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Alternative forms




tot +‎ -iēns



totiēns (not comparable)

  1. so often, so many times
    Synonym: aliquotiēns
    • 29 BCE – 19 BCE, Virgil, Aeneid 2.581–582:
      “‘Occiderit ferrō Priamus? Troiā ārserit ignī?
      Dardanium totiēns sūdārit sanguine lītus?’”
      “‘[After] Priam has fallen by the sword? With Troy consumed by fire? The Dardan shore having sweated blood so many times?’”
      (An expression of surprise or indignation posed as questions using three future perfect verbs: occiderit, arserit, sudarit. Here, “totiens” refers to the bloodshed throughout the Trojan War.)
  2. as often, as many times
  3. the same number of times
    Synonym: totidem


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