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h {n}  :: See under H
H {letter}  :: letter: acca
ha {interj}  :: ah! (usually ironic or sarcastic)
Habacuc {prop}  :: Habakkuk
habanera {f}  :: habanera
habitué {mf}  :: regular (customer)
hacca {f}  :: alternative spelling of acca
hackeraggio {m} [computing]  :: hacker attack
hackerante {v}  :: present participle of hackerare
hackerare {v} [computing]  :: To hack
hackerato {adj} [computing]  :: hacked
Hadar {prop}  :: Hadar, the second brightest star in the constellation of Centaurus
hadrone {m} [physics]  :: alternative form of adrone
hahnio {m}  :: hahnium, now known as dubnium
haiku {m}  :: haiku
Haiti {prop}  :: Haiti
haitiana {f}  :: Haitian (female)
haitiano {adj}  :: Haitian
haitiano {m}  :: Haitian
hallalì {interj}  :: halloo (hunting cry)
Halloween {m}  :: Halloween
hallstattiano {adj}  :: Of or from Hallstatt
halva {f}  :: halva
hamada {m}  :: hamada
Hamal {prop}  :: Hamal, the brightest star in the constellation of Aries
hamburger {m}  :: hamburger
hamburgheria {f}  :: Shop that sells hamburgers (to take away or eat in)
hamiltoniano {adj} [mathematics, physics]  :: Hamiltonian
handicap {m}  :: handicap (disability; horserace)
handicappante {v}  :: present participle of handicappare
handicappare {vt} [sports]  :: to handicap (penalise by imposing a handicap)
handicappare {vt}  :: to encumber with a handicap
handicappata {f}  :: handicapped woman
handicappato {adj}  :: handicapped
handicappato {m}  :: a handicapped person
handifobia {f}  :: handiphobia
handycam {f}  :: handycam; a hand-held video camera
hang {m} [musical instruments]  :: Hang
hangar {m}  :: hangar
hanseatico {adj}  :: alternative form of anseatico
hanseniano {adj}  :: leprous, leprotic
Haratin {n}  :: Haratin
harem {m}  :: harem
harmattan {m}  :: harmattan
hascemita {adj}  :: Hashemite
hascisc {m}  :: hashish
hasidico {adj}  :: alternative form of cassidico
hassio {m} [chemistry]  :: hassium
hathayoga {m}  :: Hatha yoga
hawaiana {f}  :: Hawaiian (female)
hawaiano {adj}  :: Hawaiian
hawaiano {m}  :: Hawaiian
hawaiano {prop}  :: The Hawaiian language
Hawaii {prop}  :: Hawaii
hawaiiano {adj}  :: alternative form of hawaiano
hazard {m}  :: hazard lights (on a vehicle)
heavy metal {m} [music]  :: heavy metal
hegelianamente {adv} [philosophy]  :: According to the theories of Hegel; in a Hegelian manner
hegelianismo {m}  :: alternative form of hegelismo
hegeliano {adj} [philosophy]  :: Hegelian (relating to Hegel or his philosophical system)
hegelismo {m} [philosophy]  :: Hegelianism
helanca {m}  :: A nylon stretch-fabric
heptathlon {m} [athletics]  :: alternative spelling of eptathlon
Herakleia {prop}  :: Heraclea
hermitiano {adj} [mathematics]  :: Hermitian
hermiticità {f} [maths]  :: hermiticity
herrerasauride {m}  :: herrerasaurid
hertz {m}  :: hertz
hertziano {adj} [physics]  :: Hertzian
heta {mf}  :: heta (old Greek letter)
heth {n}  :: heth, specifically:
heth {n}  :: The name of the Phoenician-script letter 𐤇
heth {n}  :: The name of the Hebrew-script letter ח
hiato {m}  :: obsolete spelling of iato
hiena {f}  :: obsolete spelling of iena
hieri {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of ieri
hieri {m}  :: obsolete spelling of ieri
hifi {m}  :: hi-fi
hijab {m}  :: hijab
Himalaia {prop}  :: Himalaya, Himalayas
himalaiano {adj}  :: Himalayan
