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entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
na (with accusative) to, on, onto (with chan ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
на (with accusative) to, on, onto (with chan ... Serbian
nabijati (transitive) to force down into, cram, st ...
набијати (transitive) to force down into, cram, st ...
nabiti (transitive) to force down into, cram, st ...
набити (transitive) to force down into, cram, st ...
naboj cartridge (firearms)
набој cartridge (firearms)
nabolje to the better
набоље to the better
nabor crease Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
набор crease Serbian
nabusit surly, arrogant, gruff
набусит surly, arrogant, gruff
nacija nation Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
нација nation Serbian
nacionalizam nationalism Croatian
национализам nationalism
nacionalni national
национални national
nacizam Nazism
нацизам Nazism
nacrt sketch Croatian
нацрт sketch
nacrtati (transitive) to draw
нацртати (transitive) to draw
nad (with instrumental) over, above (with no ... Croatian
над (with instrumental) over, above (with no ...
nada hope Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
нада hope Serbian
nadaren talented, gifted
надарен talented, gifted
nadati (intransitive) to hope
надати (intransitive) to hope
nadesno to the right
надесно to the right
nadev stuffing (food) tag
надев stuffing (food)
nadimak nickname
надимак nickname
nadjev stuffing (food) tag
надјев stuffing (food)
nadlaktica upper arm, brachium
надлактица upper arm, brachium
nadležnost jurisdiction
надлежност jurisdiction
nadljudski superhuman
надљудски superhuman
nadmoć superiority, predominance
надмоћ superiority, predominance
nadmoćan superior (higher in quality, better, stronger ...
надмоћан superior (higher in quality, better, stronger ...
nadmoćno superiorly
надмоћно superiorly
nadnarednik (military, army, Croatian) staff sergeant tag
nadnica day wage, day pay
надница day wage, day pay
nadničar day laborer
надничар day laborer
nadoknada compensation (for damage)
надокнада compensation (for damage)
nadrealizam surrealism Croatian
надреализам surrealism
nadvladati (transitive) to overcome, overwhelm (oppo ...
надвладати (transitive) to overcome, overwhelm (oppo ...
nadvladavati (transitive) to overcome, overwhelm (oppo ...
надвладавати (transitive) to overcome, overwhelm (oppo ...
nadzirati (transitive) to oversee, supervise Croatian
надзирати (transitive) to oversee, supervise
nadzor supervision, oversight Croatian
надзор supervision, oversight
надћивети (transitive) to outlive
надћивјети (transitive) to outlive
надћивљавати (transitive) to outlive
nadživeti (transitive) to outlive tag
nadživjeti (transitive) to outlive tag
nadživljavati (transitive) to outlive
nafta (uncountable) oil, petroleum, naphtha Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
нафта (uncountable) oil, petroleum, naphtha Serbian
naftovod oil pipeline
нафтовод oil pipeline
nag naked Croatian
nagao hasty Croatian
нагао hasty
nagib incline, inclination, slope, slant Croatian
нагиб incline, inclination, slope, slant
naginjati (transitive, reflexive) to lean, bend
нагињати (transitive, reflexive) to lean, bend
naglasak accent, stress Croatian
нагласак accent, stress
naglasiti (transitive) to accent (in speech or writ ...
нагласити (transitive) to accent (in speech or writ ...
naglavačke headlong, headfirst Croatian
наглавачке headlong, headfirst
naglavce headlong, headfirst Croatian
наглавце headlong, headfirst
naglašavati (transitive) to accent (in speech or writ ...
наглашавати (transitive) to accent (in speech or writ ...
naglo suddenly
нагло suddenly
nagnuti (transitive, reflexive) to lean, bend
нагнути (transitive, reflexive) to lean, bend
nagon instinct Croatian
нагон instinct
nagovarati (transitive) to persuade, talk into
наговарати (transitive) to persuade, talk into
nagovor persuasion, pressing (act of)
наговор persuasion, pressing (act of)
nagovoriti (transitive) to persuade, talk into
наговорити (transitive) to persuade, talk into
nagrada prize
награда prize
nagraditi (transitive) to reward
наградити (transitive) to reward
nagrađivati (transitive) to reward
награђивати (transitive) to reward
nagristi (transitive) to bite away, eat away a bit ...
нагристи (transitive) to bite away, eat away a bit ...
nagrizati (transitive) to bite away, eat away a bit ...
нагризати (transitive) to bite away, eat away a bit ...
naime however, on the other hand (in order to remin ...
наиме however, on the other hand (in order to remin ...
naivan naive
наиван naive
najam rent, lease (price and act of)
најам rent, lease (price and act of)
najamnik mercenary
најамник mercenary
najamnina rent
најамнина rent
najava announcement
најава announcement
najaviti (transitive) to announce
најавити (transitive) to announce
najavljivati (transitive) to announce
најављивати (transitive) to announce
najednom suddenly, unexpectedly
наједном suddenly, unexpectedly
najzad finally, at the end Croatian
најзад finally, at the end
nakana intention, intent
накана intention, intent
nakaniti (intransitive, reflexive) to intend, have ...
наканити (intransitive, reflexive) to intend, have ...
nakanjivati (intransitive, reflexive) to intend, have ...
накањивати (intransitive, reflexive) to intend, have ...
nakaza freak, monster
наказа freak, monster
nakit (uncountable) jewelry Croatian
накит (uncountable) jewelry
naklanjati (transitive) to bend, bow (esp. head)
наклањати (transitive) to bend, bow (esp. head)
nakloniti (transitive) to bend, bow (esp. head) Croatian
наклонити (transitive) to bend, bow (esp. head)
naklonjen (with dative) inclined, disposed
наклоњен (with dative) inclined, disposed
naknada compensation
накнада compensation
nakon (with genitive) after Croatian
након (with genitive) after
nakositi (intransitive) to mow (certian quantity)
накосити (intransitive) to mow (certian quantity)
nakosivati (transitive) to slant
накосивати (transitive) to slant
nakot brood
накот brood
nakratko briefly, in brief (of process length)
накратко briefly, in brief (of process length)
nalaziti (transitive) to find, discover Croatian
налазити (transitive) to find, discover
nalaznik finder
налазник finder
nalevo to the left tag
налево to the left
nalijevo to the left tag
налијево to the left
nalik resembling
налик resembling
naljutiti (reflexive) to be mad at, become angry (+ ... Croatian
наљутити (reflexive) to be mad at, become angry (+ ...
