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yacht {n} (slick and light ship)  :: јахта {f}; jahta {f}
yacht {n}  :: јахта {f}; jahta {f}
Yahoo! {prop} (a popular web portal)  :: Јаху! {m} /Jahu!/, Јаху {m} /Jahu/
yak {n} (ox-like mammal)  :: jak {m}
yak {n} (vomit)  :: rigotina {f} /риготина/
yak {v} (talk informally, persistently)  :: blebetati
yak {v} (vomit)  :: rigati
Yakutsk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Јакутск {m}; Jakutsk {m}
Yalta {prop} (city in Crimea)  :: Јалта {f}; Jalta {f}
Yamal {prop} (a large peninsula in the Russian North)  :: Јамал {m}; Jamal {m}
Yangtze {prop} (river)  :: Јангцекјанг, Јангце; Jangcekjang, Jangce
Yanukovych {prop} (Ukrainian surname)  :: Јанукович, Janukovič
Yaoundé {prop} (capital of Cameroon)  :: Јаунде; Jaunde
Yaoundé {prop}  :: Yaoundé
Yap {prop} (an atoll in the Caroline Islands of western Micronesia)  :: Јап {m} /Jap/
yard {n} (land around a house)  :: дво̀рӣште {n}, а̀влија {f}; dvòrīšte {n}, àvlija {f}
yarn {n} (fiber strand for knitting or weaving)  :: пре̏дӣво {n}, пре̏ђа {f}; prȅdīvo {n}, prȅđa {f}
Yaroslav {prop} (Slavic name)  :: Јарослав; Jaroslav
Yaroslavl {prop} (city)  :: Јарослав {m}, Јарослављ {m}, Jaroslav {m}, Jaroslavlj {m}
yarrow {n} (any of several pungent Eurasian and North American herbs, of the genus Achillea)  :: столисник {m}; stolisnik {m}
yashmak {n} (a veil worn by Muslim women)  :: зар {m}, марама {f}, вео {m}; zar {m}, marama {f}, veo {m}
yawl {n} (sailing vessel)  :: шојка {f}, шљупка {f}; šojka {f}, šljupka {f}
yawn {n} (the action of yawning)  :: зијев, зев {m}; zijev, zev {m}
yawn {v} (open the mouth and take a deep breath)  :: зевати {impf}, зијевати {impf}; zevati {impf}, zijevati {impf}
yeah {adv} (yes)  :: da da; ; da
year {n} (a level or grade at school or college)  :: разред {m}, година {f}; razred {m}, godina {f}
year {n} (time it takes for the Earth to complete one revolution of the Sun)  :: година {f} /godina/, лето {n} /leto/
yearbook {n} (reference book, published annually)  :: годишњак {m}; godišnjak {m}
yearn {v} (to have a strong desire; to long)  :: че̏знути; жу́дјети (Ijekavian), жу́дети (Ekavian); čȅznuti; žúdjeti (Ijekavian), žúdeti (Ekavian)
yeast {n} (cake or dried granules used to make bread dough rise)  :: квасац {m}, герма {f}; kvasac {m}, germa {f}
yeast {n} (fungus)  :: квас {m}, квасац {m}; kvas {m}, kvasac {m}
Yekaterinburg {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Јекатеринбург {m}, Екатеринбург {m}, Jekaterinburg {m}, Ekaterinburg {m}
yellow {adj} (having yellow as its colour)  :: жу̑т; žȗt
yellow {n} (colour)  :: жута {f}; žuta {f}
yellow {v} (to become yellow or more yellow)  :: [Ekavian] жу́тети, [Ijekavian] жу́тјети; [Ekavian] žúteti, [Ijekavian] žútjeti
yellow {v} (to cause to become yellow or more yellow)  :: жу́тити; žútiti
yellowish {adj} (somewhat yellow)  :: žućkast {m}
Yellow Sea {prop} (Asian sea)  :: Жуто море {n}; Žuto more {n}
yelp {v} (to utter an abrupt, high-pitched noise)  :: cičati
Yeltsin {prop} (Russian surname )  :: Јељцин; Jeljcin
Yemen {prop} (Republic of Yemen)  :: Јемен {m}; Jemen {m}
yen {n} (unit of Japanese currency)  :: јен {m}; jen {m}
Yenisei {prop} (river in Russia)  :: Јенисеј {m}; Jenisej {m}
Yerevan {prop} (the capital and largest city of Armenia)  :: Јереван {m}, Ереван {m}; Jerevan {m}, Erevan {m}
yes {interj} (expression of pleasure, joy or great excitement)  :: to!
