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Catalan second conjugation (-re and -er) verbs.

These verbs are normally derived from Latin verbs whose infinitive ended in long -ēre (see Category:Latin second conjugation verbs) or short -ĕre (see Category:Latin third conjugation verbs). Most such verbs are irregular, and many take a velar infix (see Category:Catalan verbs with velar infix). Several verbs of this class have alternative infinitives (e.g. doldre/doler and heure/haver). A few verbs of this class have an infinitive ending in other than -re or -er due to contraction, notably dir (to say) (from Latin dīcere), dur (to lead) (from Latin dūcere), and derivatives of these verbs. Note also fer (to do, to make) of this class, contracted from Latin facere.


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