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  1. (case suffix) Used to form the ablative case.
    1. from (place)
      A kerttől jobbra van egy utca.To the right from the garden there is a street.
    2. from, since (time)
      reggel héttől nyolcigfrom seven a.m. to eight a.m.
      decembertőlsince December

Usage notes[edit]

  • (case suffix) Harmonic variants:
    -tól is added to back vowel words. Final -a changes to -á-.
    alma (apple) → Ragad a keze az almától. - Her hand is sticky from the apple.
    -től is added to front vowel words. Final -e changes to -é-.
    zene (music) → A terem zenétől volt hangos. - The hall was loud with music.

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