nalog instruction, direction, orders
налог instruction, direction, orders
нам to us (clitic dative plural of (ја, ја̑, I))
нама to us (dative plural of (ја, ја̑, I))
namakati (transitive) to moisten, soak, dip
намакати (transitive) to moisten, soak, dip
namamiti (transitive) to lure, entice
намамити (transitive) to lure, entice
namamljivati (transitive) to lure, entice
намамљивати (transitive) to lure, entice
namaz (Islam) salat Bosnian
намаз (Islam) salat
namera intent, intention tag
намера intent, intention
nameran intentional, deliberate, intended, wilful tag
намеран intentional, deliberate, intended, wilful
namerno intentionally, deliberately tag
намерно intentionally, deliberately
namet tax, levy, excise
намет tax, levy, excise
nametljiv meddlesome, intrusive
наметљив meddlesome, intrusive
nameštaj (uncountable) furniture tag
намештај (uncountable) furniture
namjera intent, intention tag Croatian
намјера intent, intention
namjeran intentional, deliberate, intended, wilful tag
намјеран intentional, deliberate, intended, wilful
namjerno intentionally, deliberately tag
намјерно intentionally, deliberately
namještaj (uncountable) furniture tag Croatian
намјештај (uncountable) furniture
namnažati (transitive, reflexive) to breed, multiply ...
намнажати (transitive, reflexive) to breed, multiply ...
namnožavati (transitive, reflexive) to breed, multiply ...
намножавати (transitive, reflexive) to breed, multiply ...
namnožiti (transitive, reflexive) to breed, multiply ...
намножити (transitive, reflexive) to breed, multiply ...
namočiti (transitive) to moisten, soak, dip Croatian
намочити (transitive) to moisten, soak, dip
naokolo all around
наоколо all around
naopako upside down
наопако upside down
naopačke upside down Croatian
наопачке upside down
naoružanje (uncountable) arms, armaments (of an indi ...
наоружање (uncountable) arms, armaments (of an indi ...
napad attack, assault, aggression Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
напад attack, assault, aggression Serbian
napadati (transitive) to attack Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
нападати (transitive) to attack Serbian
napadač attacker
нападач attacker
napadačica attacker
нападачица attacker
napasti (transitive) to attack, assault Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
напасти (transitive) to attack, assault Serbian
napet tight, taut
напет tight, taut
napeti (transitive, reflexive) to tighten, tense, ...
напети (transitive, reflexive) to tighten, tense, ...
napeto tensely, tautly, tightly
напето tensely, tautly, tightly
napijati (transitive) to make drunk, intoxicate Croatian
напијати (transitive) to make drunk, intoxicate
napinjati (transitive, reflexive) to tighten, tense, ...
напињати (transitive, reflexive) to tighten, tense, ...
napiti (transitive) to make drunk, intoxicate Croatian
напити (transitive) to make drunk, intoxicate
napolje outside
напоље outside
napolju outdoors, outside (answering the question {{i ...
напољу outdoors, outside (answering the question {{i ...
napon tension
напон tension
napor effort (the amount of work involved in achiev ... Croatian
напор effort (the amount of work involved in achiev ...
naporan strenuous, tiring, hard
напоран strenuous, tiring, hard
naporno strenuously, arduously, laboriously, hard
напорно strenuously, arduously, laboriously, hard
naprava device, gadget, appliance Croatian
направа device, gadget, appliance
napraviti (transitive) to do, commit Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
направити (transitive) to do, commit Serbian
napred forward tag
напред forward
napredak progress Croatian
напредак progress
napredan advanced, progressive Croatian
напредан advanced, progressive
напредовање advancement, progress
napredovati (intransitive) to make progress, progress ... Croatian
напредовати (intransitive) to make progress, progress ...
naprijed forward tag
напријед forward
napričati (transitive) to tell doubtful stories
напричати (transitive) to tell doubtful stories
naprosto simply
напросто simply
naprtnjača knapsack Croatian
напртњача knapsack
napuniti (transitive) to fill
напунити (transitive) to fill
napustiti (transitive) to abandon, desert
напустити (transitive) to abandon, desert
napuštati (transitive) to abandon, desert
напуштати (transitive) to abandon, desert
nar pomegranate
нар pomegranate Serbian
naracija narration
нарација narration
narandža (Bosnian, Serbian) orange tag Bosnian,Serbian
наранџа (Bosnian, Serbian) orange tag Serbian
narandžast orange (in color)
наранџаст orange (in color)
naranča (Croatian) orange tag Croatian
narančast orange (in color)
наранчаст orange (in color)
narativan narrative
наративан narrative
narav nature, character (moral or ethical traits) Croatian
нарав nature, character (moral or ethical traits)
naravno of course Croatian
наравно of course
naraštaj generation Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
нараштај generation Serbian
narcis daffodil Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
нарцис daffodil Serbian
naredba order, command Croatian
наредба order, command
naredi (third-person singular of, narediti)
narediti to order Croatian
naredni following, next
наредни following, next
narednik (military, army, Bosnian, Croatian) sergeant tag
narečje dialect tag
наречје dialect
narječje dialect tag Croatian
нарјечје dialect
narkoman drug addict, junkie Croatian,Serbian
наркоман drug addict, junkie
narkomanka junkie, drug addict Croatian
наркоманка junkie, drug addict
narkotik narcotic
наркотик narcotic
narod people Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
народ people Serbian
naročito particularly, especially Croatian
нарочито particularly, especially
narudžba order (request for some product or service)
наруџба order (request for some product or service)
narukvica bracelet
наруквица bracelet
naručiti (transitive) to order (request some produ ...
наручити (transitive) to order (request some produ ...
naručivati (transitive) to order (request some produ ...
