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Q fever {n} (pathology)  :: Q horečka {f}
QED {interj} (quod erat demonstrandum)  :: c.b.d. [co bylo dokázat]
Qatar {prop} (a country in the Middle East)  :: Katar {m}
Qatari {n} (Person from Qatar or of Qatari descent)  :: Katařan {m}
Qatari {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Qatar or the Qatari people)  :: katarský
Qinghai {prop} (a Chinese province)  :: Čching-chaj
Quaternary {prop} (geological period)  :: čtvrtohory {p}, kvartér {m}
Quechua {prop} (language)  :: kečuánština
Quechuan {adj} (of or pertaining to the Quechua people or language)  :: kečuánský
Quidditch {n} (fictitious ball game)  :: famfrpál {m}
Qur'an {prop} (the Islamic holy book)  :: Korán {m}
qi {n} (chi) SEE: chi  ::
qigong {n} (system of breathing control)  :: čchi-kung {m}
quackgrass {n} (couch grass) SEE: couch grass  ::
quad {adj} (quadrilateral) SEE: quadrilateral  ::
quadcopter {n} (aircraft)  :: kvadrokoptéra {f}
quadragenarian {n} (one who is quadragenarian)  :: čtyřicátník {m}
quadrangle {n} (quadrilateral) SEE: quadrilateral  ::
quadrant {n} (section)  :: kvadrant {m}
quadrant {n} (region of the Cartesian plane)  :: kvadrant {m}
quadrant {n} (fourth of a circle)  :: kvadrant {m}
quadrant {n} (measuring device)  :: kvadrant {m}
quadratic {adj} (of a class of polynomial of the form y )  :: kvadratický
quadratic mean {n} (type of average) SEE: root mean square  ::
quadrilateral {n} (polygon having four sides)  :: čtyřúhelník {m}
quadrille {n} (dance)  :: čtverylka {f}
quadrillion {num} (a thousand trillion, 1015)  :: biliarda {f}
quadriplegia {n} (paralysis of all four limbs)  :: kvadruplegie {f}
quadriplegic {n} (one who suffers from quadriplegia)  :: kvadruplegik {m}
quadrocopter {n} (quadcopter) SEE: quadcopter  ::
quadrotor {n} (quadcopter) SEE: quadcopter  ::
quaffle {n} (ball used in Quidditch)  :: camrál {m}
quagmire {n} (swampy ground)  :: bažina {f}, močál {m}, třasovisko {n}
quail {n} (any of several small game birds)  :: křepelka {f}
quaint {adj} (old-fashioned charm)  :: starodávný {m}, pitoreskní, starobylý {m}
quaint {adj} (interestingly strange)  :: kuriózní, pitoreskní, kouzelný {m}, bizarní
quaint {adj} (incongruous, inappropriate or illogical)  :: nevhodný {m}, nepříhodný {m}, nesourodý {m}, divný {m}, prapodivný {m}, prazvláštní
quaint {adj} (fastidious)  :: háklivý {m}, úzkostlivý {m}
quake {n} (earthquake) SEE: earthquake  ::
qualification {n} (act or process of qualifying)  :: kvalifikace {f}
qualification {n} (ability or attribute)  :: kvalifikace {f}
qualification {n} (process of deciding the running order)  :: kvalifikace {f}
qualified {adj} (meeting requirements)  :: kvalifikovaný
qualify {v} (to compete successfully in some stage of a competition and become eligible for the next stage)  :: kvalifikovat
qualitative {adj} (of descriptions or distinctions based on some quality rather than on some quantity)  :: kvalitativní
qualitative {adj} ((chemistry) of a form of analysis that yields the identity of a compound)  :: kvalitativní
qualitative research {n} (techniques not relying on statistical analysis)  :: kvalitativní výzkum {m}
quality {n} (level of excellence)  :: kvalita {f}, jakost {f}
quality {n} (differentiating property or attribute)  :: vlastnost {f}
quality {adj} (being of good worth)  :: kvalitní
quandary {n} (a state of not knowing what to decide)  :: bezradnost {f}, rozpaky {m-p}
quandary {n} (a dilemma)  :: dilema {n}
quantification {n} (act)  :: kvantifikace {f}
quantifier {n} (A logical operator)  :: kvantifikátor {m}
quantify {v} (to assign a quantity to)  :: kvantifikovat
quantile {n} (quantile in statistics)  :: kvantil {m}
quantitative {adj}  :: kvantitativní
quantitative easing {n} (monetary policy where the central bank creates money electronically)  :: kvantitativní uvolňování {n}
