identification
identitet identity
идентитет identity
identičan identical
идентичан identical
identično identically
идентично identically
ideogram ideogram
идеограм ideogram
ideolog ideologue
идеолог ideologue
ideologija ideology
идеологија ideology
ideološki ideological
идеолошки ideological
idiličan idyllic
идиличан idyllic
idilično idyllically
идилично idyllically
idiom idiom
идиом idiom
idiomatski idiomatic
идиоматски idiomatic
idiosinkrazija idiosyncrasy Croatian
idiot idiot Croatian
идиот idiot
idiotski idiotic
идиотски idiotic
idol idol
идол idol
idolopoklonik idolater
идолопоклоник idolater
idući next, following
идући next, following
igla needle tag Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
igla u plastu sena (idiomatic) needle in a haystack tag
игла у пласту сена (idiomatic) needle in a haystack
igla u plastu sijena (idiomatic) needle in a haystack tag
игла у пласту сијена (idiomatic) needle in a haystack
игла needle Serbian
iglica needle (leaf of conifer) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
иглица needle (leaf of conifer) Serbian
ignorant ignorant
игнорант ignorant
igo yoke Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
иго yoke Serbian
igra play tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
игра play tag Serbian
igralište playground Croatian
игралиште playground
igrati (intransitive) to play (game, sports etc.) Croatian
играти (intransitive) to play (game, sports etc.)
igrač player tag Croatian
играч player tag
igračica female player tag Croatian
играчица female player tag
igračka toy Croatian
играчка toy
ih of them (clitic genitive plural of {{i|on|ȏn| ...
их of them (clitic genitive plural of {{i|он|о̑н ...
ijedanput ever (once)
иједанпут ever (once)
ijednom ever (once)
иједном ever (once)
ikako in any way Croatian
икако in any way
ikavac speaker of Ikavian dialect tag
икавац speaker of Ikavian dialect
ikavština (uncountable) Ikavian dialect tag
икавштина (uncountable) Ikavian dialect
iko anybody, anyone
ико anybody, anyone
ikoji (indefinite) any
икоји (indefinite) any
ikoliko any (at all), at all Croatian
иколико any (at all), at all
ikona (computing, Christianity) icon Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
икона (computing, Christianity) icon Serbian
ikra (uncountable) roe (fish) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
икра (uncountable) roe (fish) Serbian
ilegalan illegal
илегалан illegal
ilegalno illegally
илегално illegally
ilegitiman illegitimate
илегитиман illegitimate
ilegitimno illegitimately
илегитимно illegitimately
ili or Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
или or Serbian
Ilir Illyrian (inhabitant of Illyria, Illyricum; t ... Croatian
Илир Illyrian (inhabitant of Illyria, Illyricum; t ...
Ilirija Illyria
Илирија Illyria
Ilirik Illyricum
Илирик Illyricum
ilirski Illyrian Croatian
илирски Illyrian
iluminacija illumination
илуминација illumination
ilustracija illustration
илустрација illustration
ilustrativan illustrative
илустративан illustrative
ilustrativno illustratively
илустративно illustratively
ilustrator illustrator
илустратор illustrator
iluzija illusion
илузија illusion
iluzoran illusionary, illusory
илузоран illusionary, illusory
im to them (clitic dative plural of (on, ȏn, he))
им to them (clitic dative plural of {{i|он|о̑н|h ...