himalaismo {m}  :: Himalayan climbing
Himalaja {prop}  :: Himalayas (mountain range in Asia)
himalayano {adj}  :: Himalayan
himalayismo {m}  :: alternative form of himalaismo
hinduista {adj}  :: Hindu (attributive)
hinduista {mf}  :: Hindu (person)
hinterland {m}  :: hinterland, interior
hioide {m}  :: obsolete spelling of ioide
hip hip hip hurrà {interj}  :: alternative spelling of hip hip hip urrà
hip hip hip urrà {interj}  :: hip hip hooray
hispanidad {f}  :: The Hispanic or Spanish-speaking community or countries
Hispaniola {prop}  :: Hispaniola
hitchcockiano {adj}  :: Hitchcockian
hitleriano {adj}  :: Hitlerian
hitlerismo {m}  :: Hitlerism
hittita {adj}  :: Variant of ittita
hobbesiano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Thomas Hobbes and his works; Hobbesian
hobbista {mf}  :: hobbyist
hobbistica {f}  :: hobbies (collectively)
hobbistico {adj}  :: hobby or hobbyist (attributive)
hobby {m}  :: hobby (activity)
hobby {m} [in the plural]  :: hobbies
hockeista {mf}  :: hockey player (either form)
hockeistico {adj}  :: hockey (attributive)
hockey {m}  :: hockey
hockey su ghiaccio {m}  :: ice hockey
hockey su prato {m}  :: field hockey
hollywoodiano {adj}  :: Hollywood (attributive)
hollywoodiano {adj}  :: Overly opulent
home {f} [computing]  :: home (initial position of various computing objects)
homerata {f}  :: stupidity
homicidio {m}  :: obsolete form of omicidio
homo {n}  :: obsolete spelling of omo
homo {n}  :: man, person
homo oeconomicus {n}  :: homo oeconomicus
Honduras {prop}  :: Honduras
honduregna {f}  :: Honduran (female)
honduregno {adj}  :: Honduran
honduregno {m}  :: Honduran
honduriano {adj}  :: Honduran
hongkonghese {adj}  :: Of or relating to Hong Kong or the Hong Kong people
hongkonghese {mf}  :: A native or inhabitant of Hong Kong
honved {m}  :: A Hungarian soldier
hora {f}  :: obsolete form of ora
hornblenda {f}  :: alternative form of orneblenda
horribile {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of orribile
horrore {m}  :: obsolete form of orrore
hospedale {m}  :: obsolete form of ospedale
hospitale {adj}  :: obsolete form of ospitale
hospitare {v}  :: obsolete spelling of ospitare
hostaria {f}  :: alternative form of osteria
hotel {m}  :: hotel(s)
hotel {m}  :: The letter H in the Italian phonetic alphabet
ho una domanda {phrase}  :: I have a question
housismo {m}  :: A witty or sarcastic remark characteristic of this TV character
hub {m}  :: hub (transport, computing)
hubble {m} [astronomy]  :: Hubble length (approximately 13.8 billion light years)
huco {m}  :: A species of trout found in the Danube
Hudson {prop}  :: Hudson (river)
huebnerite {f} [mineral]  :: hübnerite
hulok {m}  :: hoolock (gibon of genus Hoolock)
humidità {f}  :: alternative form of umidità
humiliare {v}  :: obsolete spelling of umiliare
humour {m}  :: sense of humour
huomo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of uomo
huopo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of uopo
huovo {m}  :: archaic spelling of uovo
huroniano {adj}  :: Huronian
hurrà {interj}  :: alternative spelling of urrà
hussita {adj}  :: Hussite
hussita {mf}  :: Hussite
hussitismo {m}  :: Hussitism
hutu {adj}  :: Hutu
hutu {mf}  :: Hutu
hydrobob {m}  :: riverboarding
hydrospeed {m}  :: riverboarding
hyena {f}  :: obsolete spelling of iena
hyoide {m}  :: obsolete spelling of ioide