наручивати (transitive) to order (request some produ ...
naručje bosom Bosnian,Serbian
наручје bosom Serbian
нас of us (genitive plural of (ја, ја̑, I))
nasamariti (transitive) to deceive, cheat
насамарити (transitive) to deceive, cheat
nasamarivati (transitive) to deceive, cheat
насамаривати (transitive) to deceive, cheat
naseliti (transitive) to settle, populate (an area)
населити (transitive) to settle, populate (an area)
naseljavati (transitive) to settle, populate (an area)
насељавати (transitive) to settle, populate (an area)
naselje settlement
насеље settlement
naseljen populated, peopled, settled
насељен populated, peopled, settled
naseljenica settler, colonist, immigrant
насељеница settler, colonist, immigrant
naseljenik settler, colonist, immigrant
насељеник settler, colonist, immigrant
naseljenički of or pertainign to settlement or settlers'
насељенички of or pertainign to settlement or settlers'
nasilan violent Croatian
насилан violent
nasilje violence Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
насиље violence Serbian
nasilnik bully
насилник bully
nasilno violently
насилно violently
насип dam
nasledan hereditary tag
наследан hereditary
naslednica heiress, inheritress tag
наследница heiress, inheritress
naslednik heir, inheritor tag
наследник heir, inheritor
nasleđe heritage tag
наслеђе heritage
насљедан hereditary
насљедница heiress, inheritress
насљедник heir, inheritor
nasljeđe heritage tag Croatian
насљеђе heritage
наслоњач armchair
naslov title, heading
наслов title, heading
nasrnuti (intransitive) to attack
насрнути (intransitive) to attack
nasrtati (intransitive) to attack
насртати (intransitive) to attack
nastajati (intransitive) to emerge, arise, develop Croatian
настајати (intransitive) to emerge, arise, develop
nastanak emergence, inception, beginning
настанак emergence, inception, beginning
nastaniti (transitive, reflexive) to settle (down), ...
настанити (transitive, reflexive) to settle (down), ...
nastanjivati (transitive, reflexive) to settle (down), ...
настањивати (transitive, reflexive) to settle (down), ...
nastati (intransitive) to emerge, arise, develop Croatian
настати (intransitive) to emerge, arise, develop
nastava teaching (in educational institutions)
настава teaching (in educational institutions)
nastavak (grammar) ending Croatian
наставак (grammar) ending
nastaviti (ambitransitive) to continue
наставити (ambitransitive) to continue
nastavljati (ambitransitive) to continue
настављати (ambitransitive) to continue
nastavnica teacher (usually in primary school and high s ... Croatian
наставница teacher (usually in primary school and high s ...
nastavnik a teacher (usually in primary school or high ... Croatian
наставник a teacher (usually in primary school or high ...
nastojati (intransitive) to strive, try
настојати (intransitive) to strive, try
nastran odd, eccentric
настран odd, eccentric
nastrano oddly, queerly, abnormally
настрано oddly, queerly, abnormally
nastranost oddity, eccentricity
настраност oddity, eccentricity
nastup onset (of army, disease, feelings etc.)
наступ onset (of army, disease, feelings etc.)
nastupati (intransitive) to begin
наступати (intransitive) to begin
nastupiti (intransitive) to begin
наступити (intransitive) to begin
natecanje competition tag
натецање competition
natenane leisurely, slowly
натенане leisurely, slowly
natečaj contest, competition tag
натечај contest, competition
natjecanje competition tag
натјецање competition
natječaj contest, competition tag
натјечај contest, competition
natkriliti (transitive) to roof, cover
наткрилити (transitive) to roof, cover
natkriljivati (transitive) to roof, cover
наткриљивати (transitive) to roof, cover
natpis inscription, caption or any kind of public te ...
натпис inscription, caption or any kind of public te ...
natrag back, backwards
натраг back, backwards
natraške backwards, aback
натрашке backwards, aback
nauditi (transitive) to harm
наудити (transitive) to harm
nauka science tag Bosnian,Serbian
наука science tag Serbian
naum intention
наум intention
naumiti (intransitive) to intend, plan
наумити (intransitive) to intend, plan
naučiti (transitive, reflexive) to teach, train, l ...
научити (transitive, reflexive) to teach, train, l ...
naušnica earring
наушница earring
navaliti (intransitive) to swarm, rush, throng
навалити (intransitive) to swarm, rush, throng
navaljivati (intransitive) to swarm, rush, throng
наваљивати (intransitive) to swarm, rush, throng
navijač fan (in sports) Croatian
навијач fan (in sports)
navika habit, practice Croatian
навика habit, practice
navikavati (transitive) to accustom, habituate
навикавати (transitive) to accustom, habituate
naviknuti (transitive) to accustom, habituate Croatian
навикнути (transitive) to accustom, habituate
navići Alternative infinitive of {{i|naviknuti|nàvik ... Croatian
навићи Alternative infinitive of {{i|навикнути|на̀ви ...
navlažiti (transitive) to moisten
навлажити (transitive) to moisten
navod quotation
навод quotation
navodno allegedly, reportedly
наводно allegedly, reportedly
navrat time, instance of doing sth, esp. in phrase:
наврат time, instance of doing sth, esp. in phrase:
nazad back, backwards
назад back, backwards
nazdraviti (intransitive) to toast, drink a toast (+ ...
наздравити (intransitive) to toast, drink a toast (+ ...
nazdravljati (intransitive) to toast, drink a toast (+ ...
наздрављати (intransitive) to toast, drink a toast (+ ...
naziv title, name, appellation
назив title, name, appellation
nazivati (transitive, reflexive) to name tag
називати (transitive, reflexive) to name tag
nazvati (transitive, reflexive) to name tag
назвати (transitive, reflexive) to name tag
naći (transitive) to find, discover Croatian
наћи (transitive) to find, discover
načelnik chief Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
начелник chief Serbian
načelo principle Croatian
начело principle
начин way, method, approach, manner
načiniti (transitive) to make, do, produce Croatian
начинити (transitive) to make, do, produce
naš our, ours
наш our, ours
nažalost unfortunately Croatian
нажалост unfortunately
ne not (denoting negation) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
не not (denoting negation) Serbian
neadekvatan inadequate Croatian
неадекватан inadequate
neaktivan inactive
неактиван inactive
nebeski celestial, heavenly (relating to the heaven ...
