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yacht {n} (slick and light ship)  :: याख़्ट /yāxṭ/
Yahoo! {prop} (a popular web portal)  :: याहू! /yāhū!/, याहू /yāhū/
Yakutsk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: याकुत्स्क /yākutsk/
y'all {pron} (plural of you)  :: तुम सब
Yalta {prop} (city in Crimea)  :: याल्टा /yālṭā/
yam {n} (any Dioscorea vine)  :: रतालू {m}, आलू {m}
Yamuna {prop} (tributary of the Ganges)  :: यमुना {f}
Yangon {prop} (largest city in Myanmar)  :: यांगून /yāṅgūn/, रंगून /raṅgūn/
Yangtze {prop} (river)  :: चांग ज्यांग /jyāṅg cāṅg/
Yankee {n} (native or inhabitant of the USA)  :: यांकी /yāṅkī/
Yanukovych {prop} (Ukrainian surname)  :: यानुकोविच /yānukovic/
yarn {n} (fiber strand for knitting or weaving)  :: सूत {m}
Yaroslavl {prop} (city)  :: यारोस्लाव्ल /yāroslāvl/, यारोस्लाव /yāroslāv/
yashmak {n} (a veil worn by Muslim women)  :: निक़ाब {m} {f} /niqāb/, नकाब {m} {f} /nikāb/
yawn {v} (open the mouth and take a deep breath)  :: जंभना /jambhanā/
yeah {adv} (yes)  :: हाँ /hā̃/
year {n} (time it takes for the Earth to complete one revolution of the Sun)  :: साल {m} /sāl/, वर्ष {m} /varṣ/, सन {m} /san/ [in dates]
yeast {n} (froth used in medicine, baking and brewing)  :: ख़मीर {m} /xamīr/
yeast {n} (fungus)  :: ख़मीर {m} /xamīr/
Yekaterinburg {prop} (city in Russia)  :: येकातेरिनबर्ग {m} /yekāterinbarg/
yell {v} (shout (verb))  :: चिल्लाना /cillānā/
yellow {adj} (having yellow as its colour)  :: पीला /pīlā/
yellow {n} (colour)  :: पीला /peelā/
Yeltsin {prop} (Russian surname )  :: येल्तसिन /yeltsin/
Yemen {prop} (Republic of Yemen)  :: यमन /yaman/
yen {n} (unit of Japanese currency)  :: येन /yēn/
yes {particle} (word used to indicate agreement or acceptance)  :: हाँ /hā̃/, जी /jī/, जी हाँ /jī hā̃/
yesterday {adv} (on the day before today)  :: कल /kal/ (may refer to tomorrow, depending on the context)
yesterday {n} (day before today)  :: कल /kal/ (may refer to tomorrow, depending on the context)
Yiddish {n} (language)  :: यहूदी /yahūdī/
yin-yang {n} (yin and yang)  :: यिन यांग /yin yāṅg/
-yl {suffix} (radical or functional group)  :: -ल /-l/
yoga {n} (a Hindu discipline)  :: योग /yōga/
yogurt {n} (a milk-based product thickened by a bacterium-aided curdling process)  :: दही {m}
yoni {n} (female sexual organs, or a symbol of them)  :: योनि {f} /yoni/
you {pron} (object pronoun: the group being addressed)  :: [mid-polite or familiar] तुम /tum/, [polite] आप /āp/
you {pron} (object pronoun: the person being addressed)  :: [familiar] तुझ /tujh/, [mid-polite] तुम /tum/, [polite] आप /āp/
you {pron} (subject pronoun: the group being addressed)  :: [mid-polite] तुम /tum/, [polite] आप /āp/
you {pron} (subject pronoun: the person being addressed)  :: [familiar] तू /tū/, [mid-polite] तुम /tum/, [polite] आप /āp/
you can't judge a book by its cover {proverb} (it is not possible to judge things by external appearances alone)  :: जाती ना पूछो साधु की; पूछ लीजिए ज्ञान
young {adj} (in the early part of life or growth)  :: जवान /javān/
your {contraction} (belonging to you (plural; more owners))  :: आपका /āpka/
your {contraction} (belonging to you (singular; one owner))  :: [least formal] तेरा /terā/, [formal] आपका /āpkā/, [informal] तुम्हारा /tumhāra/
you're welcome {phrase} (reply to thanks)  :: कुछ नहीं /kuch nahī̃/, कोई बात नहीं /kō'ī bāt nahī̃/
yours {pron}  :: [least formal] तेरा /tera/, [formal] आपका /aapka/, [informal] तुम्हारा /tumhaara/
youth {n} (quality or state of being young)  :: जवानी {f}
youth {n} (young person)  :: जवान {m} /javān/, नौजवान {m} /naujavān/
YouTube {prop} (a video-sharing website)  :: यू ट्यूब /yū ṭyūb/
yo-yo {n} (toy)  :: योयो {m} /yoyo/, यो-यो {m} /yo-yo/
ytterbium {n} (chemical element)  :: श्वेतला /shvetalaa/
yttrium {n} (chemical element)  :: भृशला /bhrishalaa/
yuan {n} (basic unit of money in China)  :: युआन /yu'ān/
Yugoslavia {prop} (former country in the Balkans)  :: यूगोस्लाविया