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C {letter} :: letter: see
C {abbr} :: cum laude approbatur
cabreranhutia {n} :: Cabrera's hutia, Mesocapromys angelcabrerai (species of rodent in the family Capromyidae, endemic to Cuba)
caddie {n} :: caddie
caesarsalaatti {n} :: Caesar salad (type of salad)
caesar-salaatti {n} :: alternative form of caesarsalaatti
cafeteria {n} :: alternative form of kafeteria
cairnterrieri {n} :: cairn terrier (breed of dog)
Calmette-rokote {n} [medicine] :: BCG (tuberculosis vaccine based on Bacillus Calmette-Guérin)
calmetterokotus {n} :: BCG vaccination (act of vaccinating with BCG)
calvados {n} :: calvados
camembert {n} :: camembert (creamy French cheese)
camembertinjuusto {n} :: alternative form of camembertjuusto
camembertjuusto {n} :: camembert (cheese)
cameorooli {n} :: cameo, cameo role, cameo appearance (single brief appearance by a known person in a work of the performing arts, typically unnamed or appearing as themselves)
campbellinmarakatti {n} :: Campbell's mona monkey, Campbell's guenon, Campbell's monkey, Cercopithecus campbelli (primate in the Cercopithecidae family found in coastal regions of West Africa from Gambia to Ghana)
camping {n} :: camping
canasta {n} :: canasta (card game)
canasta {n} :: canasta (meld of seven cards in above)
cancan {n} :: cancan
candomblé {n} :: Candomblé (religion, mainly practised in Brazil)
cannelloni {n} :: alternative form of kanneloni
Cannizzaro-reaktio {n} [organic chemistry] :: Cannizzaro reaction
cao dai {n} [religion] :: Cao Dai (synchretist belief originating in Vietnam)
cappuccino {n} :: cappuccino (beverage and serving)
carolinankoira {n} :: Carolina dog, American dingo (American breed of dog)
casanova {n} :: casanova
cashewpähkinä {n} :: cashew nut
catahoulanleopardikoira {n} :: Louisiana Catahoula leopard dog, Catahoula cur (American dog breed)
catering {n} :: catering
Cauchy-jono {n} [math] :: synonym of Cauchyn jono
Cauchyn jono {n} [math] :: Cauchy sequence
caunis {n} :: obsolete spelling of kaunis
cavalierkingcharlesinspanieli {n} :: Cavalier King Charles spaniel (small spaniel, one of the most popular breeds in the United Kingdom)
cayennenpippuri {n} :: cayenne pepper (hot chilli pepper bulb and the spice made of it)
cayennepippuri {n} :: cayenne pepper (hot chilli pepper bulb and the spice made of it)
CD-kuvalevy {n} :: photo-CD (compact disc specially designed for storage and retrieval of images)
CD-levy {n} :: A compact disc (optical disc used to store data)
CD-levysoitin {n} [rare] :: alternative form of CD-soitin
CD-R-asema {n} :: CD-R drive (short for Compact Disk-recordable drive, type of CD drive that can record on CD's)
CD-ROM-asema {n} :: CD-ROM drive
CD-ROM-levy {n} :: CD-ROM disc, CD-ROM
CD-ROM-peli {n} :: CD-ROM game
CD-soitin {n} :: CD player
CD-standardi {n} :: CD standard
C-duuri {n} [music] :: C major
cebuano {n} :: Cebuano (language)
cebuanonkielinen {adj} :: Cebuano, Cebuano language, Cebuano speaking (written or expressed in Cebuano)
cee {n} :: alternative spelling of see
celebesinhedelmälepakko {n} :: Sulawesi flying fox, Sulawesi fruit bat, signal-winged acerodon, Acerodon celebensis
celebesinhevosenkenkäyökkö {n} :: Sulawesi horseshoe bat, Rhinolophus celebensis
celebesinkoirankuonolepakko {n} :: Sulawesi rousette, Rousettus celebensis
celebesinkummituseläin {n} :: spectral tarsier, Tarsius tarsier
celebesinmakaki {n} :: Celebes crested macaque, crested black macaque, Sulawesi crested macaque, black ape, Macaca nigra
celebesinmusta-apina {n} :: Celebes crested macaque, crested black macaque, Sulawesi crested macaque, black ape (Macaca nigra)
celebesinpaljasselkälepakko {n} :: Sulawesi bare-backed fruit bat, Sulawesi naked-backed fruit bat, Dobsonia exoleta
celebesinpalmunäätä {n} :: Sulawesi palm civet, Macrogalidia musschenbroekii