imaginacija imagination
имагинација imagination
imaginaran imaginary
имагинаран imaginary
imaginativan imaginative
имагинативан imaginative
imalac possessor, owner
ималац possessor, owner
imam (Islam) imam Bosnian,Serbian
имам (Islam) imam Serbian
imanentan immanent
иманентан immanent
imanje possession, holding Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
имање possession, holding Serbian
imati (transitive, intransitive) to have Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
имати (transitive, intransitive) to have Serbian
imbecil imbecile
имбецил imbecile
imbecilan imbecilic
имбецилан imbecilic
imbecilno imbecilically
имбецилно imbecilically
ime name tag Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
име name Serbian
imela mistletoe
имела mistletoe
imendan name day Serbian
имендан name day Serbian
именица noun Serbian
imenik directory (of names)
именик directory (of names)
imenjak namesake Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
имењак namesake Serbian
imenovati (transitive) to name Bosnian,Serbian
именовати (transitive) to name Serbian
imetak property, fortune
иметак property, fortune
imidž image (a characteristic of a person, group ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
имиџ image (a characteristic of a person, group ... Serbian
imigracija immigration
имиграција immigration
imigrant immigrant
имигрант immigrant
imigrirati (intransitive) to immigrate
имигрирати (intransitive) to immigrate
imitacija imitation
имитација imitation
imitator imitator
имитатор imitator
imitirati (transitive) to imitate, impersonate
имитирати (transitive) to imitate, impersonate
imobilan immobile
имобилан immobile
imobilizacija (uncountable) immobilization
имобилизација (uncountable) immobilization
имовина fortune, property
imperativ imperative Croatian
императив imperative
imperativni imperative
императивни imperative
imperativno imperatively
императивно imperatively
imperator emperor (ruler of an empire)
император emperor (ruler of an empire)
imperfekt (grammar) imperfect
имперфект (grammar) imperfect
imperfektivan imperfective
имперфективан imperfective
imperfektivizacija imperfectivization
имперфективизација imperfectivization
imperijalizam imperialism Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
империјализам imperialism Serbian
imperijalni imperial
империјални imperial
impersonalan impersonal
имперсоналан impersonal
impersonalno impersonally
имперсонално impersonally
impertinentan impertinent
импертинентан impertinent
impertinentno impertinently
импертинентно impertinently
implicirati (ambitransitive) to imply
имплицирати (ambitransitive) to imply
implicitan implicit
имплицитан implicit
implikacija implication
импликација implication
implozija implosion
имплозија implosion
impotencija impotence, impotency
импотенција impotence, impotency
impotentan impotent
импотентан impotent
impotentno impotently
импотентно impotently
impotentnost (uncountable) impotence, impotency
импотентност (uncountable) impotence, impotency
impresija impression
импресија impression
impresivan impressive
импресиван impressive
impresivno impressively
импресивно impressively
improvizacija improvisation
импровизација improvisation
improvizator improviser
импровизатор improviser
impuls impulse
импулс impulse
impulsan impulse (having the power of driving or impel ...
импулсан impulse (having the power of driving or impel ...
impulzivan impulsive (highly reactive)
импулзиван impulsive (highly reactive)
impulzivno impulsively
импулзивно impulsively
imputacija imputation
импутација imputation
imputirati (intransitive) to impute
импутирати (intransitive) to impute
imunitet immunity
имунитет immunity
imućan affluent, well-to-do
имућан affluent, well-to-do
inatljiv quarrelsome
инатљив quarrelsome
inatljivo quarrelsomely
инатљиво quarrelsomely
inače otherwise
иначе otherwise
indeks index
индекс index
indicija clue, lead
индиција clue, lead
Indija India Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Индија India Serbian
Indijac Indian (a person from India) Croatian
Индијац Indian (a person from India)
Indijanac Indian (of the aboriginal people of the Ameri ... Croatian
Индијанац Indian (of the aboriginal people of the Ameri ...
Indijanka Indian (of the aboriginal people of the Ameri ... Croatian
Индијанка Indian (of the aboriginal people of the Ameri ...
indijanski Indian (of or pertaining to the natives of Am ... Croatian
индијански Indian (of or pertaining to the natives of Am ...
indijski Indian (of or pertaining to India) Croatian
индијски Indian (of or pertaining to India)
indikacija indication, clue, sign, symptom
индикација indication, clue, sign, symptom
indikativ (uncountable) indicative (mood)
индикатив (uncountable) indicative (mood)
indirektan indirect
индиректан indirect
indirektno indirectly
индиректно indirectly
indiskrecija indiscretion
индискреција indiscretion
indiskretan indiscreet
индискретан indiscreet
indiskretno indiscreetly
индискретно indiscreetly
indisponiran indisposed
индиспониран indisposed
indisponirano in an indisposed manner
индиспонирано in an indisposed manner
individua individual
индивидуа individual
individualan individual
