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Language templates that need subst:ing[edit]

This information on this page is from the 2006-09 database dump so it is not exactly up to date.

free Wiktionary talk:Criteria for inclusion accessible mobile small football you Swedish animal turtle turquoise face slug larva syntax cheese end old full homosexual file bike NFL safety own will Wiktionary:MediaWiki custom messages center seventieth User talk:Hippietrail passer guard light bulb User talk:Mxn administration variable fun muscle radical ubiquitous Wiktionary talk:MediaWiki custom messages User:N-true Template talk:Fi pick folle vagina architect Arab American football touchdown category lateral rural blitz lazy snap User:HippieBot:all headings ignorance User:HippieBot:all macros sorted Template talk:Fr Wiktionary:Index to templates User talk:E. abu Filumena hike User:HippieBot:all langs sorted User talk:HippieBot:all langs sorted Talk:auction держать audible ponder MediaWiki talk:Edittools organic umpire pansy barista Transwiki talk:Outspent salt shaker fada milis Transwiki talk:Sophocracy mór dubh donn fionn liath User:Dubaduba/ISO 639-1 tackle User talk:Hippietrail/archive fullback neutral zone defensive line of scrimmage line of scrimmage football field offensive line of scrimmage running back ball carrier offensive back one-minute warning AFL first down football player quarterback forward pass neutral-zone infraction hand-off wide receiver Wiktionary:Beer parlour archive/April-June 05 Wiktionary talk:List of protected pages User:Bilagáana spherical User talk:Ftomi Wiktionary talk:About Japanese Transwiki talk:Ologist Transwiki talk:Sassenach linesman Cardinal Giant Template:attitudinal indicator Bengal dumb blonde cornerback говорить User talk:Urhixidur User talk:Valis two-minute warning halfback field goal offensive tackle defensive tackle tight end split end User talk:Jon Harald Søby Wiktionary talk:Entry layout explained/archive 2005 offensive line lateral pass backward pass Wiktionary talk:Categorization User talk:Schneelocke любить User talk:Strabismus Talk:little User:Newnoise hard count linebacker short hop greatest thing since sliced bread User talk: User:Jcwf Template:cite-book flói lóa Help talk:Namespace Template talk:H:h Help talk:Link User talk: fliuch eala assessment carbonic playoff User:Kipmaster/statistics User:Kipmaster/statistics/sorted reduct touchback User talk:Ferhengvan User talk: stannic Template:pron Category talk:Active Discussion Template talk:ad User talk:Chaduvari Wiktionary talk:Featured word candidates Wiktionary:CheckUser hobby horse User:Wonderfool/Old Talk Page Wiktionary talk:Word of the day User:Wonderfool/Old userpage Template talk:wotd User talk:Wanjuscha Category talk:Japanese particles User talk:Izumi5 plumbiferous Template talk:en-infl-reg-vowel-e Wiktionary:Spelling variants in entry names Wiktionary:Project - Keeping Translations Common and Synchronised Across Different Spellings Wiktionary talk:Reconstructed terms Wiktionary talk:Template documentation Wiktionary talk:Disambiguation in layout - Policy Think Tank meat pie происходить произойти приходить User talk:Connel MacKenzie/Normalization of articles сказать мочь полюбить хотеть Transwiki talk:Loperamide HCI User talk:Vildricianus/Archive2 platiniferous User:Alca Isilon Template:fr-infl-adj Template:fr-infl-noun lumpsucker Template:fr-decl-adj pastoni Template:foreach/pass1 проводить jarbua terapon Bethlehem Esau Byzantine Empire User talk:Connel MacKenzie/archive-2006-03 drinkable Category talk:Warships Category talk:Form of templates Canterbury Ganges Red Sea caprese cornemuse Leipzig Template:conj-fr