небески celestial, heavenly (relating to the heaven ...
nebitan unimportant, insignificant
небитан unimportant, insignificant
nebitnost unessentiality
небитност unessentiality
nebo sky Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
небо sky Serbian
neboder skyscraper Croatian
небодер skyscraper
nebrojen unnumbered, uncounted
небројен unnumbered, uncounted
nebrojeno innumerably
небројено innumerably
nebulozan nebulous, vague
небулозан nebulous, vague
nedaleko not far
недалеко not far
недавно recently
nedelja Sunday tag Bosnian,Serbian
недеља Sunday Serbian
nedeljiv indivisible tag
недељив indivisible
nedeljni of, pertaining to or occurring at Sunday tag
недељни of, pertaining to or occurring at Sunday
nedjelja Sunday tag Bosnian,Croatian
недјеља Sunday
nedjeljiv indivisible tag
недјељив indivisible
nedjeljni of, pertaining to or occurring at Sunday tag Croatian
недјељни of, pertaining to or occurring at Sunday
nedokaziv unprovable
недоказив unprovable
nedopustiv impermissible, unallowable
недопустив impermissible, unallowable
nedopustivo impermissibly
недопустиво impermissibly
nedosledan inconsistent, inconsequent tag
недоследан inconsistent, inconsequent
nedosljedan inconsistent, inconsequent tag
недосљедан inconsistent, inconsequent
nedostajati (intransitive) to be missing (of persons)
недостајати (intransitive) to be missing (of persons)
nedostajući missing
недостајући missing
nedostatak shortage
недостатак shortage
nedostižan unreachable, inaccessible, unattainable
недостижан unreachable, inaccessible, unattainable
nedruštven unsocial, unsociable
недруштвен unsocial, unsociable
nedužan innocent (bearing no responsibility for a crime) Croatian
недужан innocent (bearing no responsibility for a crime)
nedužno innocently
недужно innocently
neefikasan ineffective
неефикасан ineffective
nega care, nursing tag
нега care, nursing
negacija negation
негација negation
negativac villain
негативац villain
negativan negative
негативан negative
negativnost negativity
негативност negativity
negator negator, denier
негатор negator, denier
negde somewhere tag Serbian
негде somewhere Serbian
negdje somewhere tag Croatian
негдје somewhere
negirati (transitive) to negate, deny
негирати (transitive) to negate, deny
nego (with nominative) than (in comparisons, f ...
него (with nominative) than (in comparisons, f ...
negodovati (intransitive) to complain, protest
негодовати (intransitive) to complain, protest
negostoljubiv inhospitable
негостољубив inhospitable
negostoljubivost (uncountable) inhospitality
негостољубивост (uncountable) inhospitality
negve (plurale tantum) gyves (shackles for legs)
негве (plurale tantum) gyves (shackles for legs)
negđe somewhere tag
nehotice inadvertently, accidentally
нехотице inadvertently, accidentally
nehotičan inadvertent, accidental
нехотичан inadvertent, accidental
nehuman inhumane
нехуман inhumane
nehumanost (uncountable) inhumanity
нехуманост (uncountable) inhumanity
neimar architect
неимар architect
neiscrpan inexhaustible
неисцрпан inexhaustible
neiscrpiv inexhaustible
неисцрпив inexhaustible
neiscrpljiv inexhaustible
неисцрпљив inexhaustible
neiskren insincere, deceitful
неискрен insincere, deceitful
neiskreno insincerely
неискрено insincerely
neiskrenost (uncountable) insincerity
неискреност (uncountable) insincerity
neiskusan inexperienced Croatian
неискусан inexperienced
neistina untruth, falsehood
неистина untruth, falsehood
neistinit untrue, false Croatian
неистинит untrue, false
neizbežan inevitable, unavoidable tag
неизбежан inevitable, unavoidable
neizbežno unavoidably, inevitably tag
неизбежно unavoidably, inevitably
neizbježan inevitable, unavoidable tag
неизбјежан inevitable, unavoidable
neizbježno unavoidably, inevitably tag Croatian
неизбјежно unavoidably, inevitably
neizbrisiv indelible Bosnian,Serbian
неизбрисив indelible Serbian
neizlečiv incurable tag
неизлечив incurable
neizlečivost (uncountable) incurability tag
неизлечивост (uncountable) incurability
neizlječiv incurable tag
неизљечив incurable
neizlječivost (uncountable) incurability tag
неизљечивост (uncountable) incurability
nejasan vague, unclear, indistinct
нејасан vague, unclear, indistinct
nejasno vaguely, unclearly
нејасно vaguely, unclearly
nejasnoća vagueness
нејасноћа vagueness
nejestiv inedible
нејестив inedible
nekad once, in former times Croatian
некад once, in former times
nekada once, in former times Croatian
некада once, in former times
nekadašnji former (from previous times)
некадашњи former (from previous times)
nekako somehow Croatian
некако somehow
nekamo somewhere Croatian
некамо somewhere
nekažnjen unpunished
некажњен unpunished
nekažnjiv unpunishable
некажњив unpunishable
nekim neko| ...
неким неко ...
neko someone, somebody tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
неко someone, somebody tag Serbian
nekog genitive of (netko, nȅtko) / (neko, nȅko)
неког неко|не̏ ...
nekoga genitive of (netko, nȅtko) / (neko, nȅko)
некога неко|не̏ ...
nekoliko (with genitive) some, several, a few Croatian
неколико (with genitive) some, several, a few
nekom dative of (netko, nȅtko) / (neko, nȅko)
неком dative of (нетко, не̏тко) / (неко, не̏ко)
nekome dative of (netko, nȅtko) / (neko, nȅko)
некоме dative of (нетко, не̏тко) / (неко, не̏ко)
nekomercijalan non-profit, uncommercial
некомерцијалан non-profit, uncommercial
nekomu dative of (netko, nȅtko) / (neko, nȅko)
некому dative of (нетко, не̏тко) / (неко, не̏ко)
nekretnina real estate
некретнина real estate
nekritičan uncritical
некритичан uncritical
nekritično uncritically
некритично uncritically
nekrolog obituary {{i|biography of a recently deceased ...
