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ubiquitin {n} (small polypeptide)  :: убиквитин
udarnik {n} (shock worker, super-productive worker in the Soviet Union and the other countries from the Soviet Block, see also: Stakhanovite)  :: ударник {m} /udárnik/
udder {n} (organ formed of the mammary glands of female quadruped mammals)  :: ви́ме {n}
Ufa {prop} (city)  :: Уфа́
UFO {n} (an unidentified flying object)  :: НЛО {n}
Uganda {prop} (Republic of Uganda)  :: Уга́нда {f}
ugly {adj} (displeasing to the eye; not aesthetically pleasing)  :: гро́зен
ugly duckling {n} (one who is ugly, but who is expected to become beautiful as they mature)  :: грозно патенце {n} /grozno patence/
uh-huh {particle} (expressing agreement or affirmation)  :: аха
uhlan {n} (soldier with lance)  :: улан {m} /ulan/
Ukraine {prop} (Eastern European country)  :: Укра́йна {f}
Ukrainian {n} (ethnic/citizen)  :: украинец {m}, украинка {f}
Ukrainian {prop} (language)  :: украи́нски {m} [ези́к]
Ulaanbaatar {prop} (the capital of Mongolia)  :: Улан Ба́тор {m}
Ulan-Ude {prop} (capital of Buryatia, Russia)  :: Ула́н Уде́ {m}
ulna {n} (bone of the forearm)  :: лакътна кост
Ulric {prop} (male given name)  :: Улрих
ultimatum {n} (a final statement of terms or conditions made by one party to another)  :: ултиматум {m}
ultramarine {adj}  :: ясносин
ultraright {adj} (extremely right-wing)  :: ултраде́сен {m}
Uluru {prop} (giant rock in Australia)  :: Улуру
Ulyanovsk {prop} (city)  :: Уляновск {m} /Uljánovsk/
umber {n} (grayling) SEE: grayling  ::
umbilical cord {n} (cord between foetus and placenta)  :: пъ̀пна връв {f}
umbilicus {n} (navel) SEE: navel  ::
umbra {n} (a shadow) SEE: shadow  ::
umbrella {n} (cloth-covered frame used for protection against rain or sun)  :: чадъ̀р {m}
umlaut {n} (diacritical mark)  :: умлаут {m} /umláut/
un- {prefix} (violative of; contrary to)  :: не-
unadvised {adj} (not advised)  :: безразсъден /bezrazsáden/, неблагоразумен /neblagorazúmen/
unadvisedness {n} (the quality of being inadvisable)  :: неблагоразумие {n} /neblagorazúmie/
unattractive {adj} (not handsome or beautiful or appealing)  :: грозен
unavailable {adj} (not available)  :: недостъпен {m} /nedostǎpen/, неналичен {m} /nenaličen/
unbelieving {adj} (that does not believe)  :: невярващ /nevjárvašt/
unbinilium {n} (chemical element)  :: унбинилий {m} /unbinílij/
unboiled {adj} (not boiled)  :: неврял /nevryál/
uncle {n} (brother (or brother-in-law) of someone’s parent)  :: [paternal] чи́чо {m}, стри́ко {m} [regional, non-standard], [maternal] ву́йчо {m}, калеко {m} [regional], свако {m} /svako/ [last two may also apply to the husband of the paternal aunt]
unclear {adj} (ambiguous; liable to more than one interpretation)  :: нея́сен
unconditional surrender {n} (surrender without conditions)  :: безусловна капитулация {f}
under {prep} (in a lower level than)  :: под
under one's hat {prep} (secret) SEE: secret  ::
underpants {n} (underwear)  :: гащи {p} /gášti/
underplay {v} (to make something seem less important) SEE: downplay  ::
undershirt {n} (for wifebeater) SEE: singlet  ::
understand {v} (to be aware of the meaning of)  :: разби́рам {impf}
understand {v} (to believe, based on information)  :: разби́рам
understand {v} (to impute meaning, character etc. that is not explicitly stated)  :: разби́рам
understand {v} (to understand) SEE: grasp  ::
understanding {n} (understanding) SEE: grasp  ::
