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From Proto-Slavic *xoditi.



chodzić impf

  1. to walk
  2. to go, to frequent, to regularly participate in an activity
    Chodzę na siłownię dwa razy w tygodniu.
    I go to the gym twice a week.
  3. (informal) of a device: to work continuously [+ na (accusative) = on a source of power]
    Mój laptop chodzi na baterii najwyżej trzy godziny.
    My laptop works on battery for at most three hours.
    Ten zegarek dawno przestał chodzić.
    This clock stopped ticking a long time ago.
  4. (informal, passive) to mean
    O co ci chodzi?
    What do you mean?
  5. (informal, passive) to be about
    O co chodzi w tym filmie?
    What is this movie about?

Usage notes[edit]

In the last sense, always used with the preposition w/we and a locative.


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