некролог obituary {{i|biography of a recently deceased ...
nekrst (archaic) non-Christian
некрст (archaic) non-Christian
nektar nectar Bosnian,Serbian
нектар nectar Serbian
nekud somewhere Croatian
некуд somewhere
nekuda somewhere Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
некуда somewhere Serbian
nekvalitetan low-quality
неквалитетан low-quality
nelagoda uncomfortableness, discomfort, uneasiness
нелагода uncomfortableness, discomfort, uneasiness
nelagodan uncomfortable, uneasy, awkward
нелагодан uncomfortable, uneasy, awkward
nelagodno uncomfortably, uneasily, awkwardly
нелагодно uncomfortably, uneasily, awkwardly
nelegalan illegal
нелегалан illegal
neljudski inhuman
нељудски inhuman
nelomljiv unbreakable
неломљив unbreakable
Nemac German (person) tag Croatian,Serbian
Немац German (person) Serbian
nemar negligence Croatian
немар negligence
nemaran negligent, indolent Croatian
немаран negligent, indolent
nemarno carelessly Croatian
немарно carelessly
nemati (transitive) not to have tag
немати (transitive) not to have
Nemačka Germany tag Serbian
Немачка Germany Serbian
nemački German tag Serbian
nemački ovčar German Shepherd tag
немачки овчар German Shepherd
немачки German Serbian
Nemica German (German person) tag
Немица German (German person)
nemilosrdan pitiless, heartless
немилосрдан pitiless, heartless
nemilosrdno heartlessly, mercilessly, cruelly
немилосрдно heartlessly, mercilessly, cruelly
neminovan inevitable
неминован inevitable
neminovno inevitably
неминовно inevitably
nemio unpleasant, disagreeable
немио unpleasant, disagreeable
nemir disquiet, agitation, unrest, restlessness Croatian
немир disquiet, agitation, unrest, restlessness
nemiran disquiet
немиран disquiet
nemoguć impossible Croatian
немогућ impossible
nemoguće impossibly Croatian
немогуће impossibly
nemoral immorality
неморал immorality
nemoralan immoral
неморалан immoral
nemoralno immorally
неморално immorally
nemoć weakness, feebleness, faintness Croatian
немоћ weakness, feebleness, faintness
nemoćan feeble, infirm, week
немоћан feeble, infirm, week
nenadan sudden, unexpected Croatian
ненадан sudden, unexpected
nenadano suddenly, unexpectedly Croatian
ненадано suddenly, unexpectedly
nenavideti (transitive) to hate tag
ненавидети (transitive) to hate
nenavidjeti (transitive) to hate tag Croatian
ненавидјети (transitive) to hate
nenormalan abnormal (not normal)
ненормалан abnormal (not normal)
neobičan unusual, strange, odd Bosnian,Serbian
необичан unusual, strange, odd Serbian
neobično unusually, strangely, oddly
необично unusually, strangely, oddly
neobjektivan nonobjective, biased
необјективан nonobjective, biased
neobjektivno unobjectively
необјективно unobjectively
neobjektivnost (uncountable) lack of being objective; su ...
необјективност (uncountable) lack of being objective; su ...
neobrazovan uneducated
необразован uneducated
neobuzdan ungovernable, unrestrained
необуздан ungovernable, unrestrained
neodgovoran irresponsible
неодговоран irresponsible
neodgovorno irresponsibly
неодговорно irresponsibly
neodgovornost (uncountable) irresponsibility
неодговорност (uncountable) irresponsibility
neodlučan indecisive
неодлучан indecisive
neodlučno indecisively
неодлучно indecisively
neodoljiv irresistible
неодољив irresistible
neodređen indefinite, undetermined
неодређен indefinite, undetermined
neodređeno indefinitely
неодређено indefinitely
neopoziv irrevocable, unalterable
неопозив irrevocable, unalterable
neopozivo irrevocably, unalterably
неопозиво irrevocably, unalterably
neopravdan unjustified, unwarranted
неоправдан unjustified, unwarranted
neopravdano unjustifiably, unwarrantedly
неоправдано unjustifiably, unwarrantedly
neoprostiv unforgivable
неопростив unforgivable
neorganski inorganic
неоргански inorganic
neosvojiv unconquerable, impregnable
неосвојив unconquerable, impregnable
neotesan coarse, crude, rough (esp. of behaviour/tempe ...
неотесан coarse, crude, rough (esp. of behaviour/tempe ...
неовисан independent, autonomous
neočekivano unexpectedly
неочекивано unexpectedly
neoženjen unmarried (said of a man) Bosnian,Serbian
неожењен unmarried (said of a man) Serbian
Nepal Nepal Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Непал Nepal Serbian
Nepalac Nepali, Nepalese (person)
Непалац Nepali, Nepalese (person)
nepalski Nepali / Nepalese
непалски Nepali / Nepalese
neparan (arithmetic) odd Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
непаран (arithmetic) odd Serbian
nepce palate Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
непце palate Serbian
nepisan unwritten Croatian
неписан unwritten
nepismen illiterate
неписмен illiterate
nepismeno illiterately
неписмено illiterately
nepismenost (uncountable) illiteracy Croatian
неписменост (uncountable) illiteracy
neplodan unfertile, unfruitful
неплодан unfertile, unfruitful
neplodno fruitlessly, unfruitfully
неплодно fruitlessly, unfruitfully
neplodnost (uncountable) fruitlessness, unfruitfulness
неплодност (uncountable) fruitlessness, unfruitfulness
nepopustljiv unyielding
непопустљив unyielding
nepopustljivo unyieldingly
непопустљиво unyieldingly
neposredan direct, immediate Croatian
непосредан direct, immediate
neposredno directly, immediately Croatian
непосредно directly, immediately
nepostojan unstable, changeable
непостојан unstable, changeable
nepostojanje (uncountable) absence, nonexistence
непостојање (uncountable) absence, nonexistence
nepostojano unstably, unsteadily
непостојано unstably, unsteadily
nepotreban unnecessary
непотребан unnecessary
nepotrebno unnecessarily
непотребно unnecessarily
непоуздан unreliable
nepouzdano unreliably
непоуздано unreliably
nepouzdanost (uncountable) unreliability
непоузданост (uncountable) unreliability
nepoverljiv distrustful, suspicious tag
неповерљив distrustful, suspicious
nepovjerljiv distrustful, suspicious tag
неповјерљив distrustful, suspicious
непожељан undesirable, unwelcome
nepraktičan impractical
непрактичан impractical
nepraktično impractically
непрактично impractically
nepraktičnost (uncountable) impracticality
непрактичност (uncountable) impracticality
nepravda injustice Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
неправда injustice Serbian
nepredvidljiv unpredictable
непредвидљив unpredictable
nepredvidljivo unpredictably
непредвидљиво unpredictably
nepredvidljivost (uncountable) unpredictability
непредвидљивост (uncountable) unpredictability
neprekidan uninterrupted, constant, continuous
непрекидан uninterrupted, constant, continuous
neprekidno constantly, continuously, uninterruptedly
непрекидно constantly, continuously, uninterruptedly
neprepoznatljiv unrecognizable, unidentifiable
непрепознатљив unrecognizable, unidentifiable
neprestan continuous, uninterrupted
непрестан continuous, uninterrupted
neprestano constantly, continuously
непрестано constantly, continuously
neprijatelj enemy Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
непријатељ enemy Serbian
neprijateljica woman enemy/opponent
непријатељица woman enemy/opponent
neprijateljski hostile, enemy, unfriendly
непријатељски hostile, enemy, unfriendly
neprijateljstvo enmity, hostility, animosity
непријатељство enmity, hostility, animosity
neprikladan inappropriate, unsuitable, inconvenient Croatian
неприкладан inappropriate, unsuitable, inconvenient
neprilika trouble, difficulty (unpleasant event in gene ... Croatian
неприлика trouble, difficulty (unpleasant event in gene ...
