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Alternative forms[edit]


From quī +‎ libet.


quīlibet m (feminine quaelibet, neuter (adj.) quodlibet, neuter (noun) quidlibet)

  1. anyone


Relative/interrogative pronoun with an indeclinable portion.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative quīlibet1
quaelibet quodlibet quīlibet1 quaelibet
Genitive cuiuslibet1 quōrumlibet quārumlibet quōrumlibet
Dative cuilibet1 quibuslibet
Accusative quemlibet quamlibet quodlibet quōslibet quāslibet quaelibet
Ablative quōlibet quālibet quōlibet quibuslibet

1In Republican Latin or earlier, alternative spellings could be found for the following forms of quī/quis and its compounds: the masculine nominative singular or plural quī (old spelling quei), the genitive singular cuius (old spelling quoius), the dative singular cui (old spelling quoi or quoiei), the dative/ablative plural quīs (old spelling queis).

Related terms[edit]


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