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U+C18D, 속
Composition: + +
Dubeolsik input:t-h-r

Hangul Syllables


Etymology 1[edit]

셰 ←→ 솨


  • IPA(key): [sʰo̞ːk̚]
  • Phonetic hangeul: [ː]
Revised Romanization? sok
Revised Romanization (translit.)? sog
McCune–Reischauer? sok
Yale Romanization? sōk


  1. A Hangul syllabic block made up of , , and .

Etymology 2[edit]

Of native Korean origin. From Middle Korean (Yale: swop), (Yale: swok).



  1. the inside; especially that which is underneath or within a covering
    • 2006, 괴물 [The Host]:
      ...커다랗고 시커먼 게 있어... 물 에... 
      ...keodarako sikeomeon ge isseo... Mul soge...
      ... there's something big and black ... in the water ...
  2. (biology, taxonomy) a genus
    • (屬)의 다른 종(種)들도 때때로 "소" 또는 "야생소"라고 불린다. 
      Sosogui dareun jongdeuldo ttaettaero so ttoneun yasaengsorago bullinda.
      Other species of the genus Bos are often called cattle or wild cattle.
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Etymology 3[edit]

Korean reading of various Chinese characters.



  1. :
    (MC reading: (MC zɨok̚))
  2. :
    (MC reading: (MC suk̚, t͡siᴇk̚))
  3. :
    (MC reading: (MC zɨok̚))
  4. :
    (MC reading: (MC ɕɨok̚))
  5. :
    (MC reading: (MC sɨok̚))
  6. :
    (MC reading: (MC t͡ɕɨok̚, d͡ʑɨok̚))
  7. :
    (MC reading: (MC səu, suk̚, sɨok̚))
  8. :
    (MC reading: (MC ʃɨuk̚))
  9. :
    (MC reading: (MC ʑɨok̚))
  10. :
    (MC reading: (MC suok̚))
  11. :
    (MC reading: (MC suk̚))