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From Prometheus (a demigod in Greek mythology who created mortals from clay and gave them fire, for which he was punished by Zeus), from Ancient Greek Προμηθεύς ‎(Promētheús) from προμηθής ‎(promēthḗs, having forethought) from προ- ‎(pro-, before) + μανθάνω ‎(manthánō, learn, perceive) (from Proto-Indo-European *mn̥(s)-dʰh₁-, from *men- + *dʰeh₁-, thus "to put one's mind".)


Promethean ‎(comparative more Promethean, superlative most Promethean)

  1. Of or pertaining to Prometheus.
    • 2006, Edwin Black, chapter 2, in Internal Combustion[1]:
      More than a mere source of Promethean sustenance to thwart the cold and cook one's meat, wood was quite simply mankind's first industrial and manufacturing fuel.
  2. Daringly original; boldly inventive or creative.
  3. Of enormous size or strength; extraordinarily strong.
  4. (of a Romantic literary hero) Rebelling (or being a rebel) against a larger order; defying traditional moral categories; persecuted but dauntless.



Promethean ‎(plural Prometheans)

  1. one who acts in a Promethean manner