индивидуалан individual
individualistički individualistic
индивидуалистички individualistic
individualno individually
индивидуално individually
individuum individual
индивидуум individual
indoeuropski (Croatian) Indo-European tag
indoevropski (Bosnian, Serbian) Indo-European tag
индоевропски (Bosnian, Serbian) Indo-European tag
indoktrinacija indoctrination
индоктринација indoctrination
indolencija (uncountable) indolence
индоленција (uncountable) indolence
indolentan indolent
индолентан indolent
indolentno indolently
индолентно indolently
indolentnost (uncountable) indolence
индолентност (uncountable) indolence
Indonezija Indonesia Croatian
Индонезија Indonesia
indonezijski Indonesian
индонезијски Indonesian
Indonežanin Indonesian (person from Indonesia)
Индонежанин Indonesian (person from Indonesia)
indukcija induction
индукција induction
induktivan inductive
индуктиван inductive
induktivno inductively
индуктивно inductively
industrija industry
индустрија industry
inercija inertia
инерција inertia
inertan inert
инертан inert
inertno inertly
инертно inertly
infaman infamous, notorious
инфаман infamous, notorious
infantilan infantile
инфантилан infantile
infantilno infantilely
инфантилно infantilely
infarkt infarct
инфаркт infarct
infekcija infection
инфекција infection
inferioran inferior
инфериоран inferior
inferiorno inferiorly
инфериорно inferiorly
infinitiv infinitive Croatian
инфинитив infinitive
inflacija inflation (expansion or increase in size) Croatian
инфлација inflation (expansion or increase in size)
informacija information Serbian Croatian
информација information
informatika (uncountable) information science Croatian
информатика (uncountable) information science
informativan informative Croatian
информативан informative
informativno informatively
информативно informatively
infracrven infrared
инфрацрвен infrared
infuzija infusion
инфузија infusion
ingeniozan ingenious
ингениозан ingenious
inherentan inherent
инхерентан inherent
inhibicija inhibition
инхибиција inhibition
inicijalan initial
иницијалан initial
inicijalno initially
иницијално initially
inicijativa initiative Croatian
иницијатива initiative
inicijator initiator
иницијатор initiator
inkarnacija incarnation
инкарнација incarnation
inklinacija inclination
инклинација inclination
inkompatibilan incompatible
инкомпатибилан incompatible
inkompatibilno incompatibly
инкомпатибилно incompatibly
inkorporacija incorporation
инкорпорација incorporation
inkriminacija incrimination
инкриминација incrimination
inkubacija incubation
инкубација incubation
inkubator incubator
инкубатор incubator
inkunabula incunabula
инкунабула incunabula
inkvizicija inquisition
инквизиција inquisition
inkvizitor inquisitor
инквизитор inquisitor
inkvizitorski inquisitorial
инквизиторски inquisitorial
inokulacija inoculation
инокулација inoculation
inostranstvo (uncountable) (Bosnian, Serbian) abro ... tag
иностранство (uncountable) (Bosnian, Serbian) abro ... tag
inovacija innovation Croatian
иновација innovation
inovirati (intransitive) to innovate
иновирати (intransitive) to innovate
inozemstvo (uncountable) (Croatian) abroad, fore ... tag Croatian
insekt insect Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
инсект insect
insolventan insolvent
инсолвентан insolvent
inspekcija inspection
инспекција inspection
inspekcijski of or pertaining to an inspection
инспекцијски of or pertaining to an inspection
inspektor (law enforcement) inspector
инспектор (law enforcement) inspector
inspiracija inspiration
инспирација inspiration
instinkt instinct Croatian
инстинкт instinct
instinktivan instinctive
инстинктиван instinctive
instinktivno instinctively
инстинктивно instinctively
institucija institution
институција institution
institut institute
институт institute
institutski institute (of or pertaining to)
институтски institute (of or pertaining to)
instrukcija instruction
инструкција instruction
instruktivan instructive
инструктиван instructive
instruktor instructor
инструктор instructor
instrumental the instrumental case Bosnian,Croatian
инструментал the instrumental case
integracija integration
интеграција integration
integralan integral, complete
интегралан integral, complete
integralno integrally
интегрално integrally
integritet integrity
интегритет integrity
intelekt intellect
интелект intellect
intelektualac intellectual
интелектуалац intellectual
intelektualan intellectual
интелектуалан intellectual
intelektualno intellectually
интелектуално intellectually
inteligencija intelligence Croatian
интелигенција intelligence
inteligentan intelligent Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
интелигентан intelligent Serbian
inteligentno intelligently
интелигентно intelligently
intenzitet intensity
интензитет intensity
intenzivan intensive
интензиван intensive
intenzivno intensively
интензивно intensively
interakcija interaction
интеракција interaction
interes interest (all senses)
интерес interest (all senses)
interesantan interesting
интересантан interesting
interesantno interestingly
интересантно interestingly
interijer interior (inside of a flat, house, hall..)
интеријер interior (inside of a flat, house, hall..)