quantitative research {n} (research relying on statistical methods)  :: kvantitativní výzkum {m}
quantity {n} (fundamental, generic term used when referring to the measurement)  :: množství {n}
quantization {n} (process of approximating a continuous signal)  :: kvantování {n}, kvantizace {f}
quantization {n} (in physics)  :: kvantování {n}
quantum mechanics {n} (branch of physics)  :: kvantová mechanika {f}
quantum theory {n} (quantum mechanics) SEE: quantum mechanics  ::
quarantine {n} (sanitary measure isolating infected people)  :: karanténa {f}
quarantine {n} (detention of ship)  :: karanténa {f}
quarantine {n} (place for isolating persons)  :: karanténa {f}
quarantine {n} (period of isolation)  :: karanténa {f}
quarantine {n} (any rigorous measure of isolation)  :: karanténa {f}
quarantine {v} (to retain in obligatory isolation or separation as a sanitary prevention)  :: dát do karantény
quark {n} ((physics) In the Standard Model, an elementary subatomic particle which forms matter)  :: kvark {m}
quark {n} (soft creamy cheese)  :: tvaroh {m}
quarrel {n} (verbal dispute or heated argument)  :: hádka {f}, spor {m}
quarrel {v} (to contend, argue strongly, squabble)  :: hádat se
quarrel {v} (disagree) SEE: disagree  ::
quarrelsome {adj} (given to quarreling)  :: hádavý {m}
quarrelsomeness {n} (quality of being quarrelsome)  :: hádavost {f}
quarry {n} (site for mining stone)  :: kamenolom {m}
quart {n} (a unit of liquid capacity)  :: kvart {m}
quarter {n} (one of four equal parts)  :: čtvrt
quarter {n} (coin worth 25 cents)  :: čtvrťák {m}
quarter {n} (period of three months)  :: čtvrtletí {n}, kvartál {m}
quarter {n} (section of a town)  :: čtvrť {f}
quarter {v} (to divide into quarters; to divide by four)  :: čtvrtit, rozčtvrtit
quarter bottle {n} (piccolo) SEE: piccolo  ::
quarter of {n} (quarter to) SEE: quarter to  ::
quarter past {n} (translations for "quarter past one")  :: čtvrt na dvě
quarter to {n} (fifteen minutes before the next hour)  :: tři čtvrtě na
quarter to {n} (example: quarter to two)  :: tři čtvrtě na dvě
quarter-century {n} (period of twenty-five years)  :: čtvrtstoletí {n}
quarter-final {n} (quarter-final) SEE: quarterfinal  ::
quarterfinal {n} (competition in a tournament whose winners go on to play in the two semifinals)  :: čtvrtfinále {n}
quartermaster {n} (officer responsible for supplies)  :: proviantní důstojník {m}
quartet {n} (music composition in four parts)  :: kvartet {m}
quartet {n} (four musicians who perform a piece of music together)  :: kvarteto {n}
quartile {n} (any of the three points)  :: kvartil {m}
quartz {n} (mineral)  :: křemen {m}
quasar {n} (An extragalactic object)  :: kvazar {m}, kvasar {m}
quatrain {n} (a stanza of four lines)  :: čtyřverší {n}
quaver {n} ((music) an eighth note)  :: osminka {f}
quay {n} (structure for loading and unloading vessels)  :: nábřeží {n}
quayside {n} (an area alongside a quay)  :: nábřeží {n}
queasy {adj} (experiencing or causing nausea or uneasiness)  :: působící nevolnost, zvedající žaludek
queasy {adj} (easily troubled; squeamish)  :: citlivý {m}, choulostivý {m}
queen {n} (female monarch)  :: královna {f}
queen {n} (wife of a king)  :: královna {f}
queen {n} (chess piece)  :: dáma {f}
queen {n} (playing card)  :: dáma {f}
queen {n} (powerful or forceful female person)  :: královna {f}
queen {n} (reproductive female animal in a hive)  :: královna {f}
queen bee {n} (reproductive female bee)  :: včelí královna {f}
queen of beasts {n} (the lioness)  :: královna zvířat {f}
queer {n} (slang: homosexual) SEE: fag  ::
quell {n} (transitive: to take the life of; to kill) SEE: kill  ::
quell {n} (transitive: to subdue, put down)  :: přemoci
quell {n} (transitive: to suppress, put an end to)  :: potlačit, zkrotit
querulous {adj} (often complaining)  :: fňukavý {m}, hašteřivý {m}
