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Alteration of quisquis


quisque m, f ‎(neuter quidque, indefinite)

  1. each one, each person
  2. anyone

Derived terms[edit]


Irregular declension.

Substantival pronoun:

Case Singular
m./f. n.
Nom. quisque quidque
Gen. cuiusque/cujusque
Dat. cuique
Acc. quemque quidque
Abl. quōque

Adjectival pronoun:

Case Singular Plural
m. f. n. m. f. n.
Nom. quisque quaeque quodque quīque quaeque quaeque
Gen. cuiusque/cujusque quōrumque quārumque quōrumque
Dat. cuique quibusque
Acc. quemque quamque quodque quōsque quāsque quaeque
Abl. quōque quāque quōdque quibusque


Alternative forms[edit]


quisque m ‎(uncountable)

  1. (informal) person, someone
    todo quisque - "everyone"