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To aid in the discussion at Wiktionary talk:Alternative spellings, here is a sample of articles using any of these headings (standard and nonstandard): Alternative spellings, Alternate forms, Roman spelling, Alternative forms, Devanagari spelling, Cyrillic spelling, Forms and variants, Urdu spelling, Latin/Roman spelling, Alternative Spelling, Variants, Alternate spellings, Alternate spelling, Older forms, Other Forms, Devanāgarī spelling, Alternative spelling, Alternative Spellings.

The sample was taken from WiktionaryDev, which has been randomly importing one article from Wiktionary per hour for a couple of months. There are less than 2,000 articles so far and each one with one of the above headings is included below.

I've (partially) analysed some of them but I'm running out of time.

  1. کرناकरना (different script)
  2. چمکناचमकना (different script)
  3. چابیचाबी (different script), چابھی
  4. šokkshokk
  5. τσούχτρατσούκτρα
  6. aá (Spanish obsolete)
  7. aardvarkaard-vark (compounding variant)
  8. assegaiassagai, assagaie, assagay, assegay, azagaia, hassagay, hassaguay, zagaie, zagaye (most of them obsolete)
  9. BasicBASIC (capitalization)
  10. BASICBasic (capitalization)
  11. blimeyblimey O'Reilly, blimey O'Riley, cor blimey, gawd blimey, gorblimey (variants maybe but not alternative spellings)
  12. BoBeau (Dutch given name), Bosse (Swedish hypocoristic form??)
  13. boboh (Italian interjection)
  14. bushbabybush baby (compounding variant)
  15. cafécafé (accentuation)
  16. cafecafe (accentuation)
  17. clocheclutch, cloch (Spanish)
  18. CunaKuna
  19. лифтlift (different script)
  20. презимеprezime (different script)
  21. дивdiv (different script)
  22. дивљиdivlji (different script)
  23. џиновскиdžinovski (different script)
  24. dogenddog-end, dog end (compounding variants)
  25. сеноseno (different script)
  26. façadefacade (accentuation)
  27. facadefaçade (accentuation)
  28. gannaikunnai (minority language)
  29. GroßbritannienGrossbritannien (different national orthography)
  30. have another think cominghave another thing coming
  31. hiccuphiccough
  32. hommahoma (minority language)
  33. horseflyhorse fly (compounding variant)
  34. I haven't the foggiestI haven't the foggiest idea, I haven't the foggiest notion (variants of idiomatic phrases yes but not alternative spellings)
  35. تھوکथूक (different script)
  36. IanIain
  37. idide (fish), id. (abbreviation)
  38. KefalovryssionKefalovrysi, Kefalovryssi, Kefalovrisi, Kefalovrissi (all marked as alternate), Kefalovrysion, Kefalovrision, Kefalovrission (all marked as older forms)
  39. koalacoala (Spanish)
  40. kreativnostкреативност (different script)
  41. kunaguna (minority language)
  42. KunaCuna
  43. lalade (Swedish, seems to be alternate past tense form rather than alternative spelling)
  44. learntlearned
  45. miâ-jīmiâ-lī
  46. milliwattmilli-watt (compounding variant)
  47. MoctezumaMontenchuma, Muteçuma, Moteçuma, Montezúma, Moctezoma, Motecuzoma, Motecuhzoma, Moctezuma, Moteuczoma, Montezuma (different forms of foreign proper name used over varying periods of time)
  48. moreморе (different script)
  49. naïvenaif (different pronunciation too?), naive (accentuation)
  50. naivenaif, naïf, naïve (note more variants listed than for previous entry!)
  51. noobletn00blet, newblet, nublet
  52. Nova JorcaNova York
  53. キリン麒麟 (different script)
  54. カエサルシーザー (different pronunciation too)
  55. oneоне (different script)
  56. भूगोलبھوگول (different script)
  57. धूनाدھونا (different script)
  58. otorhinolaryngologyotolaryngology
  59. ころごろ (variant pronunciation too)
  60. palaeontographypaleontography
  61. panentheistpan-en-theist, Panentheist, PanenTheist, Pan-en-theist, Pan-en-Theist (both hyphenation and capitalization vary)
  62. philibegfilibeg
  63. prefectpræfect (æ → ae &rarr& e development)
  64. prostyprostie
  65. PushtoPashto, Pashtu, Poshto, Pushtu (romanization of script vs romanization of various regional pronunciations?)
  66. résuméresume, resumé (accentuation)
  67. RenéeRenee
  68. scorpiusscorpio, scorpios
  69. shmuckschmuck (English vs German spelling of ʃ sound)
  70. signalersignaller (l vs ll in US vs UK)
  71. ἰδέαεἰδέα, ἰδέη
  72. ἸούδαςἸουδά
  73. ἸερεμίαςἹερεμίας
  74. stumbling blockstumbing-block (compounding variants)
  75. sulfuric acidsulphuric acid (from US vs UK variants of sulfur/sulphur)
  76. tessellatetesselate (l vs ll in US vs UK)
  77. tire-pressuretyre-pressure (from US+Canada vs UK variants of tire/tyre)
  78. touch-tonetouchtone (compounding variants)
  79. 違い違う (Related terms seems more appropriate)
  80. whack-a-moleWhac-A-Mole, whac-a-mole
  81. YanaЯна (I didn't think Bulgarian was ever written in Latin script!)
  82. youya, yah, yer, -cha, -ja, u, yoo, eu, iow, yew, yewe, yo, yoow, youe, yow, yowe, yu, yw, ȝewe, ȝhow, ȝhu, ȝo, ȝou, ȝoue, ȝow, ȝowe