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From Malay [script needed] (bene) or possibly from Wolof or Maninka.


benne (uncountable)

  1. (botany, chiefly attributive) Sesame.
    benne oil; benne seed
    • 2003, Carole Marsh, The Kitchen House: How Yesterday's Black Women Created Today's Most Popular & Famous American Foods!, page 15,
      Benne (sesame) seeds were secretly brought to America on the slave ships by black women who had used them in their native cooking. Benne seed cookies and candy were made by black cooks in Charleston and other lowcountry South Carolina locations.
    • 2010, Frederick C. Knight, Working the Diaspora: The Impact of African Labor on the Anglo-American World, 1650—1850, page 62,
      For exampl, Rosanna Williams recounted that her African-born father would "plant mostly benne and rice." Emma Hunter also remembered that her grandmother planted benne.
    • 2013, David S. Shields, Chapter 3: Prospecting for Oil, John T. Edge, Elizabeth S. D. Engelhardt, Ted Ownby (editors), The Larder: Food Studies Methods from the American South, page 65,
      A window on the small-scale world of sesame oil production and benne cake livestock feeding is found in the pages of Thomas Walter Peyre's plantation journal (1834–59) at the South Carolina Historical Society. [] African Anerican farming of benne can be imputed only by anecdotal reports, yet numerous records attest to benne’s importance in the slave diet. Indeed, a complex benne cookery adapted from African practices was recorded.



benne f (plural bennes)

  1. bin
  2. barrow
  3. dump truck
  4. cable car

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German Low German[edit]



  1. (in some dialects, including Low Prussian) inside

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benn +‎ -e (possessive suffix)[1]


  • IPA(key): [ˈbɛnːɛ]
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: ben‧ne



  1. inside someone or something, in him/her/it, him/her/it
    Nem bíznak benne. - They don't trust her.
    Nincs benne harag. - He doesn't have any anger in him.
    A: Itt van egy doboz. B: Mi van benne? - A: Here is a box. B: What's in it?


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  1. ^ Eőry Vilma, Értelmező szótár+. Tinta Könyvkiadó, Budapest, 2007, ISBN 978 963 7094 71 2



benne f

  1. plural of benna