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yacht {n} (any private noncommercial vessel)  :: θαλαμηγός {f}
yacht {n} (slick and light ship)  :: γιοτ {n}
yadda {interj} (yada yada yada) SEE: yada yada yada  ::
Yael {prop} (female given name) SEE: Jael  ::
yaffingale {n} (green woodpecker) SEE: green woodpecker  ::
yaffle {n} (green woodpecker) SEE: green woodpecker  ::
yaffler {n} (green woodpecker) SEE: green woodpecker  ::
Yahoo! {prop} (a popular web portal)  :: Γιάχου!, Γιάχου
Yahweh {prop} (Jehovah) SEE: Jehovah  ::
Yair {prop} (male given name) SEE: Jair  ::
Yakutia {prop} (Sakha) SEE: Sakha  ::
Yakutsk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Γιακούτσκ {m}
Yalta {prop} (city in Crimea)  :: Γιάλτα {f}
yam {n} (potato) SEE: potato  ::
yam {n} (sweet potato) SEE: sweet potato  ::
Yangon {prop} (largest city in Myanmar)  :: Ρανγκούν {f}, Ραγγούν {f}
Yangtze dolphin {n} (baiji) SEE: baiji  ::
Yangtze River dolphin {n} (baiji) SEE: baiji  ::
Yaoundé {prop} (capital of Cameroon)  :: Γιαουντέ
yard {n} (land around a house)  :: αυλή {f}, προαύλιο {n}
yard {n} (three feet)  :: γιάρδα {f}
yarmulke {n} (Skullcap worn by religious Jewish males)  :: σκούφος {m}
yarn {n} (fiber strand for knitting or weaving)  :: νήμα {n} πλεκτικής
yarrow {n} (any of several pungent Eurasian and North American herbs, of the genus Achillea)  :: αγριαψιθιά
yataghan {n} (type of sword)  :: γιαταγάνι {n}
yautia {n} (cocoyam) SEE: cocoyam  ::
yaw {n} (The rotation of an aircraft, ship, or missile about its vertical axis so as to cause the longitudinal axis of the aircraft, ship, or missile to deviate from the flight line or heading in its horizontal plane)  :: ελιγμός {m}
yawn {n} (the action of yawning)  :: χασμουρητό {n}
yawn {v} (open the mouth and take a deep breath)  :: χασμουριέμαι
Yazdegerd {prop} (given name)  :: Ισδιγέρδης
yeah {adv} (yes)  :: ναι
year {n} (a period between set dates that mark a year)  :: χρόνος {m}, έτος {n}
year {n} (a scheduled part of a calendar year spent in a specific activity)  :: χρόνος {m}, έτος {n}
year {n} (time it takes for any planetary body to make one revolution around another body)  :: χρόνος {m}, έτος {n}
year {n} (time it takes for the Earth to complete one revolution of the Sun)  :: χρόνος {m}
yearn {v} (to have a strong desire; to long)  :: επιθυμώ, λαχταρώ
yeast {n} (frothy foam on sea waves)  :: μαγιά {f}
yeast {n} (fungus)  :: μαγιά {f}, ζύμη {f}
yeast infection {n} (candidiasis) SEE: candidiasis  ::
Yehuda {prop} (male given name) SEE: Judah  ::
Yehudit {prop} (female given name) SEE: Judith  ::
Yekaterinburg {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Γεκατερίνμπουργκ {m}, Αικατερινούπολη {f}
Yekaterinburg {prop} (Sverdlovsk) SEE: Sverdlovsk  ::
yell {v} (shout (verb))  :: ωρύομαι, ουρλιάζω, κραυγάζω, σκούζω
yellow {adj} (having yellow as its colour)  :: κίτρινος
yellow {adj} (lacking courage)  :: δειλός {m}, φοβιτσιάρης {m}, φοβητσιάρης {m}
yellow {n} (colour)  :: κίτρινο {n}, ώχρα {f}
yellow card {n} (card in sports)  :: κίτρινη κάρτα {f}
yellow hammer {n} (curve ball) SEE: curve ball  ::
Yellowknife {prop} (capital of the Northwest Territories, Canada)  :: Γέλοουναϊφ {n}
yellowtail amberjack {n} (A species of large edible fish)  :: μαγιάτικο {n}