internacionalan international
интернационалан international
interni internal Croatian
интерни internal
interpretacija interpretation
интерпретација interpretation
interval interval
интервал interval
intervencija intervention
интервенција intervention
intervju interview Croatian
интервју interview
intiman intimate
интиман intimate
intimno intimately
интимно intimately
интонација (phonology) intonation
intravenozan intravenous
интравенозан intravenous
intravenozno intravenously
интравенозно intravenously
intriga intrigue
интрига intrigue
introspekcija introspection Croatian
интроспекција introspection
introspektivan introspective
интроспективан introspective
intuicija (uncountable) intuition
интуиција (uncountable) intuition
intuitivan intuitive
интуитиван intuitive
intuitivno intuitively
интуитивно intuitively
invazija invasion
инвазија invasion
inverzija (grammar) inversion Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
инверзија (grammar) inversion
investicija investment Croatian
инвестиција investment
investirati (ambitransitive) to invest
инвестирати (ambitransitive) to invest
investitor investor
инвеститор investor
inženjer engineer Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
инжењер engineer Serbian
ionako already
ионако already
ipak nevertheless, still, however, but, yet, anyway
ипак nevertheless, still, however, but, yet, anyway
Irac Irishman Croatian
Ирац Irishman
iracionalan irrational
ирационалан irrational
iracionalno irrationally
ирационално irrationally
Irak Iraq Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Ирак Iraq Serbian
Iran Iran Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Иран Iran Serbian
Iranac Iranian
Иранац Iranian
iranski Iranian
ирански Iranian
Iračanin Iraqi Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Ирачанин Iraqi Serbian
Iračanka an Iraqi (female) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Ирачанка an Iraqi (female) Serbian
irački Iraqi Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ирачки Iraqi Serbian
iregularan irregular
ирегуларан irregular
irelevantan irrelevant
ирелевантан irrelevant
irelevantno irrelevantly
ирелевантно irrelevantly
iritacija irritation
иритација irritation
iritirati (transitive) to irritate
иритирати (transitive) to irritate
ironija irony Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
иронија irony Serbian
ironičan ironical
ироничан ironical
ironično ironically
иронично ironically
Irska Ireland Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Ирска Ireland Serbian
irski Irish Croatian
ирски Irish
iscrpan comprehensive, exhaustive Croatian
исцрпан comprehensive, exhaustive
iseliti (transitive) to move out, expel
иселити (transitive) to move out, expel
iseljavati (transitive) to move out, expel
исељавати (transitive) to move out, expel
iseljenik emigrant Bosnian,Serbian
исељеник emigrant Serbian
ishodište source, origin Croatian
исходиште source, origin
ishrana (uncountable) diet, nutrition, nourishmen ... Croatian
исхрана (uncountable) diet, nutrition, nourishmen ...
iskakati (intransitive) to jump, leap out Croatian
искакати (intransitive) to jump, leap out
iskazati (transitive) to state
исказати (transitive) to state
iskazivati (transitive) to state
исказивати (transitive) to state
iskidati (transitive) to tear, tear off, tear apart
искидати (transitive) to tear, tear off, tear apart
isključiti (transitive) to turn off, disconnect (dev ...
искључити (transitive) to turn off, disconnect (dev ...
isključivati (transitive) to turn off, disconnect (dev ...
искључивати (transitive) to turn off, disconnect (dev ...
iskopati (transitive) to dig out, dig up (literall ... Croatian
ископати (transitive) to dig out, dig up (literall ...
iskopavati (transitive) to dig out, dig up (literall ...
ископавати (transitive) to dig out, dig up (literall ...
iskoristiti (transitive) to use, make use of
искористити (transitive) to use, make use of
iskorištavati (transitive) to use, make use of
искориштавати (transitive) to use, make use of
iskočiti (intransitive) to jump, leap out
искочити (intransitive) to jump, leap out
iskra spark Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
искра spark Serbian
iskren sincere, honest Croatian
искрен sincere, honest
iskreno sincerely, honestly Croatian
искрено sincerely, honestly
iskrenost (uncountable) sincerity, frankness
искреност (uncountable) sincerity, frankness
iskriti (transitive) to emit sparks
искрити (transitive) to emit sparks
iskusan experienced Croatian
искусан experienced
iskusiti (transitive) to experience, undergo Croatian
искусити (transitive) to experience, undergo
iskustvo experience Croatian
искуство experience
iskušati (transitive) to try, test
искушати (transitive) to try, test
iskušavati (transitive) to try, test
искушавати (transitive) to try, test
iskvariti (transitive, reflexive) to spoil, ruin
искварити (transitive, reflexive) to spoil, ruin
Island Iceland Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Исланд Iceland Serbian
islandski Icelandic
исландски Icelandic
Islanđanin Icelander
Исланђанин Icelander
ispadati (intransitive) to fall out, drop
испадати (intransitive) to fall out, drop
ispasti (intransitive) to fall out, drop
испасти (intransitive) to fall out, drop
ispeći (ambitransitive, reflexive) to bake
испећи (ambitransitive, reflexive) to bake
ispijati (transitive) to drain empty something by ...
испијати (transitive) to drain empty something by ...
ispirati (transitive) to rinse out, wash out
испирати (transitive) to rinse out, wash out
ispisati (transitive) to write all over or complet ...
исписати (transitive) to write all over or complet ...
ispisivati (transitive) to write all over or complet ...