neprirodan unnatural, abnormal, anomalous Croatian
неприродан unnatural, abnormal, anomalous
neprirodno unnaturally
неприродно unnaturally
neprirodnost (uncountable) unnaturalness
неприродност (uncountable) unnaturalness
nepristojan impolite, uncivil, rude
непристојан impolite, uncivil, rude
nepristojno impolitely, uncivilly, rudely
непристојно impolitely, uncivilly, rudely
nepristojnost (uncountable) impoliteness, impropriety, ...
непристојност (uncountable) impoliteness, impropriety, ...
neprobojan impenetrable
непробојан impenetrable
nepromišljen thoughtless, hasty, reckless Croatian
непромишљен thoughtless, hasty, reckless
nepromišljeno thoughtlessly, recklessly
непромишљено thoughtlessly, recklessly
nepromišljenost (uncountable) thoughtlessness, rashness,
непромишљеност (uncountable) thoughtlessness, rashness,
Neptun Neptune (planet, Roman god) Bosnian,Serbian
Нептун Neptune (planet, Roman god) Serbian
nerazuman unreasonable, irrational Croatian
неразуман unreasonable, irrational
nerazumljiv incomprehensible Croatian
неразумљив incomprehensible
nerazvijen undeveloped
неразвијен undeveloped
nerešiv insolvable, insoluble tag
нерешив insolvable, insoluble
nerješiv insolvable, insoluble tag
нерјешив insolvable, insoluble
nervirati (transitive, reflexive) to get on somebody ...
нервирати (transitive, reflexive) to get on somebody ...
nesavitljiv inflexible, not elastic
несавитљив inflexible, not elastic
nesavladiv insurmountable, invincible
несавладив insurmountable, invincible
nesebičan unselfish
несебичан unselfish
nesebičnost (uncountable) unselfishness
несебичност (uncountable) unselfishness
nesiguran unsure
несигуран unsure
nesigurno unsurely
несигурно unsurely
neskroman immodest Croatian
нескроман immodest
neskromno immodestly
нескромно immodestly
neskromnost (uncountable) immodesty Croatian
нескромност (uncountable) immodesty
neslavan unfamous
неславан unfamous
neslobodan unfree
неслободан unfree
nesloga discord
неслога discord
nespreman unready, unprepared
неспреман unready, unprepared
nespremno unreadily, unpreparedly
неспремно unreadily, unpreparedly
nesputan unshackled, unbound, unrestrained
неспутан unshackled, unbound, unrestrained
nesretan unhappy tag
несретан unhappy tag
nesreća accident
несрећа accident
nestabilan unstable
нестабилан unstable
nestabilnost instability
нестабилност instability
nestajati (intransitive) to disappear, vanish Croatian
нестајати (intransitive) to disappear, vanish
nestati (intransitive) to disappear, vanish Croatian
нестати (intransitive) to disappear, vanish
nesti (transitive) to lay eggs Croatian
нести (transitive) to lay eggs
nestrpljiv impatient Croatian
нестрпљив impatient
nestrpljivo impatiently Croatian,Serbian
нестрпљиво impatiently
nestvaran unreal
нестваран unreal
nesumnjiv doubtless, undoubted, unquestionable Croatian
несумњив doubtless, certain
nesumnjivo undoubtedly
несумњиво undoubtedly
nesvesno unconsciously, subconsciously tag
несвесно unconsciously, subconsciously
nesvest (uncountable) unconsciousness, faint tag
несвест (uncountable) unconsciousness, faint
nesvestan unconscious (not aware) tag
несвестан unconscious (not aware)
nesvestica (uncountable) unconsciousness, faint, swoon tag
несвестица (uncountable) unconsciousness, faint, swoon
nesvijest (uncountable) unconsciousness, faint tag Croatian
несвијест (uncountable) unconsciousness, faint
nesvjesno unconsciously, subconsciously tag
несвјесно unconsciously, subconsciously
nesvjestan unconscious (not aware) tag
несвјестан unconscious (not aware)
nesvjestica (uncountable) unconsciousness, faint, swoon tag
несвјестица (uncountable) unconsciousness, faint, swoon
nesvršeni unfinished, incomplete
несвршени unfinished, incomplete
netko someone, somebody Croatian
нетко someone, somebody
netopir bat (small flying mammal)
нетопир bat (small flying mammal)
netremice literally "without blinking": fixedly, very c ...
нетремице literally "without blinking": fixedly, very c ...
neudat unmarried (said of a woman)
неудат unmarried (said of a woman)
neugledan insignificant (lacking importance or prominence)
неугледан insignificant (lacking importance or prominence)
neuk ignorant, uneducated, unschooled Croatian
неук ignorant, uneducated, unschooled
neukost (uncountable) ignorance
неукост (uncountable) ignorance
neukrotiv untamable, ungovernable
неукротив untamable, ungovernable
neukusan tasteless
неукусан tasteless
neukusno tastelessly
неукусно tastelessly
neumeren intemperate, immoderate, excessive tag
неумерен intemperate, immoderate, excessive
neumereno intemperately, immoderately, excessively tag
неумерено intemperately, immoderately, excessively
neumerenost (uncountable) intemperance, immoderatenes ... tag
неумереност (uncountable) intemperance, immoderatenes ...
neumitan inevitable, inexorable
неумитан inevitable, inexorable
neumjeren intemperate, immoderate, excessive tag
неумјерен intemperate, immoderate, excessive
neumjereno intemperately, immoderately, excessively tag
неумјерено intemperately, immoderately, excessively
neumjerenost (uncountable) intemperance, immoderatenes ... tag
неумјереност (uncountable) intemperance, immoderatenes ...
