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I am working on cleaning up Spanish verb pages, including fixing up templates, adding conjugation tables to pages, and creating or standardizing verb form pages. I also sometimes work on adding stubs for Spanish words from a list. My Contributions page is usually flooded with minor edits (such as form-page creation), so I will try to list some of my more significant changes here.

Conjugation Template Changes[edit]

For every template listed in Category:Spanish conjugation templates, I have added links to each verb form and have expanded the imperative section to have two rows to differentiate between affirmative and negative commands.

Verb Form Page Creation[edit]

I encourage bot runs for the creation of most verb form pages, but many of the most important words were skipped in the past because of their irregularities (especially ser, estar, and ir). I have a simple assisted editing tool to help make these pages that works by sending keys to my browser. Because it reads the conjugated forms off the conjugation tables, it is able to make these pages. Also, because I ultimately check and submit each page, forms that already exist will be modified but not usually totally overwritten.

Verbs forms added: abalanzar, abandonar, abanicar, abaratar, abarcar, abarrotar, abastar, aceptar, andar, atañer, caber, caer, dar, decir, deshacer, errar, estar, hacer, ir, obtener, poner, recaer, ser, saber, salir, sostener, tener, traer, valer, venir, ver

Verb forms to add: abstenerse, detener, mantener, retener, contener, entretener, haber, satisfacer, placer, complacer, poder, yuxtaponer, imponer, posponer, componer, deponer, descomponer, reponer, poner, proponer, suponer, exponer, disponer, prever, entrever, querer, raer, rehacer, roer, soler, atraer, extraer, substraer, contraer, abstraer, yacer, abolir, empedernir, transgredir, aterir, aterirse, asir, bendecir, maldecir, contradecir, desdecir, predecir, embaír, erguir, rehuir, intervenir, avenir, convenir, prevenir, provenir, revenirse, circunvenir, contravenir, entrevenir, traducir, producir, reducir, conducir, inducir, seducir, auxiliar

I advocate the use the inflection template Template:es-verb-form and the definition template Template:es-verb form of. Any of the added verb forms listed above should serve as an example.

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