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Qatar {prop} (a country in the Middle East) :: Katar {m-in}
Qatari {n} (Person from Qatar or of Qatari descent) :: Katarczyk {m}, Katarka {f}
Qatari {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Qatar or the Qatari people) :: katarski {m}
QED {interj} (quod erat demonstrandum) :: c.b.d.o., c.b.d.u.
Q-tip {n} (type of cotton swab) SEE: cotton swab ::
quack {n} (sound made by a duck) :: kwa
quack {v} (to make a noise like a duck) :: kwakać
quack {n} (fraudulent or incompetent doctor of medicine) :: konował {m-pr}
quack {n} (charlatan) :: szarlatan {m-pr}
quack {n} (doctor) :: medyk {m-pr}
quackery {n} (the practice of fraudulent medicine) :: szarlataństwo {n}, znachorstwo {n}, szarlataneria {f}
quackgrass {n} (couch grass) SEE: couch grass ::
quad {adj} (quadrilateral) SEE: quadrilateral ::
quad {adj} (quadruplet) SEE: quadruplet ::
quadcopter {n} (aircraft) :: quadcopter
quadragenarian {n} (one who is quadragenarian) :: czterdziestolatek {m}, czterdziestolatka {f}
quadrangle {n} (quadrilateral) SEE: quadrilateral ::
quadratic equation {n} (second-degree equation) :: równanie kwadratowe {n}
quadratic mean {n} (type of average) SEE: root mean square ::
quadrature amplitude modulation {n} (method of sending information) :: modulacja QAM {f}, kwadraturowa modulacja amplitudowo-fazowa {f}
quadriga {n} (Roman racing chariot and team of four horses) :: kwadryga {f}
quadrilateral {n} (polygon having four sides) :: czworokąt {m-in}, czworobok {m-in}
quadrillion {num} (a thousand trillion, 1015) :: biliard {m}
quadrillion {num} (a million trillion, 1024) :: kwadrylion {m}
quadrocopter {n} (quadcopter) SEE: quadcopter ::
quadrotor {n} (quadcopter) SEE: quadcopter ::
quadruped {n} (a four-footed or four-legged animal) :: czworonóg {m-an}
quadruplet {n} (infant born as one of four) :: czworaczek {m}
quads {n} ((slang) four of a kind) :: kareta {f}
quaestor {n} (Ancient Roman official) :: kwestor {m}
quaffle {n} (ball used in Quidditch) :: kafel {m}
quagmire {n} (swampy ground) :: bagno {n}, trzęsawisko {n}
quail {n} (any of several small game birds) :: przepiórka {f}
quake {n} (earthquake) SEE: earthquake ::
Quaker {n} (believer of the Quaker faith) :: kwakier {m-pr}
qualitative {adj} (of descriptions or distinctions based on some quality rather than on some quantity) :: jakościowy
qualitative {adj} ((chemistry) of a form of analysis that yields the identity of a compound) :: jakościowy
quality {n} (level of excellence) :: jakość {f}
quality {n} (differentiating property or attribute) :: cecha {f}, przymiot {m-in}
quantitative {adj} :: mierzalny
quantitative easing {n} (monetary policy where the central bank creates money electronically) :: luzowanie ilościowe {n}
quantity {n} (fundamental, generic term used when referring to the measurement) :: ilość {f}, wielkość {f}
quantity {n} (indefinite amount of something) :: ilość
quantity {n} (specific measured amount) :: ilość
quantity {n} (considerable measure or amount) :: duża ilość
quantum {n} (quantity) :: ilość {f}
quantum {n} (indivisible unit of a given quantity) :: kwant {m}
quantum {adj} (involving quanta) :: kwantowy {m}, kwantowa {f}, kwantowe {n}
quantum dot {n} (fluorescent nanoparticle) :: kropka kwantowa
quantum electrodynamics {n} (quantum electrodynamics) :: elektrodynamika kwantowa {f}
quantum mechanics {n} (branch of physics) :: mechanika kwantowa {f}
quantum number {n} (number that specifies the state of a quantum mechanical system) :: liczba kwantowa {f}
quantum theory {n} (quantum mechanics) SEE: quantum mechanics ::
quantum well {n} (potential well that confines particles) :: studnia kwantowa {f}
quarantine {n} (sanitary measure isolating infected people) :: kwarantanna {f}
quarantine {n} (period of isolation) :: kwarantanna {f}
quarantine {n} (any rigorous measure of isolation) :: kwarantanna {f}
quarantine {n} (storage for suspected files) :: kwarantanna {f}
quarantine {v} (to retain in obligatory isolation or separation as a sanitary prevention) :: poddać kwarantannie {pf}