understanding {n} (mental process of comprehension, assimilation of knowledge, subjective by its nature)  :: разби́ране {n}, споразуме́ние {n}
undertaker {n} (funeral director)  :: гробар {m}
underwear {n} (clothes worn next to the skin)  :: бельо́ {n}
undies {n} (panties) SEE: panties  ::
unemployed {adj} (having no job)  :: безработен /bezrabóten/
unemployment {n} (joblessness)  :: безрабо́тица {f}
unfortunately {adv} (happening through bad luck)  :: за жалост
unfounded {adj} (not based on solid reasons or facts)  :: неоснователен, необоснован
ungodly {adj} (unreasonable)  :: безбожен
unguent {n} (cream applied to the skin for a therapeutic purpose) SEE: ointment  ::
ungulate {adj} (having hooves)  :: копитен
unhappy {adj} (not happy; sad)  :: нещастен
unharness {v} (to liberate) SEE: liberate  ::
unh-uh {interj} (no)  :: ъ-ъ
Unicode {prop} (series of computer encoding standards)  :: Унико́д {m}
unicorn {n} (mythical beast)  :: инорог {m} /inoróg/, единорог {m} /edinoróg/
uniform {adj} (unvarying)  :: еднороден {m}
uniform {n} (distinctive outfit as a means of identifying members of a group)  :: униформа {f}
union {n} (trade union) SEE: trade union  ::
union {n} (the act of uniting or the state of being united)  :: съю́з {m}
union {n} (that which is united; something formed by a combination of parts or members)  :: съю́з {m}
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics {prop} (a confederation of Communist states, see also: Soviet Union; USSR)  :: Съю́з на съве́тските социалисти́чески репу́блики {m}
unit {n} (standard measure of a quantity)  :: едини́ца {f}
unit {n} (organized group comprising people and/or equipment)  :: едини́ца {f}
unit {n} (member of a military organization)  :: едини́ца {f}
unit {n} (algebra: element of a ring)  :: едини́ца {f}
United Arab Emirates {prop} (country in the Middle East)  :: Обедине́ни Ара́бски Еми́рства {n-p}
United Kingdom {prop} (Kingdom in Europe, see also: Great Britain)  :: Обедине́ното кра́лство {n}
United Kingdom of Great Britain {prop} (United Kingdom of Great Britain)  :: Обединено кралство Великобритания {n}
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland {prop} (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland)  :: Обединено кралство Великобритания и Ирландия {n}
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland {prop} (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)  :: Обединено кралство Великобритания и Северна Ирландия {n}
United Nations {prop} (international coalition)  :: Организа̀цията на обединѐните на̀ции {f} (Abbr: ООН)
United States {prop} (the United States)  :: Съедине́ните ща́ти {m-p}, Аме́рика {f}
United States of America {prop} (country in North America)  :: Съедине́ни Америка́нски Ща́ти {m-p}, САЩ {m-p}
unity {n} (state of being one or undivided)  :: сплотеност {f}
universe {n} (the Universe)  :: вселе́на {f}
university {n} (institution of higher education)  :: университе́т {m}
Unix {n} (operating system)  :: Ю́никс {m}
unless {conj} (except on a specified condition)  :: освен ако /osven ako/
unmarried {adj} (having no husband or wife)  :: неже́нен {m} [of a man], неомъ̀жена {f} [of a woman]
unneeded {adj} (not needed, not)  :: ненужен
unqualified {adj} (ineligible, not qualified)  :: негоден /negoden/
unqualified {adj} (undescribed)  :: неоспорим /neosporim/
unrobe {v} (disrobe) SEE: disrobe  ::
unscrupulous {adj} (without scruples)  :: безскрупулен