neumoran tireless
неуморан tireless
neumorno tirelessly
неуморно tirelessly
neuništiv indestructible
неуништив indestructible
neuništivost (uncountable) indestructibility
неуништивост (uncountable) indestructibility
neuobičajen unusual
неуобичајен unusual
neuobičajeno unusually
неуобичајено unusually
neupadljiv inconspicuous, unobtrusive
неупадљив inconspicuous, unobtrusive
neupadljivo inconspicuously, unobtrusively
неупадљиво inconspicuously, unobtrusively
neuravnotežen unbalanced, unstable Croatian
неуравнотежен unbalanced, unstable
neuspešan unsuccessful tag
неуспешан unsuccessful
neuspešno unsuccessfully tag
неуспешно unsuccessfully
neuspješan unsuccessful tag Croatian
неуспјешан unsuccessful
neuspješno unsuccessfully tag
неуспјешно unsuccessfully
neustrašiv fearless, brave Croatian
неустрашив fearless, brave
neustrašivo fearlessly, bravely Croatian
неустрашиво fearlessly, bravely
neustrašivost (uncountable) fearlessness, bravery Croatian
неустрашивост (uncountable) fearlessness, bravery
neutralan neutral
неутралан neutral
neutralizirati (transitive) to neutralize tag
неутрализирати (transitive) to neutralize tag
neutralnost neutrality Bosnian,Serbian
неутралност neutrality Serbian
neutron (physics) neutron Croatian
неутрон (physics) neutron
nevera treachery tag
невера treachery
neveran faithless, disloyal, unfaithful tag
неверан faithless, disloyal, unfaithful
neverica disbelief, incredulity, doubt tag
неверица disbelief, incredulity, doubt
nevernica infidel, unbeliever tag
неверница infidel, unbeliever
nevernik infidel, unbeliever tag
неверник infidel, unbeliever
nevernički disloyal, unfaithful tag
невернички disloyal, unfaithful
neverno unfaithfully, disloyally tag
неверно unfaithfully, disloyally
nevesta bride tag Serbian
невеста bride Serbian
nevidljiv invisible Croatian
невидљив invisible
nevjera treachery tag
невјера treachery
nevjeran faithless, disloyal, unfaithful tag
невјеран faithless, disloyal, unfaithful
nevjerica disbelief, incredulity, doubt tag
невјерица disbelief, incredulity, doubt
nevjernica infidel, unbeliever tag Croatian
невјерница infidel, unbeliever
nevjernik infidel, unbeliever tag Croatian
невјерник infidel, unbeliever
nevjernički disloyal, unfaithful tag
невјернички disloyal, unfaithful
nevjerno unfaithfully, disloyally tag
невјерно unfaithfully, disloyally
nevjesta bride tag Bosnian Croatian
невјеста bride
nevolja trouble, misfortune Croatian
невоља trouble, misfortune
nezaboravan memorable, unforgettable
незабораван memorable, unforgettable
nezadovoljan dissatisfied
незадовољан dissatisfied
nezadovoljno with displeasure
незадовољно with displeasure
nezadovoljstvo displeasure, discontentment
незадовољство displeasure, discontentment
nezahvalan ungrateful, unthankful
незахвалан ungrateful, unthankful
nezahvalnica ungrateful person
незахвалница ungrateful person
nezahvalnik ungrateful person
незахвалник ungrateful person
nezahvalno ungratefully
незахвално ungratefully
nezahvalnost (uncountable) ingratitude, thanklessness
незахвалност (uncountable) ingratitude, thanklessness
nezakonit illegal, unlawful
незаконит illegal, unlawful
nezakonito illegally, unlawfully
незаконито illegally, unlawfully
nezamisliv inconceivable, unthinkable, unimaginable
незамислив inconceivable, unthinkable, unimaginable
nezamislivo inconceivably, unimaginably, unthinkably
незамисливо inconceivably, unimaginably, unthinkably
независан independent
nezavisno independently
независно independently
nezdrav unhealthy
нездрав unhealthy
nezdravo unhealthily
нездраво unhealthily
nezgoda trouble
незгода trouble
neznatan insignificant
незнатан insignificant
neznatno insignificantly
незнатно insignificantly
nezrelost immaturity
незрелост immaturity
nezreo unripe
незрео unripe
nečeg genitive of (nešto, nȅšto)
нечег genitive of (нешто, не̏што)
nečega genitive of (nešto, nȅšto)
нечега genitive of (нешто, не̏што)
nečem dative of (nešto, nȅšto)
нечем dative of (нешто, не̏што)
nečemu dative of (nešto, nȅšto)
нечему dative of (нешто, не̏што)
nečiji somebody's
нечији somebody's
nečim instrumental of (nešto, nȅšto)
нечим instrumental of (нешто, не̏што)
nečist impure, unclean Croatian
нечист impure, unclean
nečistoća dirt, filth
нечистоћа dirt, filth
nečovečan inhuman, pitiless, merciless, brutal tag Croatian,Serbian
нечовечан inhuman, pitiless, merciless, brutal
nečovečnost (uncountable) inhumanity, barbarity, brut ... tag
нечовечност (uncountable) inhumanity, barbarity, brut ...
nečovječan inhuman, pitiless, merciless, brutal tag
нечовјечан inhuman, pitiless, merciless, brutal
nečovječnost (uncountable) inhumanity, barbarity, brut ... tag
нечовјечност (uncountable) inhumanity, barbarity, brut ...