celebesinpitkäkuono-orava {n} :: montane long-nosed squirrel, Hyosciurus heinrichi
celsius {n} :: Alternative capitalization of Celsius (letter "C" in the Finnish standard spelling alphabet)
celsius {n} :: Celsius (scale of temperature)
Celsius {n} :: The letter "C" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
Celsius {n} :: alternative spelling of celsius
celsiusaste {n} :: degree Celsius
celsiusasteikko {n} :: Celsius scale, Celsius (scale for measuring temperature)
cembalisti {n} :: harpsichordist
cembalo {n} :: harpsichord
cembalokonsertto {n} [music] :: cembalo concerto
cerium {n} :: cerium
cesarsalaatti {n} :: alternative form of caesarsalaatti
cesar-salaatti {n} :: alternative form of caesarsalaatti
Ces-duuri {n} [music] :: C-flat major
ceses {n} [music] :: C double flat
cesium {n} :: caesium, cesium
ceskyterrieri {n} :: Cesky terrier (breed of dog originating in Czechoslovakia)
c'est la vie {phrase} :: c'est la vie
Ceylon {prop} [archaic] :: Ceylon (former name of the island and state of Sri Lanka)
ceyloninkaneli {n} :: Cinnamon, Cinnamomum zeylanicum or Cinnamomum verum (tree)
ceyloninmoringa {n} :: drumstick tree, Moringa oleifera
ceyloninpalmuhiiri {n} :: Nolthenius's long-tailed climbing mouse, Vandeleuria nolthenii (species of rodent in the family Muridae, only found in Sri Lanka)
ceyloninpitkähäntäpäästäinen {n} :: Sri Lankan long-tailed shrew, Crocidura miya
CFP-frangi {n} :: CFP franc (West African currency)
cgs-järjestelmä {n} [physics] :: The centimeter-gram-second system of units
cha-cha {n} :: cha-cha (ballroom dance to a Latin American rhythm)
cha-cha-cha {n} :: cha-cha (ballroom dance to a Latin American rhythm)
chakra {n} [Hinduism] :: chakra
Challengerin syvänne {prop} :: Challenger Deep (deepest point in the world's oceans in the Mariana Trench)
Chandrasekharin raja {n} [astronomy] :: Chandrasekhar limit
charleston {n} [dance] :: Charleston
charmantti {adj} :: charming
charmi {n} :: charm (ability)
charmikas {adj} :: charming
Charpy-iskukoe {n} :: synonym of Charpyn iskukoe
Charpyn iskukoe {n} :: Charpy impact test
charterlento {n} :: charter flight
chatata {v} [Internet, slang] :: To chat
chateaubriand {n} :: chateaubriand (steak cut from a beef tenderloin)
chattailu {n} [Internet] :: chatting
chatti {n} [Internet, colloquial] :: chat
cheddar {n} :: cheddar (cheese)
cheddarinjuusto {n} :: alternative form of cheddarjuusto
cheddarjuusto {n} :: cheddar, Cheddar cheese
cheerleader {n} :: cheerleader
cherokee {n} :: A Cherokee (member of a native North American ethnic group)
cherokee {n} :: Cherokee (their language)
chesapeakelahdennoutaja {n} :: Chesapeake Bay retriever (American breed of retriever dog)
cheshire {n} :: Cheshire cheese
chester {n} [rare] :: synonym of cheshire (Cheshire cheese)
chic {adj} :: chic
chihuahua {n} :: chihuahua
chikungunya {n} :: Chikungunya
Chile {prop} :: Chile
chileläinen {adj} :: Chilean
chileläinen {n} :: A Chilean person
chilendegu {n} :: Bridges' degu, Octodon bridgesi (small rodent in the family Octodontidae found in southern Argentina and Chile)
chilendegu {n} :: moon-toothed degu, Octodon lunatus
chilenhirvi {n} :: south Andean deer, Chilean guemal, huemul, Hippocamelus bisulcus
chilenpudu {n} :: southern pudu, Pudu puda (South American species of deer)
chilenpussirotta {n} :: monito del monte, Dromiciops gliroides (diminutive marsupial native only to Chile and Argentina)
chilenrotta {n} :: Chilean climbing mouse, Chilean tree mouse, Irenomys tarsalis (rodent found in Chile)
chilensalpietari {n} [mineralogy] :: Chile saltpeter, Chile saltpetre (form of sodium nitrate that occurs naturally in parts of Chile and Peru)
chilentinami {n} :: Chilean tinamou, Nothoprocta perdicaria
chilentsintsillarotta {n} :: long-tailed chinchilla, common chinchilla, lesser chinchilla, Chinchilla lanigera