until {prep} (up to the time of)  :: до
untruism {n} (false statement) SEE: falsehood  ::
ununbium {n} (chemical element)  :: унунбий {m} /ununbij/
ununennium {n} (chemical element)  :: унуненний {m} /ununénnij/
unusual {adj} (unlike what is expected; differing in some way from the norm)  :: необикновен
unvisible {adj} (invisible) SEE: invisible  ::
unvoluntary {adj} (involuntary) SEE: involuntary  ::
unwed {adj} (not married) SEE: unmarried  ::
unwed {n} (bachelor or a spinster) SEE: unmarried  ::
unwisdom {n} (lack of wisdom)  :: неблагоразу́мие {n}
up {adv} (away from earth’s surface)  :: нагоре /nagóre/
update {n} (action of making something up to date)  :: актуализация
update {v} (to make something up to date)  :: актуализирам
upfront {adv} (beforehand) SEE: beforehand  ::
upload {v} (to transfer data)  :: ка́чвам {impf} /káchvam/, кача́ {pf} /kachá/
upper arm {n} (section of an arm)  :: ръката от рамото до лакътя
uprising {n} (a popular revolt)  :: въста́ние {n}
uproot {v} (eradicate) SEE: eradicate  ::
uproot {v} (extirpate) SEE: extirpate  ::
upscale {adj} (marked by wealth or quality) SEE: high-class  ::
uranium {n} (uranium (element))  :: ура́н {m}
Urban {prop} (male given name)  :: Урбан {m}
urban-type settlement {n} (an official designation for a semi-urban settlement)  :: селище от градски тип
ureter {n} (narrow duct that carries urine from the kidneys)  :: пикочопровод {m} /pikočoprovód/
urinal {n} (lavatory) SEE: toilet  ::
urinary bladder {n} (urinary bladder)  :: пикочен мехур
urine {n} (liquid excrement)  :: ури́на {f}
Uruguay {prop} (country)  :: Уругва́й {m}
Uruguayan {n} (a person from Uruguay)  :: уругваец {m}, уругвайка {f}
Uruguayan {adj} (of Uruguay)  :: уругвайски {m-p}
USA {prop} (United States of America)  :: САЩ {m-p}, Аме́рика {f}
use {v} (to use) SEE: consume  ::
use {n} (act of using)  :: изпо́лзуване {n}, употребле́ние {n}, употре́ба {f}
use {v} (employ, apply)  :: изпо́лзвам {impf}
useful {adj} (having a practical or beneficial use)  :: поле́зен
useless {adj} (without use or possibility to be used)  :: безполезен /bezpolézen/
user {n} (person who uses a computer)  :: потреби́тел {m}
username {n} (a person's identification on an individual computer system)  :: потребителско име {n}
use up {v} (exhaust) SEE: exhaust  ::
ushanka {n} (a traditional Russian fur cap with earflaps)  :: ушанка {f} /ušánka/
USSR {prop} (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)  :: СССР {m}
usufruct {n} (legal right to use and derive profit or benefit from property that belongs to another person)  :: право на ползване
usurper {n} (one who usurps)  :: узурпа́тор {m}
usury {n} (exorbitant rate of interest in excess of any legal rates)  :: ли́хва {f}
usury {n} (practice of lending money at illegal or unfair rates)  :: лихва́рство {n}
US Virgin Islands {prop} (Country in the Caribbean)  :: Вирджински острови
utensil {n} (device for domestic use, in the kitchen, or in war)  :: при́бор {m}, съд {m}
uterus {n} (womb) SEE: womb  ::
utopia {n} (world in perfect harmony)  :: утопия {f}
Utrecht {prop} (city in the Netherlands)  :: Утрехт {m}
utterly {adv} (in complete manner) SEE: completely  ::
uvula {n} (appendage that hangs from the palate)  :: мъже́ц {m}
Uzbek {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Uzbekistan, its people or language)  :: узбе́кски
Uzbekistan {prop} (Republic of Uzbekistan)  :: Узбекиста́н {m}