querulously {adv} (with grumbling, complaining or whining)  :: fňukavě, hašteřivě
query {n} (question or inquiry)  :: dotaz {m}
query {n} (computing: set of instructions passed to a database)  :: dotaz {m}
query language {n} (computer language)  :: dotazovací jazyk {m}
quest {n} (journey or effort in pursuit of a goal)  :: výprava {f}
question {n} (sentence, phrase or word)  :: otázka {f}
question {n} (subject or topic)  :: otázka, téma
question {v} (raise doubts about)  :: zpochybnit
question mark {n} (punctuation)  :: otazník {m}
questionary {n} (questionnaire) SEE: questionnaire  ::
questioning {n} (interrogation) SEE: interrogation  ::
questionnaire {n} (form containing a list of questions)  :: dotazník {m}
quetzal {n} (quetzal bird)  :: kvesal {m}
queue {n} (line of people)  :: fronta {f}
queue {n} (waiting list)  :: fronta {f}
queue {n} (data structure)  :: fronta {f} [FIFO], zásobník {m} [LIFO]
quibble {n} (a trivial or minor complaint, objection or argument)  :: slovíčkaření {n}, hašteření {n}
quibble {v} (to complain or argue in a trivial or petty manner)  :: hašteřit
quick {adj} (moving with speed)  :: rychlý
quickie {n} (something made or done swiftly)  :: rychlovka {f}
quicklime {n} (calcium oxide)  :: vápno {n}
quickly {adv} (rapidly, fast)  :: rychle, honem, valem
quickness {n} (dexterity) SEE: dexterity  ::
quicksand {n} (type of sand)  :: tekutý písek {m}
quiet {adj} (with little sound)  :: tichý
quiet {adj} (having little motion)  :: klidný
quiet {adj} (not talking)  :: tichý
quiet {n} (absence of sound)  :: ticho {n}
quietly {adv} (in a quiet manner)  :: tiše
quill {n} (music: plectrum) SEE: plectrum  ::
quill {n} (lower shaft of a feather)  :: brk {m}
quill {n} (pen made of feather)  :: pero {n}
quince {n} (fruit)  :: kdoule {f}
quince {n} (tree)  :: kdouloň {f}
quincunx {n} (coin) SEE: coin  ::
quinine {n} (alkaloid used to treat malaria)  :: chinin {m}
quinquagenarian {n} (One who is between the age of 50 and 59)  :: padesátník {m}, padesátnice {f}
quintet {n} ((music) a composition in five parts)  :: kvintet {m}
quintet {n} ((music) a group of five musicians)  :: kvinteto {n}
quip {n} (smart, sarcastic turn or jest)  :: vtípek {m}
quip {v} (to make a quip)  :: vtípkovat
quirk {n} (idiosyncrasy)  :: výstřednost, potrhlost
quisling {n} (traitor)  :: kolaborant {m}, zrádce {m}
quit {v} (to leave)  :: opustit
quit {v} (to give up, stop doing something)  :: přestat, skončit
quitch {n} (couch grass) SEE: couch grass  ::
quite {adv} (to the greatest extent; completely)  :: dost
quite {adv} (in a fully justified sense; truly)  :: zcela, naprosto, úplně
quite {adv} (to a moderate extent)  :: docela
quiver {n} (arrow container)  :: toulec {m}
quiz {n} (competition in the answering of questions)  :: kvíz {m}
quod {n} (a prison)  :: vězení {n}, basa {f}, lapák {m}
quod erat demonstrandum {phrase} (Latin proverb)  :: což mělo být dokázáno, což bylo dokázat
quota {n} (proportional part or share; share or proportion assigned to each in a division)  :: kvóta {f}
quota {n} (prescribed number or percentage)  :: kvóta {f}
quota {n} (form of protectionism)  :: kvóta {f}
quotation {n} (fragment of a human expression)  :: citát {m}
quotation {n} (act of naming a price; price that has been quoted)  :: kótace {f}
quotation mark {n} (quotation marks) SEE: quotation marks  ::
quotation marks {n} (Note: These languages use “◌”-style marks or other styles as indicated. Some are singular and some plural.)  :: uvozovky {f-p} [„◌”]
quote {n} (a statement attributed to someone else)  :: citát {m}
quote {n} (a quotation mark)  :: uvozovka {f}
quote {v} (to refer to a statement that has been made by someone else)  :: citovat
quote {v} (to name the current price)  :: kótovat, kotovat
quotient {n} (number resulting from division)  :: podíl {m}