исписивати (transitive) to write all over or complet ...
ispit test, examination, exam Croatian
испит test, examination, exam
ispitati (transitive) to interrogate, question Croatian
испитати (transitive) to interrogate, question
ispiti (transitive) to drain empty something by ... Croatian
испити (transitive) to drain empty something by ...
ispitivalac examiner, interrogator
испитивалац examiner, interrogator
ispitivanje interrogation (act of interrogating or questi ... Croatian
испитивање interrogation (act of interrogating or questi ...
ispitivati (transitive) to interrogate, question Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
испитивати (transitive) to interrogate, question Serbian
ispitivač examiner, interrogator
испитивач examiner, interrogator
ispitivački searching, questioning, probing
испитивачки searching, questioning, probing
ispitni examining, testing (of or pertaining to test ...
испитни examining, testing (of or pertaining to test ...
isplatiti (transitive) to pay, pay off (debt, worke ...
исплатити (transitive) to pay, pay off (debt, worke ...
isplaćivati (transitive) to pay, pay off (debt, worke ...
исплаћивати (transitive) to pay, pay off (debt, worke ...
isplesti (transitive) to plait Croatian
исплести (transitive) to plait
ispletati (transitive) to plait
исплетати (transitive) to plait
isplivati (intransitive) to float to surface (of se ...
испливати (intransitive) to float to surface (of se ...
isploviti (intransitive) to leave port (of a ship o ...
испловити (intransitive) to leave port (of a ship o ...
isporuka delivery, transmittal
испорука delivery, transmittal
ispoved confession tag
исповед confession
ispovest confession tag
исповест confession
ispovijed confession tag Croatian
исповијед confession
ispovijest confession tag
исповијест confession
isprati (transitive) to rinse out, wash out
испрати (transitive) to rinse out, wash out
ispraviti (transitive) to correct, rectify
исправити (transitive) to correct, rectify
ispravljati (transitive) to correct, rectify
исправљати (transitive) to correct, rectify
isprazan futile, vain, empty
испразан futile, vain, empty
isprazniti (transitive) to empty Croatian
испразнити (transitive) to empty
ispražnjavati (transitive) to empty
испражњавати (transitive) to empty
isprika apology
исприка apology
ispričati (transitive) to narrate, tell tag Croatian
испричати (transitive) to narrate, tell tag
ispričavati (transitive) to narrate, tell tag Croatian
испричавати (transitive) to narrate, tell tag
isprljati (transitive, reflexive) to dirty, soil
испрљати (transitive, reflexive) to dirty, soil
isprobati (transitive) to try, test
испробати (transitive) to try, test
ispuniti (transitive) to fill up
испунити (transitive) to fill up
ispunjavati (transitive) to fill up
испуњавати (transitive) to fill up
ispustiti (transitive) to release, let go, drop
испустити (transitive) to release, let go, drop
ispuštati (transitive) to release, let go, drop
испуштати (transitive) to release, let go, drop
istaknut prominent, distinguished Croatian
истакнут prominent, distinguished
istaknuti (transitive) to emphasize, underline
истакнути (transitive) to emphasize, underline
Istanbul Istanbul Bosnian,Serbian
Истанбул Istanbul Serbian
istarski Istrian
истарски Istrian
istaći Alternative infinitive of {{i|istaknuti|istàk ...
истаћи Alternative infinitive of {{i|истакнути|иста̀ ...
isti same
исти same
isticati (transitive) to emphasize, underline
истицати (transitive) to emphasize, underline
istina truth Croatian
истина truth
istinit true, authentic
истинит true, authentic
istobojan having the same color
истобојан having the same color
istodoban happening at the same time, simultaneous Croatian
истодобан happening at the same time, simultaneous
istodobno simultaneously Croatian
истодобно simultaneously
istodobnost (uncountable) simultaneousness Croatian
истодобност (uncountable) simultaneousness
istok east Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
исток east Serbian
istomišljenik like-minded person
истомишљеник like-minded person
istorija (Serbian) history tag Bosnian,Serbian
историја (Serbian) history tag Serbian
istovar unloading (of cargo)
истовар unloading (of cargo)
istovariti (transitive) to unload (cargo)
истоварити (transitive) to unload (cargo)
istovarivati (transitive) to unload (cargo)
истоваривати (transitive) to unload (cargo)
istovetan identical, same tag
истоветан identical, same
istovjetan identical, same tag Croatian
истовјетан identical, same
istovremeno simultaneously (at the same time) Croatian
истовремено simultaneously (at the same time)
istočni eastern Croatian
источни eastern
istočno east, eastwards
источно east, eastwards
Istra Istria Croatian
Истра Istria
istraga inquiry, investigation Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
истрага inquiry, investigation Serbian
Istranin Istrian
Истранин Istrian
istražitelj investigator
истражитељ investigator
istražiti (transitive) to investigate Croatian
истражити (transitive) to investigate
istraživanje research Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
истраживање research Serbian
istraživati (transitive) to investigate Croatian
истраживати (transitive) to investigate
istraživač explorer Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
истраживач explorer Serbian
istrebiti (transitive) to exterminate tag
истребити (transitive) to exterminate
istrebljivati (transitive) to exterminate
истребљивати (transitive) to exterminate
istrebljivač exterminator
истребљивач exterminator
istrenirati (transitive, reflexive) to train
истренирати (transitive, reflexive) to train
istrijebiti (transitive) to exterminate tag Croatian
истријебити (transitive) to exterminate
istrošen worn-out
истрошен worn-out
istrošiti (transitive) to use up, wear out, waste
истрошити (transitive) to use up, wear out, waste
istupati (intransitive) to come forward, come out ...