nečujan inaudible
нечујан inaudible
neđe somewhere tag
neđelja (regional, colloquial) Sunday tag
neškodljiv harmless
нешкодљив harmless
nešto something Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
нешто something
nežan tender, delicate, soft tag
нежан tender, delicate, soft
neženja bachelor Bosnian,Serbian
нежења bachelor Serbian
nežno gently, tenderly, softly tag
нежно gently, tenderly, softly
nežnost (uncountable) tenderness, softness, delicacy tag
нежност (uncountable) tenderness, softness, delicacy
ni (emphasizes negation) even, either Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ни (emphasizes negation) even, either Serbian
nicati (intransitive) to sprout, shoot up
ницати (intransitive) to sprout, shoot up
nigde nowhere tag Serbian
нигде nowhere Serbian
nigdje nowhere tag Croatian
нигдје nowhere
Niger Niger (country, river) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Нигер Niger (country, river) Serbian
Nigerija Nigeria Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Нигерија Nigeria Serbian
Nigerijac Nigerian (person)
Нигеријац Nigerian (person)
nigerijski Nigerian
нигеријски Nigerian
nigđe (regional, colloquial) nowhere tag
nijansa nuance, shade
нијанса nuance, shade
Nijemac German (person) tag Croatian
Нијемац German (person)
Nika (Greek mythology) Nike Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Ника (Greek mythology) Nike Serbian
nikad never Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
никад never Serbian
nikada never Croatian
никада never
nikako In no way Croatian
Nikaragva Nicaragua
Никарагва Nicaragua
Nikaragvanac Nicaraguan (person)
Никарагванац Nicaraguan (person)
nikaragvanski Nicaraguan
никарагвански Nicaraguan
niknuti (intransitive) to sprout, shoot up
никнути (intransitive) to sprout, shoot up
niko no one, nobody tag
нико no one, nobody tag
Nikola (given name, male), cognate to Nicholas Croatian,Serbian
Никола (given name, male), cognate to Nicholas
nimalo not a bit
нимало not a bit
nimfa (mythology) nymph
нимфа (mythology) nymph
nindža ninja Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
нинџа ninja Serbian
nisko low, lowly
ниско low, lowly
nit thread Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
нит thread Serbian
нитко no one, nobody
nivo level
ниво level
niz down Croatian
низ down
nizak low Croatian
низак low
nizati (transitive) to string
низати (transitive) to string
nizbrdo downhill
низбрдо downhill
nizina lowland
низина lowland
nizinski pertaining to lowlands; low-lying, lowlands-
низински pertaining to lowlands; low-lying, lowlands-
nizozemski (Croatian) Dutch tag Croatian
nići Alternative infinitive of (niknuti, nȉknuti).
нићи Alternative infinitive of {{i|никнути|ни̏кнут ...
ničiji no one's, nobody's
ничији no one's, nobody's
niđe (regional, colloquial) nowhere tag
nišan target Bosnian,Serbian
нишан target Serbian
ništa nothing Croatian
ништа nothing
nobelovac Nobel Prize recipient
нобеловац Nobel Prize recipient
nobelovka Nobel Prize winner
нобеловка Nobel Prize winner
noga leg Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
нога leg Serbian
ногомет (sport) football, soccer tag Serbian
nogometaš (Croatian) footballer tag Croatian
ногометаш (Croatian) footballer tag
noj ostrich Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ној ostrich Serbian
nokat nail (on fingers and toes) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
nominativ (grammar) nominative Croatian
номинатив (grammar) nominative
nominativni (grammar) nominative
номинативни (grammar) nominative
nominativski (grammar) nominative
номинативски (grammar) nominative
nominirati (transitive) to nominate
номинирати (transitive) to nominate
nordijski Nordic
нордијски Nordic
norma rule
норма rule
normalan normal
нормалан normal
normalno normally
нормално normally
normalnost normality, normalcy
нормалност normality, normalcy
Norman Norman (member of ancient Germanic people)
Норман Norman (member of ancient Germanic people)
Norveška Norway Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Норвешка Norway Serbian
norveški Norwegian Croatian
норвешки Norwegian
Норвежанин Norwegian (native of Norway)
Norvežanka Norwegian (native of Norway) Croatian
Норвежанка Norwegian (native of Norway)
nos (anatomy) nose Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
нос (anatomy) nose Serbian
nosati (transitive) to carry in all directions Croatian
носати (transitive) to carry in all directions
nosač porter, bearer, carrier Croatian
носач porter, bearer, carrier
nosačica porter, carrier, bearer Croatian
носачица porter, carrier, bearer
nosila (plurale tantum) stretcher Croatian
носила (plurale tantum) stretcher
nosilac carrier Serbian
nositi (ambitransitive) to carry, bring Croatian
носити (ambitransitive) to carry, bring
nosić a small nose
носић a small nose
nosorog rhinoceros Croatian
носорог rhinoceros
nostalgičar nostalgic
носталгичар nostalgic
notacija notation
нотација notation
nov new Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
нов new Serbian
nova nova
нова nova
novac (slang) money Croatian
новац money
novajlija novice, beginner
новајлија novice, beginner
Novi Sad Novi Sad Bosnian,Serbian
Нови Сад Novi Sad Serbian
Novi Zeland New Zealand Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Нови Зеланд New Zealand Serbian
novinar journalist Croatian,Serbian
новинар journalist
novinarstvo (uncountable) journalism Croatian,Serbian
новинарство (uncountable) journalism
novine (plurale tantum) newspaper Croatian
новине (plurale tantum) newspaper
novogrčki of or pertaining to the modern Greek (people, ...
новогрчки of or pertaining to the modern Greek (people, ...
novosadski of or pertaining to Novi Sad
новосадски of or pertaining to Novi Sad
novost news Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
новост news Serbian
novotarija (pejorative) novelty Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
новотарија (pejorative) novelty Serbian
novozelandski of or pertaining to New Zealand or its inhabi ...
новозеландски of or pertaining to New Zealand or its inhabi ...
Novozelanđanin New Zealander
Новозеланђанин New Zealander
novčani financial
новчани financial
novčanica banknote
новчаница banknote
novčanik wallet tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
новчаник wallet tag Serbian
novčić coin Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
новчић coin Serbian
nozdrva nostril Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ноздрва nostril Serbian
noć night Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ноћ night Serbian
noćas on the night just passed Croatian*
ноћас on the night just passed
noćašnji tonight's Croatian
ноћашњи tonight's
noćenje spending the night (esp. of tourists in a hotel)
ноћење spending the night (esp. of tourists in a hotel)
noćiti (intransitive) to spend the night Croatian
ноћити (intransitive) to spend the night
noćni nocturnal, nightly, night Croatian
ноћни nocturnal, nightly, night
noću at night, by night, in the night Croatian
ноћу at night, by night, in the night
nož knife Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
нож knife Serbian
nuditi (ambitransitive, reflexive) to offer Croatian
нудити (ambitransitive, reflexive) to offer
nula (cardinal) zero (0) Bosnian*,Serbian*
нула (cardinal) zero (0) Serbian*
numerički numerical
нумерички numerical
nužnik toilet Croatian
нужник toilet