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Han character[edit]

(radical 75 +6, 10 strokes, cangjie input 木火女 (DFV))

  1. cherry, cherry blossom


  • KangXi: not present, would follow page 526, character 21
  • Dai Kanwa Jiten: character 14796
  • Hanyu Da Zidian: not present, would follow volume 2, page 1207, character 5
  • Unihan data for U+685C


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(grade 5 “Kyōiku” kanjishinjitai kanji, kyūjitai form )

  1. a cherry tree
  2. a cherry blossom




cherry wood
cherry bark
cherry blossom pink
桜(桜肉 "cherry meat" (horsemeat)
cherry blossom coin
cherry blossom tea
Kintengu 03c.png Kintengu 03d.png Kintengu 03h.png
cherry blossom suit
Kanji in this term
Grade: 5

From Old Japanese.[1] Derived from verb 咲く ‎(saku, to bloom, to burst open) +‎ ‎(-ra), a nominalizing and pluralizing suffix.



‎(shinjitai kanji, kyūjitai kanji , hiragana さくら, katakana サクラ, romaji sakura)

  1. a cherry tree, more specifically the Japanese cherry, Prunus serrulata
  2. a cherry blossom
  3. cherry wood
  4. cherry bark
  5. short for 桜色 ‎(sakura iro, a pink color, the color of cherry blossoms)
  6. short for 桜重, 桜襲 ‎(sakuragasane, a layered style of wearing kimono with one layer in the sakura iro color)
  7. short for 桜肉 ‎(sakura niku, horsemeat), from the color
  8. alternate term for 天保一分銀 ‎(Tenpō ichibugin), a rectangular silver coin issued during the 天保 ‎(Tenpō) era (1830-1844), so called for its cherry blossom pattern; worth one-quarter of a ‎(ryō)
  9. in the Kansai region, a class of prostitute in the red-light district
  10. short for 桜湯 ‎(sakura yu, sakura tea)
  11. the suit of cards in a hanafuda deck that show the cherry blossom, representing the month of March
  12. the middle of the dorsal fin of a fish
  13. in theater during the Edo Period, a special box or balcony seat for a hired applauder, someone requested to cheer on the performers
  14. (slang) a shill, capper, or come-on working for a store, auction, or even a swindle, who is paid to attract customers or marks
  15. (slang) a slang or jargon word for ‎(mimi, ear)
  16. short for 佐倉炭 ‎(Sakura-zumi), a high-quality ‎(sumi, charcoal) made in 佐倉 ‎(Sakura, Chiba Prefecture), using as ateji for 佐倉


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Proper noun[edit]

‎(hiragana さくら, romaji Sakura)

  1. A female given name
  2. the name of various cities, districts, and other places around Japan
  3. a piece of ‎(koto) music, often entitled Sakura Sakura in English
  4. a piece of music played at the start of 平曲 ‎(Heikyoku) (a retelling of The Tale of the Heike with 琵琶 ‎(biwa) lute accompaniment)

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