иступати (intransitive) to come forward, come out ...
istupiti (intransitive) to come forward, come out ...
иступити (intransitive) to come forward, come out ...
istući (transitive) to beat, thrash Croatian
истући (transitive) to beat, thrash
Isus Jesus Bosnian,Serbian
Исус Jesus Serbian
Italija Italy Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Италија Italy Serbian
Italijan (Bosnian, Serbian) Italian (male person) tag
Италијан (Bosnian, Serbian) Italian (male person) tag
Italijanka (Bosnian, Serbian) Italian (female person) tag
Италијанка (Bosnian, Serbian) Italian (female person) tag
italijanski (Bosnian, Serbian) Italian tag
италијански (Bosnian, Serbian) Italian tag
italski Italic (pertaining to a subfamily of the Indo ...
италски Italic (pertaining to a subfamily of the Indo ...
iterativan iterative
итеративан iterative
itko anybody, anyone
итко anybody, anyone
Ivan (given name, male), equivalent to John. Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Ivanović (surname)
ivica border, edge
ивица border, edge
ivrit the Hebrew language Bosnian,Serbian
иврит the Hebrew language Serbian
izabirati (transitive) to choose, select Croatian
изабирати (transitive) to choose, select
izabran chosen, selected
изабран chosen, selected
izabrati (transitive) to choose, select Croatian
изабрати (transitive) to choose, select
izazivati (transitive) to challenge, provoke (to a ...
изазивати (transitive) to challenge, provoke (to a ...
izazivač challenger
изазивач challenger
izazov provocation Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
изазов provocation Serbian
izazovan challenging, provocative
изазован challenging, provocative
izazovno provocatively, challengingly
изазовно provocatively, challengingly
izazvati (transitive) to challenge, provoke (to a ...
изазвати (transitive) to challenge, provoke (to a ...
izaći (intransitive) to go out, leave, come out ... Croatian
изаћи (intransitive) to go out, leave, come out ...
izbaviti (transitive) to free, liberate
избавити (transitive) to free, liberate
izbavljati (transitive) to free, liberate
избављати (transitive) to free, liberate
izbegavati (transitive) to avoid tag
избегавати (transitive) to avoid
izbeglica refugee tag
избеглица refugee
izbezumljen hysterical, mad, crazed
избезумљен hysterical, mad, crazed
izbezumljeno hysterically, madly, crazily
избезумљено hysterically, madly, crazily
izbeći (transitive) to avoid tag
избећи (transitive) to avoid
izbeživ avoidable tag
избежив avoidable
izbežljiv avoidable tag
избежљив avoidable
izbijati (transitive) to knock out
избијати (transitive) to knock out
izbiti (transitive) to knock out
избити (transitive) to knock out
izbjegavati (transitive) to avoid tag Croatian
избјегавати (transitive) to avoid
izbjeglica refugee tag
избјеглица refugee
izbjeći (transitive) to avoid tag Croatian
избјећи (transitive) to avoid
izbježiv avoidable tag
избјежив avoidable
izbježljiv avoidable tag
избјежљив avoidable
izbliza from close up, closely
изблиза from close up, closely
izbliže from close up, closely
изближе from close up, closely
izbor choice Serbian Croatian
izboriti (reflexive) to fight for, win (a right)
изборити (reflexive) to fight for, win (a right)
izbrisiv delible, erasable
избрисив delible, erasable
izdah exhalation, expiration
издах exhalation, expiration
izdaja betrayal
издаја betrayal
izdajica traitor, betrayer Croatian
издајица traitor, betrayer
izdajnik traitor, betrayer Croatian
издајник traitor, betrayer
izdanje edition, publication (of a book)
издање edition, publication (of a book)
izdati (transitive) to betray Croatian
издати (transitive) to betray
izdavati (transitive) to betray
издавати (transitive) to betray
izdavač publisher
издавач publisher
izdašan abundant, plentiful Croatian
издашан abundant, plentiful
izdašno generously
издашно generously
izdržati (transitive) to endure, withstand (pain, ...
издржати (transitive) to endure, withstand (pain, ...
izdržavati (transitive) to endure, withstand (pain, ...