yes {particle} (word used to indicate agreement or acceptance)  :: да; da
yes {particle}  :: да (da)
yes man {n} (a person who always agrees with his employer or superior)  :: послушник {m}; poslušnik {m}
yesterday {adv} (on the day before today)  :: ју̀че̄р, ју̀че; jùčēr, jùčē
yesterday {n} (day before today)  :: ју̀че̄р, ју̀че; jùčēr, jùčē
yesteryear {n} (last year)  :: lani, лани
yew {n} (Taxus baccata)  :: тиса {f}, tisa {f}
yew {n} (tree or shrub of the genus Taxus)  :: tisa {f}
Yiddish {adj} (of or pertaining to the Yiddish language)  :: jidiš
Yiddish {n} (language)  :: јидиш {m}; jidiš {m}
yield {n} (quantity of something produced)  :: urod {m}
yodel {n} (song)  :: jodlanje {n}
yoga {n} (a Hindu discipline)  :: јога {f}, joga {f}
yogurt {n} (a milk-based product thickened by a bacterium-aided curdling process)  :: јогурт {m}; jogurt {m}
yoke {n} (wooden bar)  :: иго {n}, јарам {m}; igo {n}, jaram {m}
yokel {n} (person of rural background)  :: seljak {m}
yokel {n} (unsophisticated person)  :: seljak {m}, seljačina {f}
yolk {n} (yellow of egg)  :: жуманце {n}, жуманaц {m}, жумањак {m}; žumance {n}, žumanac {m}, žumánjak {m}
yonder {adv} (in a distant, indicated place)  :: онде, onde
Yoruba {prop}  :: Јоруба {f} /Joruba/
you {determiner}  :: ti
you {pron} (subject pronoun: the group being addressed)  :: vi
you {pron} (subject pronoun: the person being addressed)  :: [familiar] ти, [polite] ви; [familiar] ti, [polite] vi
you {v} (to address using the more formal second-person pronoun)  :: персирати, говорити ви; persirati, govoriti vi
you can't judge a book by its cover {proverb} (it is not possible to judge things by external appearances alone)  :: ne sudi knjizi po koricama
young {adj} (as if young)  :: mlȃd
young {adj} (belonging in the early part of life)  :: mlȃd
young {adj} (having little experience)  :: mlȃd, nȅiskusan
young {adj} (in the early part of life or growth)  :: млад; mlad
younger {adj} (in an earlier period of life)  :: млађи; mlađi
your {contraction} (belonging to you (plural; more owners))  :: ваш, vaš
your {contraction} (belonging to you (singular; one owner))  :: твој, ваш [formal]; tvoj, vaš [formal]
you're right {phrase} (you're right)  :: [formal, to a higher position, also plural] u pravu ste, [informal] u pravu si
you're welcome {phrase} (reply to thanks)  :: нема на чему, молим; nema na čemu, molim
Your Majesty {pron} (Title of respect)  :: Vaše Veličanstvo, Vaše Visočanstvo, Vaša Visosti
yours {pron}  :: твој, tvoj, ваш, vaš [formal]
yourselves {pron} (you (referring to the people being spoken to, previously mentioned))  :: sebe
youth {n} (part of life following childhood)  :: мла̏до̄ст {f}; mlȁdōst {f}
youth {n} (quality or state of being young)  :: мла̏до̄ст {f}; mlȁdōst {f}
youth {n} (young man)  :: мо̀мак {m}; mòmak {m}
youth {n} (young persons, collectively)  :: о̀младина {f}, мла̏деж {f}; òmladina {f}, mlȁdež {f}
yo-yo {n} (toy)  :: јо-јо {m}; jo-jo {m}
ytterbium {n} (chemical element)  :: итербиjум, итербиj {m}; iterbij, iterbijum {m}
yttrium {n} (chemical element)  :: итриjум, итриj; itrijum, itrij
yuan {n} (basic unit of money in China)  :: јуан {m}; juan {m}
Yucatán {prop} (a penisula in southeast Mexico)  :: Јукатан; Jukatan, Yucatan
Yucatán {prop} (a state in Mexco)  :: Јукатан; Jukatan, Yucatán
yuck {interj} (uttered to indicate disgust)  :: фуј /fuj/, бљак /bljak/; fuj, bljak
Yugoslavia {prop} (former country in the Balkans)  :: Југо̀сла̄вија {f}, Југосла̏вија {f}; Jugòslāvija {f}, Jugoslȁvija {f}
Yugoslavian {adj} (of or relating to Yugoslavia)  :: југословенски, југославенски; jugoslovenski, jugoslavenski
Yugosphere {prop} (the area of the former Yugoslavia)  :: Југосфера {f}; Jugosfera {f}
Yule log {n} (log burned on Christmas Eve)  :: ба̏дња̄к {m}; bȁdnjāk {m}
yummy {adj} (delicious)  :: њами; njami
yup {particle} ((informal) yes)  :: aha
yurt {n} (large, round tent with vertical walls and conical roof)  :: јурт {m}, јурта {f}; jurt {m}, jurta {f}
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Јужно-Сахалинск {m}, Južno-Sahalinsk {m}