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(hangeul 둔, 준, revised dun, jun, McCune-Reischauer tun, chun)

  1. military base, camp, deploy, fort, fortress, front, frontier, garrison, march, mark, outport, outpost, station, stronghold
  2. frontier farm, military colony or settlement
    w: Le Thanh Tong #The conquest of Champa
    The conquest of the Cham kingdoms started a rapid period of expansion by the Vietnamese southwards into this newly conquered land. The government used a system of land settlement called [don dien] ().
      Under this system, military colonies were established in which soldiers and landless peasants cleared a new area, began rice production on the new land, established a village, and served as a militia to defend it. After three years, the village was incorporated into the Vietnamese administrative system, a communal village meeting house (dinh) was built, and the workers were given an opportunity to share in the communal lands given by the state to each village. The remainder of the land belonged to the state. As each area was cleared and a village established, the soldiers of the don dien would move on to clear more land. U.S. Library of Congress Country Studies - Vietnam
  3. crowd, flock, heap, horde, throng, troop
  4. dean (in Sussex), heap, hill
  5. thick
  6. hard, struggling
  7. the third of the 64 hexagrams of I Ching (易經), composed of the bagua or trigrams () and ().