quark {n} ((physics) In the Standard Model, an elementary subatomic particle which forms matter) :: kwark {m}
quark {n} (soft creamy cheese) :: twaróg
quarrel {n} (verbal dispute or heated argument) :: kłótnia {f}, sprzeczka {f}, swar {m} [literally], awantura {f}, spór {m}, zwada {f} [literally], spięcie {n}, utarczka {f}
quarrel {n} (square-headed arrow for a crossbow) :: bełt {m-in}
quarry {n} (site for mining stone) :: kamieniołom {m}
quarry {n} (animal which is hunted) :: zwierzyna {f}
quart {n} (a unit of liquid capacity) :: kwarta {f}
quarter {n} (one of four equal parts) :: ćwierć {f}
quarter {n} (coin worth 25 cents) :: ćwierćdolarówka {f}
quarter {n} (period of three months) :: kwartał {m-in}
quarter {n} (section of a town) :: dzielnica {f}
quarter bottle {n} (piccolo) SEE: piccolo ::
quarter-century {n} (period of twenty-five years) :: ćwierćwiecze {n}
quarter-final {n} (quarter-final) SEE: quarterfinal ::
quarterfinal {n} (competition in a tournament whose winners go on to play in the two semifinals) :: ćwierćfinał {m}
quarter-hour {n} (quarter-hour) SEE: quarter of an hour ::
quarterly {adj} (occurring once every quarter year) :: kwartalny
quarterly {adv} (once every quarter year) :: kwartalnie
quarter note {n} (quarter note) SEE: crotchet ::
quarter of an hour {n} (fifteen minutes) :: kwadrans {m}
quarter past {n} (translations for "quarter past one") :: kwadrans po
quarter rest {n} (rest as long as a quarter note) :: pauza ćwierćnutowa {f}
quartet {n} (four musicians who perform a piece of music together) :: kwartet {m}
quartz {n} (mineral) :: kwarc {m}
quasar {n} (An extragalactic object) :: kwazar {m}
quash {v} (to defeat forcibly) :: tłumić
quash {v} (to void or suppress (a subpoena, decision)) :: unieważniać
quasi- {prefix} (almost) :: niby-
quasiparticle {n} (entity that has some characteristics of a distinct particle) :: kwazicząstka {f}
Quaternary {prop} (geological period) :: czwartorzęd {m}
quaternion {n} (Mathematical sense) :: kwaternion {m}
quaver {n} ((music) an eighth note) :: ósemka {f}
quay {n} (structure for loading and unloading vessels) :: molo {n}, nabrzeże {n}
quayside {n} (an area alongside a quay) :: nabrzeże {n}
Quebec {prop} (city) :: Quebec
Quechua {prop} (language) :: keczua {m}
Quechuan {adj} (of or pertaining to the Quechua people or language) :: keczuański, kiczuański
queen {n} (female monarch) :: królowa {f}
queen {n} (wife of a king) :: królowa {f}
queen {n} (chess piece) :: hetman {m-an}
queen {n} (playing card) :: dama {f}
queen {n} (powerful or forceful female person) :: caryca {f}
queen {n} (slang: male homosexual) :: ciota {f}, homo, pedał {m-pr}
queen {n} (reproductive female animal in a hive) :: królowa {f}
queen {n} (adult female cat) :: kocica {f}, kotka {f}
Queen Anne's lace {n} (Anthriscus sylvestris) SEE: cow parsley ::
queen bee {n} (reproductive female bee) :: królowa {f}
queen of beasts {n} (the lioness) :: królowa zwierząt {f}
queer {n} (slang: homosexual) SEE: fag ::
quell {n} (transitive: to take the life of; to kill) SEE: kill ::
quench {v} (satisfy a thirst) :: gasić pragnienie
quenching {n} (rapid cooling of hot metal object) :: hartowanie
Quentin {prop} (male given name) :: Kwintyn {m}
Quenya {prop} (constructed language) :: quenya {f}
querulously {adv} (with grumbling, complaining or whining) :: płaczliwie
query {n} (question or inquiry) :: pytanie {n}
query {n} (computing: set of instructions passed to a database) :: zapytanie {n}, kwerenda {f}
query {v} (ask a question) :: pytać
query {v} (question) :: kwestionować
query {v} (computing: search database) :: wysłać zapytanie
quest {n} (journey or effort in pursuit of a goal) :: poszukiwanie {n}, poszukiwania {p}
question {n} (talk; conversation; speech) SEE: talk ::
question {n} (sentence, phrase or word) :: pytanie {n}
question {n} (subject or topic) :: kwestia {f}
question {v} (ask questions of) :: pytać
question {v} (raise doubts about) :: kwestionować
questionable {adj} (problematic; open to doubt or challenge) :: wątpliwy {m}, sporny {m}, kontrowersyjny {m}
questionable {adj} (of dubious respectability or morality) :: kontrowersyjny {m}