chili {n} :: chili
chilikastike {n} :: chili sauce, hot sauce, pepper sauce
chiliöljy {n} :: chili oil (spicy condiment)
chilipata {n} :: chili con carne
chilipippuri {n} :: chili pepper, chilli (fruit)
Chinatown {n} :: Chinatown
chinchilla {n} :: chinchilla
chipata {v} [sports, slang] :: to chip (play a shot where the ball goes predominantly upwards)
chippendale {n} :: Chippendale (style of furniture design inspired by the 18th century British cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale)
chippendalekalusto {n} :: Chippendale furniture
chippendaletyyli {n} :: A style of furniture inspired by the British 18th century cabinetmaker Thomas çhippendale
chippendaletyylinen {adj} :: Chippendale (styled after the designs of the British 18th century cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale)
chippi {n} [sports] :: chip (shot where the ball goes more upwards than a regular shot)
chips {n} :: potato chips
chipsi {n} :: alternative form of sipsi
chopperi {n} [colloquial] :: A chopper (motorcycle style)
chow chow {n} :: a Chow Chow
châteauviini {n} :: chateau wine
chuuk {n} :: Chuukese (language)
chuukilainen {n} :: Chuukese (person)
chuukilainen {adj} :: Chuukese (of or pertaining to Chuuk)
ciabatta {n} :: ciabatta bread
cia-cia {n} :: Cia-Cia (austronesian language spoken in Indonesia)
cinemascope {n} :: cinemascope
CinemaScope {n} :: alternative case form of cinemascope
cirrus {n} :: cirrus (type of cloud)
cirruspilvi {n} :: cirrus, cirrus cloud (type of high-altitude cloud)
Cis-duuri {n} [music] :: C-sharp major
cisihminen {n} [sexuality] :: alternative form of cis-ihminen
cis-ihminen {n} [sexuality] :: cis person
cismies {n} [sexuality] :: cis male
cisnainen {n} [sexuality] :: cis female
cissukupuolinen {adj} [sexuality] :: cissexual
citykani {n} [colloquial] :: A feral domestic rabbit (kesykani), especially one that lives in and around an urban area
citykulttuuri {n} :: city culture, urban culture
citymaasturi {n} :: SUV
city-maasturi {n} :: alternative spelling of citymaasturi
clearing {n} [banking, finance] :: clearing
clearingkurssi {n} [banking, finance] :: clearing rate (exchange rate used in clearing operations)
clear-tila {n} [Scientology] :: The state of being "clear", i.e. free of the harmful influence of engrams; translated into English often with an expression involving adjective "clear"
cloisonné {n} :: cloisonne (technique or material)
cloisonné {n} :: cloisonne piece (object produced with this technique)
cloisonnee {n} :: cloisonne (technique or material)
clou {n} :: highlight (high point of an occasion, press release etc.)
clumberinspanieli {n} :: Clumber spaniel (breed of dog)
clydesdalenhevonen {n} :: Clydesdale (breed of horse)
cockerspanieli {n} :: cocker spaniel, English cocker spaniel (breed of dog)
cocktail {n} :: cocktail (mixed drink)
cocktailkirsikka {n} :: cocktail cherry
cocktailkurkku {n} :: A gherkin (small cucumber pickled whole)
cocktailkutsut {n} :: cocktail party
cocktaillasi {n} :: cocktail glass
cocktailleipä {n} :: cocktail sandwich, canapé
cocktail-mekko {n} :: cocktail dress
cocktailpala {n} :: cocktail snack, cocktail food (small delicacy typically served in cocktail parties)
cocktailtikku {n} :: cocktail stick
cocktailtilaisuus {n} :: cocktail reception, cocktail event
C-oikeudet {n} :: C-license (in Finland, a license that allows an establishment to retail alcoholic drinks with up to 4.7% of alcoholic content by volume)
college {n} :: college (learning institution)
college {n} :: college sweatshirt
collegepusero {n} :: A college sweatshirt (sweatshirt with symbols of a college, or similar garment)
collie {n} :: collie
collie {n} :: rough collie
collins-lasi {n} :: Collins glass (type of tumbler)
comeback {n} :: comeback (return to popularity, success, fame etc.)