Yemen {prop} (Republic of Yemen)  :: Υεμένη {f}
yen {n} (unit of Japanese currency)  :: γιεν
Yenakiyevo {prop} (Yenakiyeve) SEE: Yenakiyeve  ::
Yeniseian {adj} (Proto-Yeniseian) SEE: Proto-Yeniseian  ::
yeoman {n} (Yeoman Warder) SEE: Yeoman Warder  ::
Yerevan {prop} (the capital and largest city of Armenia)  :: Γιερεβάν {n}
yermulke {n} (yarmulke) SEE: yarmulke  ::
yes {interj} (expression of pleasure, joy or great excitement)  :: ναι {n}
yes {n} (answer that shows agreement or acceptance)  :: ναι {n}
yes {n} (vote of support)  :: ναι {n}
yes {particle} (word used to indicate agreement or acceptance)  :: ναι
yes {particle} (word used to indicate disagreement or dissent in reply to a negative statement)  :: ναι
yesterday {adv} (on the day before today)  :: χθές
yesterday {n} (day before today)  :: χθες
yesterday night {n} (last night) SEE: last night  ::
yesteryear {n} (last year)  :: πέρυσι {n}
yesteryear {n} (times gone by)  :: κάποτε {n}
yet {adv} (continuously up to this point in time)  :: ακόμα
yet {adv} (even) SEE: even  ::
yet {adv} (in addition)  :: ακόμα
yet {adv} (thus far)  :: ακόμα
yet {adv}  :: ήδη {}
Yevpatoria {prop} (resort city)  :: Εὐπατορία {f}, Κερκινίτις {m}
yew {n} (Taxus baccata)  :: ίταμος {m}
yew {n} (tree or shrub of the genus Taxus)  :: τάξος {m}
Yggdrasil {prop} (the world tree in Norse mythology)  :: Ύγκντρασιλ {n}
YHWH {prop} (Tetragrammaton)  :: Γιαχβέ {m}, Ιεχωβά {m}, Ιεοβά {m}
Yiddish {adj} (Hebrew) SEE: Hebrew  ::
Yiddish {adj} (Jewish) SEE: Jewish  ::
Yiddish {adj} (of or pertaining to the Yiddish language)  :: γίντις
Yiddish {prop} (Hebrew) SEE: Hebrew  ::
Yiddish {prop} (Jewish) SEE: Jewish  ::
Yiddish {prop} (language)  :: γίντις {n-p}
yield the ghost {v} (give up the ghost) SEE: give up the ghost  ::
yield up the ghost {v} (give up the ghost) SEE: give up the ghost  ::
Yitzchak {prop} (given name) SEE: Isaac  ::
yob {n} (antisocial person)  :: μάγκας {m}
yobbo {n} (yob) SEE: yob  ::
yoctometer {n} (yoctometre) SEE: yoctometre  ::
Yoda {prop} (A wise old Jedi Master in the Star Wars films.)  :: Γιόντα
yodel {n} (song)  :: λαρυγγισμός {m}
yodel {v} (to sing in such a way that the voice fluctuates rapidly between the normal chest voice and falsetto)  :: λαρυγγίζω
yoga {n} (a Hindu discipline)  :: γιόγκα
yoghurt cheese {n} (labneh) SEE: labneh  ::
yogurt {n} (a milk-based product thickened by a bacterium-aided curdling process)  :: γιαούρτι {n}
yolk {n} (yellow of egg)  :: κρόκος {m}, κροκάδι {n}
yon {adj} (that thing, distant, but within sight)  :: εκείνος {m}
yoni {n} (female sexual organs, or a symbol of them)  :: γιονί
York {prop} (city in North Yorkshire)  :: Υόρκη {n}
York {prop} (House of York)  :: Γιορκ {n}
yotta- {prefix} (SI prefix)  :: γιοττα-
yottabyte {n} (280 or 1024 bytes)  :: γιοτταμπάιτ {n}, γιοτταδυφιοσυλλαβή {n}
yottaliter {n} (yottalitre) SEE: yottalitre  ::
yottameter {n} (yottametre) SEE: yottametre  ::
you {pron} (object pronoun: the group being addressed)  :: εσάς {p}
you {pron} (object pronoun: the person being addressed)  :: εσένα
you {pron} (subject pronoun: the group being addressed)  :: εσείς {p}
you {pron} (subject pronoun: the person being addressed)  :: εσύ, [polite] εσείς
you are welcome {phrase} (you're welcome) SEE: you're welcome  ::