questionary {n} (questionnaire) SEE: questionnaire ::
questioning {n} (interrogation) SEE: interrogation ::
question mark {n} (punctuation) :: pytajnik {m}, znak zapytania {m}
questionnaire {n} (form containing a list of questions) :: ankieta, kwestionariusz
queue {n} (line of people) :: kolejka {f}
queue {n} (data structure) :: kolejka {f}
quick {adj} (moving with speed) :: szybki
quick-and-dirty {adj} (hasty, approximate, temporarily adequate) :: zgrubny {m}, zgrubna {f}
quick as a flash {adv} (extremely quickly) :: błyskawicznie
quickie {n} (brief sexual encounter) :: numerek {m}
quicklime {n} (calcium oxide) :: wapno {n}, wapno niegaszone {n}
quickly {adv} (rapidly, fast) :: szybko, prędko, bystro
quickness {n} (dexterity) SEE: dexterity ::
quicksilver {n} (mercury) :: rtęć {f}
Quidditch {n} (fictitious ball game) :: quidditch {m}
quiet {adj} (with little sound) :: cichy {m}
quiet {adj} (having little motion) :: spokojny {m}
quiet {v} (to become quiet) :: (exclusively for sound) uciszyć się, zamilknąć, (sound/motion) uspokajać się {impf}, uspokoić się {pf}
quiet {v} (to cause someone to become quiet) :: (sound) uciszać {impf}, uciszyć {pf}, (sound/motion) uspokajać {impf}, uspokoić {pf}
quietly {adv} (in a quiet manner) :: cicho
quill {n} (music: plectrum) SEE: plectrum ::
quill {n} (pen made of feather) :: pióro {n}, gęsie pióro {n}
quim {n} ((vulgar, slang) female genitalia) :: pizda {f}, cipa {f}, cipsko {n}
quince {n} (fruit) :: pigwa {f}
quince {n} (tree) :: pigwa {f}
quinceañera {n} (in Mexico, fifteenth birthday celebration for a young woman) :: quinceañera {f}
quincunx {n} (coin) SEE: coin ::
quinine {n} (alkaloid used to treat malaria) :: chinina
quinquagenarian {n} (One who is between the age of 50 and 59) :: pięćdziesięciolatek {m}, pięćdziesięciolatka {f}
quinquagenarian {adj} (being between the age of 50 and 59) :: pięćdziesięciolatek, pięćdziesięciolatka
quinternion {n} (five gathered sheets of paper folded in two) :: kwinternion
quintessence {n} (most perfect example of its type) :: kwintesencja {f}
quintet {n} ((music) a group of five musicians) :: kwintet {m}
quintillion {num} (a billion billion, 1018) :: trylion {m}
quirk {n} (idiosyncrasy) :: dziwactwo {n}
quirky {adj} (given to quirks or idiosyncrasies) :: dziwaczny {m}
quitch {n} (couch grass) SEE: couch grass ::
quite {adv} (to the greatest extent; completely) :: całkowicie, całkiem
quite {adv} (in a fully justified sense; truly) :: całkowicie, całkiem
quite {adv} (to a moderate extent) :: całkiem
Quito {prop} (capital of Ecuador) :: Quito {n}
quiver {n} (arrow container) :: kołczan {m}
quiver {n} (shaking or moving with a slight trembling motion) :: drżenie {n}
quiver {v} (shake or move with slight and tremulous motion) :: drżeć
quiz {n} (competition in the answering of questions) :: turniej {m-in}, kwiz {m}
quiz {n} (a school examination of less importance) :: kartkówka {f}
quod {n} (a prison) :: więzienie {n}
quod erat demonstrandum {phrase} (Latin proverb) :: co było do okazania, co było do udowodnienia
quorum {n} (minimum number of members required) :: kworum {n}
quota {n} (proportional part or share; share or proportion assigned to each in a division) :: dola {f}, przydział {m}
quota {n} (prescribed number or percentage) :: norma {f}
quotation {n} (fragment of a human expression) :: cytat {m-in}
quotation {n} (act of naming a price; price that has been quoted) :: wycena {f}
quotation mark {n} (quotation marks) SEE: quotation marks ::
quotation marks {n} (Note: These languages use “◌”-style marks or other styles as indicated. Some are singular and some plural.) :: cudzysłów {m} [„◌”]
quote {n} (a statement attributed to someone else) :: cytat {m}
quote {n} (a quotation mark) :: cudzysłów
quote {v} (to refer to a statement that has been made by someone else) :: cytować
quote {v} (to prepare a summary of work to be done and set a price) :: wyceniać
quotidian {adj} (daily) :: codzienny
quotidian {adj} (common, mundane) :: powszedni, codzienny
quotient {n} (number resulting from division) :: iloraz {m}
Qur'an {prop} (the Islamic holy book) :: Koran {m}