издржавати (transitive) to endure, withstand (pain, ...
izdržljiv persisting, persevering
издржљив persisting, persevering
izdržljivo persistingly, perseveringly
издржљиво persistingly, perseveringly
izdržljivost (uncountable) persistence, endurance
издржљивост (uncountable) persistence, endurance
izgled appearance, outlook, look Croatian
изглед appearance, outlook, look
izgledati (intransitive) to seem, appear, look
изгледати (intransitive) to seem, appear, look
izgnanica exile (person who is banished) Croatian
изгнаница exile (person who is banished)
izgnanik exile (person who is banished) Croatian
изгнаник exile (person who is banished)
izgnanstvo (uncountable) exile, banishment Croatian
изгнанство (uncountable) exile, banishment
izgon expulsion, banishment
изгон expulsion, banishment
izgovarati (transitive) to pronounce Croatian
изговарати (transitive) to pronounce
izgovor (grammar) pronunciation Serbian
изговор (grammar) pronunciation
izgovoriti (transitive) to pronounce Croatian
изговорити (transitive) to pronounce
izgraditi (transitive) to build, erect, construct
изградити (transitive) to build, erect, construct
izgradnja building (act or process of) Croatian
изградња building (act or process of)
izgrađivati (transitive) to build, erect, construct
изграђивати (transitive) to build, erect, construct
izgred incident, disturbance (aggressive and violent ...
изгред incident, disturbance (aggressive and violent ...
izgubiti (transitive) to lose, misplace Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
изгубити (transitive) to lose, misplace
izgubljen lost Croatian
изгубљен lost
izići (intransitive) to go out, leave, come out ...
изићи (intransitive) to go out, leave, come out ...
izjadati (reflexive) to express one's grief
изјадати (reflexive) to express one's grief
izjava statement (written or oral public declaration)
изјава statement (written or oral public declaration)
izjaviti (transitive) to state, declare, express ( ...
изјавити (transitive) to state, declare, express ( ...
izjavljivati (transitive) to state, declare, express ( ...
изјављивати (transitive) to state, declare, express ( ...
izlaz exit
излаз exit
izlazak egress, exit (process or act of exiting or le ...
излазак egress, exit (process or act of exiting or le ...
izlaziti (intransitive) to go out, leave, come out ... Croatian
излазити (intransitive) to go out, leave, come out ...
izlazni exit
излазни exit
izlet picnic, outing, excursion
излет picnic, outing, excursion
izlečiv curable tag
излечив curable
izlečivost (uncountable) curability tag
излечивост (uncountable) curability
izlika excuse
излика excuse
izlječiv curable tag
изљечив curable
izlječivost (uncountable) curability tag
изљечивост (uncountable) curability
izljubiti (transitive, reflexive) to kiss (effective ...
изљубити (transitive, reflexive) to kiss (effective ...
izljubljivati (transitive, reflexive) to kiss (effective ...
изљубљивати (transitive, reflexive) to kiss (effective ...
izlog display window Bosnian,Serbian
излог display window Serbian
izložba exhibit Bosnian,Serbian
изложба exhibit Serbian
izmak end, ending, termination (the moment sth stop ...
измак end, ending, termination (the moment sth stop ...
izmamiti (transitive) to entice, lure (out/outside) Croatian
измамити (transitive) to entice, lure (out/outside)
izmamljivati (transitive) to entice, lure (out/outside)
измамљивати (transitive) to entice, lure (out/outside)
izmena change (of one form to another) tag
измена change (of one form to another)
izmeriti (transitive) to measure tag
измерити (transitive) to measure
измерив measurable
izmerljiv measurable tag
измерљив measurable
izmet excrement Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
измет excrement Serbian
između (+ genitive) between Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
између (+ genitive) between Serbian
izmisliti (transitive) to make up, think up, invent
izmisliti toplu vodu (idiomatic) to reinvent the wheel
измислити топлу воду (idiomatic) to reinvent the wheel
измислити (transitive) to make up, think up, invent
izmišljati (transitive) to make up, think up, invent
izmišljati toplu vodu (idiomatic) to reinvent the wheel
измишљати топлу воду (idiomatic) to reinvent the wheel
измишљати (transitive) to make up, think up, invent
izmišljen invented, fabricated
измишљен invented, fabricated
izmišljotina concoction, fabrication, fiction, figment
измишљотина concoction, fabrication, fiction, figment
izmjena change (of one form to another) tag
измјена change (of one form to another)
izmjeriti (transitive) to measure tag Croatian
измјерити (transitive) to measure
izmjeriv measurable tag
измјерив measurable
izmjerljiv measurable tag Croatian
измјерљив measurable
iznad above, over (+genitive) Croatian
изнад above, over (+genitive)
iznajmiti (transitive) to rent, lease (apartment, c ...