come-back {n} :: alternative spelling of comeback
comoronlentäväkoira {n} :: Livingstone's fruit bat, Comoro black flying fox, Pteropus livingstonii (Old World fruit bat found only in the Comoros islands of the western Indian Ocean)
continuum {n} [music] :: continuum (type of electronic instrument)
contra {n} :: Contra (anti-Sandinista fighter)
contrasissi {n} :: Contra (anti-Sandinista fighter)
cookinsaarelainen {n} :: Cook Islander (person from the Cook Islands or of descent of the Cook Islands)
cookinsaarelainen {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Cook Islands, its culture or its inhabitants
Cookinsaaret {prop} :: Cook Islands (self-governing country in Oceania)
cooler {n} :: cooler (chilled mixed drink)
cooperiitti {n} [geology] :: cooperite
Cooperin testi {n} :: Cooper test (fitness test based on the distance a person runs within a set period of time, usually 12 minutes)
copy {n} :: A copywriter
copy {n} :: A copy (output of copywriter)
copyright {n} :: copyright
coquerelinkääpiömaki {n} [dated] :: Coquerel's dwarf lemur, formerly also Coquerel's giant mouse lemur, southern giant mouse lemur, Mirza coquereli (small nocturnal lemur endemic to Madagascar)
corgi {n} :: corgi, Welsh corgi (breed of dog)
coriolisvoima {n} [physics] :: Coriolis force
cos-salaatti {n} :: Romaine lettuce, cos lettuce, Lactuca sativa longifolia (variety of lettuce)
Costa Rica {prop} :: Costa Rica
coulombi {n} :: coulomb (SI unit of electric charge)
Coulombin laki {n} [physics] :: Coulomb's law
Coulombin voima {n} [physics] :: Coulomb force
country {n} :: country music
countrymusiikki {n} :: alternative spelling of kantrimusiikki
coupé {n} :: coupé
couscous {n} :: alternative form of kuskus
cover {n} :: cover, cover version, cover song (rerecording of a previously recorded song)
coverbändi {n} [music] :: cover band (band that plays mostly or exclusively cover songs)
coverversio {n} [music] :: cover version, cover song, cover
cowboy {n} :: cowboy (person who attends cattle, especially in the American West)
cowboyhattu {n} :: cowboy hat
Cowperin rauhanen {n} [anatomy] :: bulbourethral gland
cozumelinsupi {n} :: Cozumel raccoon, pygmy raccoon, Procyon pygmaeus (critically endangered species of raccoon endemic on Cozumel Island off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico)
C-pilari {n} [automotive] :: C-pillar
CP-vamma {n} [pathology] :: cerebral palsy (group of non-contagious conditions)
CP-vammainen {adj} :: CP-handicapped (having cerebral palsy condition)
CP-vammaisuus {n} :: The state or property of being CP-handicapped
crack {n} :: crack (variety of cocaine)
crescendo {n} :: crescendo (instruction to play gradually more loudly)
crescendo {n} [rare] :: crescendo (gradual increase, especially to a dramatic climax)
crème fraîche {n} [rare] :: crème fraîche; more commonly ranskankerma
Crohnin tauti {n} [pathology] :: Crohn's disease
croissant {n} :: croissant
Cro-Magnonin ihminen {n} :: Cro-Magnon
crossipyörä {n} :: motocross motorcycle
csárdás {n} :: czardas
cuminginrotta {n} :: southern giant slender-tailed cloud rat, southern Luzon giant cloud rat, Phloeomys cumingi (large rodent found only in the southern parts of Luzon island in the Philippines)
cum laude approbatur {n} :: An academic grade used in Finnish abitur and university theses
cum laude approbatur {n} :: The university syllabus in Finland, longer than approbatur but shorter than laudatur
cum laude -arvosana {n} :: The grade earned for a cum laude work in a university
cum laude -tentti {n} :: An exam taken as part of cum laude level studies in a university
cumulus {n} :: cumulus (cloud)
cumuluspilvi {n} :: cumulus cloud, cumulus (cloud)
cunnilingus {n} :: cunnilingus
cup {n} :: cup (contest)
cup-kilpailu {n} :: cup contest, cup competition
cupvoittaja {n} :: cup winner
curium {n} :: curium
curling {n} [sports] :: curling
curry {n} :: south Asian spice mix, curry powder, curry paste
curry {n} :: a dish made using this spice mixture, curry (dish)
currykana {n} :: Chicken curry
currykastike {n} :: A curry (sauce flavored with curry)
currypata {n} :: A stew made with curry
currytahna {n} :: curry paste (moist blend of vegetables and spices ground together and used as a base for curry)
cuvieringaselli {n} :: Cuvier´s gazelle, edmi, Gazella cuvieri (species of gazelle found in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia)
cuvierinvalas {n} [in plural] :: The genus Ziphius (genus of beaked whaleswith only one species, the Cuvier's beaked whale or goose-beaked whale, Ziphius cavirostris)
C-vitamiini {n} :: vitamin C
cyberpunk {n} :: alternative spelling of kyberpunk