you can't judge a book by its cover {proverb} (it is not possible to judge things by external appearances alone)  :: τα φαινόμενα απατούν, το ράσο δεν κάνει τον παπά
you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs {proverb} (you've got to crack a few eggs to make an omelette) SEE: you've got to crack a few eggs to make an omelette  ::
you can't teach an old dog new tricks {proverb} (too old to change)  :: παλιός γάιδαρος καινούρια περπατησιά δε μαθαίνει (the old donkey cannot learn a new walk)
you don't say {interj} ((idiomatic) really? ; no kidding! ; Is that so?)  :: μη μου πείς!, μη μου πείτε! {p}
you have beautiful eyes {phrase} (you have beautiful eyes)  :: έχεις όμορφα μάτια, έχετε όμορφα μάτια
you have the advantage of me {phrase} (what is your name) SEE: what is your name  ::
young {adj} (in the early part of life or growth)  :: νεαρός
young {n} (people who are young)  :: νέος
younger brother {n}  :: μικρός αδερφός {m}
your {determiner} (belonging to you (plural; more owners))  :: σας
your {determiner} (belonging to you (singular; one owner))  :: σας, σας {n}, σου
you're telling me {phrase} (used to indicate agreement before preceding statement)  :: εμένα μου λες
you're welcome {phrase} (reply to thanks)  :: παρακαλώ [please], τίποτα (informal), δεν κάνει τίποτα, ευχαριστηση μου
Your Highness {pron} (a title of respect used to address a prince or princess)  :: Αυτού Υψηλότητα
Your Majesty {pron} (Title of respect)  :: Μεγαλειότατε {m}, Μεγαλειοτάτη {f}
your mileage may vary {acronym} (it may work differently for you)  :: ίσως να δουλεύει διαφορετικά για εσένα
your mileage may vary {acronym} (this is just my opinion)  :: αυτή είναι απλά η γνώμη μου
yours {pron} (possessive pronoun, plural)  :: δικός σας {m}, δικιά σας {f}, δική σας {f}, δικό σας {n}, δικοί σας {m-p}, δικές σας {f-p}, δικά σας {n-p}
yours {pron} (possessive pronoun, singular)  :: [familiar forms] δικός σου {m}, δικιά σου {f}, δική σου {f}, δικό σου {n}, δικοί σου {m-p}, δικές σου {f-p}, δικά σου {n-p}, [formal forms] δικός σας {m}, δικιά σας {f}, δική σας {f}, δικό σας {n}, δικοί σας {m-p}, δικές σας {f-p}, δικά σας {n-p}
youth {n} (quality or state of being young)  :: νιάτα {n-p}
youth {n} (young man)  :: νιος {m}
youth {n} (young persons, collectively)  :: νεολαία {f}
youth crime {n} (juvenile delinquency) SEE: juvenile delinquency  ::
youth hostel {n} (a supervised, inexpensive lodging place, primarily for young people)  :: ξενώνας νεότητας {m}
YouTube {prop} (a video-sharing website)  :: γιουτιούμπ
yowzah {adv} (yessir) SEE: yessir  ::
yo-yo {n} (toy)  :: γιογιό {n}
ytterbium {n} (chemical element)  :: υττέρβιο {n}
yttrium {n} (chemical element)  :: ύττριο {n}
yuba {n} (tofu skin) SEE: tofu skin  ::
yuck it up {v} (yuk it up) SEE: yuk it up  ::
Yugoslav {adj} (Yugoslavian) SEE: Yugoslavian  ::
Yugoslav {n} (Yugoslavian) SEE: Yugoslavian  ::
Yugoslavia {prop} (former country in the Balkans)  :: Γιουγκοσλαβία {f}
Yukon Territory {prop} (territory in northern Canada which has Whitehorse as its capital)  :: Γιούκον {n}
yule {n} (Yule) SEE: Yule  ::
yuletide {n} (Camellia sasanqua) SEE: sasanqua  ::
yuppie {n} (young upwardly mobile urban professional person)  :: γιάπης {m}