изнајмити (transitive) to rent, lease (apartment, c ...
iznajmljivati (transitive) to rent, lease (apartment, c ...
изнајмљивати (transitive) to rent, lease (apartment, c ...
iznenada suddenly Croatian
изненада suddenly
iznenadan sudden Croatian
изненадан sudden
iznenaditi (transitive, reflexive) to surprise, astound Croatian
изненадити (transitive, reflexive) to surprise, astound
iznenađen surprised Croatian
изненађен surprised
iznenađivati (transitive, reflexive) to surprise, astound Croatian
изненађивати (transitive, reflexive) to surprise, astound
iznervirati (transitive, reflexive) to get on somebody ...
изнервирати (transitive, reflexive) to get on somebody ...
izneti (transitive) to carry out, take out tag
изнети (transitive) to carry out, take out
iznijeti (transitive) to carry out, take out tag
изнијети (transitive) to carry out, take out
iznos amount
износ amount
iznuda extortion Croatian
изнуда extortion
iznuditi (transitive) to extort Croatian
изнудити (transitive) to extort
iznuđivati (transitive) to extort
изнуђивати (transitive) to extort
izolacija isolation
изолација isolation
izopačen perverted, debased, corrupted
изопачен perverted, debased, corrupted
izopačeno corruptedly, in a debased or perverted manner
изопачено corruptedly, in a debased or perverted manner
izostajati (intransitive) to be absent, be missing
изостајати (intransitive) to be absent, be missing
izostati (intransitive) to be absent, be missing
изостати (intransitive) to be absent, be missing
izostaviti (transitive) to omit, leave out
изоставити (transitive) to omit, leave out
izostavljati (transitive) to omit, leave out
изостављати (transitive) to omit, leave out
izraditi (transitive) to produce, make, manufacture
израдити (transitive) to produce, make, manufacture
Izrael Israel Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Израел Israel Serbian
Izraelac Israeli (person from Israel or of Israeli des ... Croatian
Израелац Israeli (person from Israel or of Israeli des ...
izraelski Israeli
израелски Israeli
izravan immediate Croatian
израван immediate
izravno directly, straight Croatian
изравно directly, straight
izraz expression Croatian
израз expression
izrađivati (transitive) to produce, make, manufacture
израђивати (transitive) to produce, make, manufacture
izreka saying, maxim
изрека saying, maxim
izrezbariti (transitive) to carve out (wood)
изрезбарити (transitive) to carve out (wood)
izum invention, discovery
изум invention, discovery
izuzev except (+ genitive or instrumental)
изузев except (+ genitive or instrumental)
izuzevši except (+ genitive or instrumental)
изузевши except (+ genitive or instrumental)
izvan outside Croatian,Serbian
изван outside
izvana from outside
извана from outside
izvedba performance
изведба performance
izvedenica (linguistics) derivative
изведеница (linguistics) derivative
izvediv feasible, practicable, attainable
изведив feasible, practicable, attainable
izvestan certain, sure tag
известан certain, sure
izvesti (ambitransitive) to export (to sell (good ... Croatian*
извести (ambitransitive) to export (to sell (good ...
izveštaj report tag
извештај report
izvideti (transitive) to investigate, look into tag
извидети (transitive) to investigate, look into
izvidjeti (transitive) to investigate, look into tag Croatian
извидјети (transitive) to investigate, look into
izvidnik scout
извидник scout
izviđati (transitive) to investigate, look into Croatian
извиђати (transitive) to investigate, look into
izvjestan certain, sure tag Croatian
извјестан certain, sure
извјештај report
izvoditi (transitive) to bring out, carry out, lea ... Croatian*
изводити (transitive) to bring out, carry out, lea ...
izvodiv feasible, practicable, attainable
изводив feasible, practicable, attainable
izvodljiv feasible, practicable, attainable
изводљив feasible, practicable, attainable
izvor well, wellspring Serbian Bosnian,Croatian
izvorni original, authentic Croatian
изворни original, authentic
izvoziti (ambitransitive) to export (to sell (good ... Croatian
извозити (ambitransitive) to export (to sell (good ...
izvrstan excellent, great Croatian
изврстан excellent, great
izvršavati (transitive) to execute, carry out, commit
извршавати (transitive) to execute, carry out, commit
izvršiti (transitive) to execute, carry out, commit Croatian
извршити (transitive) to execute, carry out, commit
ići (intransitive) to go, walk Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ићи (intransitive) to go, walk
ičiji anyone's, whosever
ичији anyone's, whosever
išibati (transitive) to flog, whip, birch
ишибати (transitive) to flog, whip, birch
išta anything
ишта anything