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From ali- (some-) +‎ quō (whither).


aliquō (not comparable)

  1. somewhither, to somewhere
    Synonym: quōpiam

Related terms[edit]



  1. masculine ablative singular of aliquis
    actum est de aliquoIt is over for someone, the fate of someone is sealed
  2. neuter ablative singular of aliquis


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    • (ambiguous) a road leads somewhere: via fert, ducit aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to journey towards a place: iter aliquo dirigere, intendere
    • (ambiguous) to journey towards a place: tendere aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to leave a place: discedere a, de, ex loco aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to trace one's descent from some one: originem ab aliquo trahere, ducere
    • (ambiguous) to dream of a person: somniare de aliquo
    • (ambiguous) so-and-so is in a very satisfactory position; prospers: agitur praeclare, bene cum aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to gain a person's esteem, friendship: gratiam inire ab aliquoor apud aliquem
    • (ambiguous) to look favourably upon; to support: propenso animo, studio esse or propensa voluntate esse in aliquem (opp. averso animo esse ab aliquo)
    • (ambiguous) to deserve well at some one's hands; to do a service to..: bene, praeclare (melius, optime) mereri de aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to deserve ill of a person; to treat badly: male mereri de aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to gain one's point with any one: aliquid ab aliquo impetrare
    • (ambiguous) to form a friendship with any one: amicitiam cum aliquo jungere, facere, inire, contrahere
    • (ambiguous) to be friendly with any one: uti aliquo amico
    • (ambiguous) I am on good terms with a person: est or intercedit mihi cum aliquo amicitia
    • (ambiguous) I am on bad terms with a person: sunt or intercedunt mihi cum aliquo inimicitiae
    • (ambiguous) to be on very intimate terms with..: uti aliquo familiariter
    • (ambiguous) to be bound by the closest ties of friendship: artissimo amicitiae vinculo or summa familiaritate cum aliquo coniunctum esse
    • (ambiguous) to be at enmity with a man: inimicitias gerere, habere, exercere cum aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to make a person one's enemy: inimicitias cum aliquo suscipere
    • (ambiguous) to reconcile two people; to be a mediator: in gratiam aliquem cum aliquo reducere
    • (ambiguous) to be reconciled; to make up a quarrel: in gratiam cum aliquo redire
    • (ambiguous) to possess great authority; to be an influential person: magna auctoritas est in aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to be in a dignified position: dignitas est summa in aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to expostulate with a person about a thing: conqueri, expostulare cum aliquo de aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to have a good or bad reputation, be spoken well, ill of: bene, male audire (ab aliquo)
    • (ambiguous) to have a good or bad reputation, be spoken well, ill of: bona, mala existimatio est de aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to hold the same views: idem sentire (opp. dissentire ab aliquo)
    • (ambiguous) (1) to communicate one's plans to some one; (2) to make common cause with a person. Similarly c. causam, rationem: consilia cum aliquo communicare
    • (ambiguous) to apply to a person for advice: consilium petere ab aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to be engaged in any branch of study: in aliquo litterarum genere versari
    • (ambiguous) to be educated by some one: litteras discere ab aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to receive instruction from some one: institui or erudiri ab aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to receive instruction from some one: disciplina alicuius uti, magistro aliquo uti
    • (ambiguous) to enjoy close intercourse with... (of master and pupil): multum esse cum aliquo (Fam. 16. 21)
    • (ambiguous) to have as authority for a thing: auctore aliquo uti ad aliquid
    • (ambiguous) to take a lesson from some one's example: sibi exemplum sumere ex aliquo or exemplum capere de aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to inflict an exemplary punishment on some one: exemplum in aliquo or in aliquem statuere
    • (ambiguous) to inflict an exemplary punishment on some one: exemplum (severitatis) edere in aliquo (Q. Fr. 1. 2. 2. 5)
    • (ambiguous) to maintain a controversy with some one: controversiam (contentionem) habere cum aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to come to an understanding with a person: transigere aliquid cum aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to agree with a person: consentire, idem sentire cum aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to disagree with a person: dissentire, dissidere ab or cum aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to extract an answer from some one: responsum ab aliquo ferre, auferre
    • (ambiguous) to be united by having a common language: eiusdem linguae societate coniunctum esse cum aliquo (De Or. 3. 59. 223)
    • (ambiguous) to say not a syllable about a person: ne verbum (without unum) quidem de aliquo facere
    • (ambiguous) to extract a word from some one: verbum ex aliquo elicere
    • (ambiguous) to hold an altercation with a man: verbis concertare or altercari cum aliquo (B. C. 3. 19. 6)
    • (ambiguous) to correspond with some one: colloqui cum aliquo per litteras
    • (ambiguous) to take a letter somewhere: litteras perferre aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to hope well of a person: bene, optime (meliora) sperare de aliquo (Nep. Milt. 1. 1)
    • (ambiguous) to set one's hope on some one: spem habere in aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to set one's hope on some one: spem suam ponere, collocare in aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to exercise one's cruelty on some one: crudelitatem exercere in aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to put confidence in some one: fiduciam in aliquo ponere, collocare
    • (ambiguous) to be security for some one: sponsionem facere, sponsorem esse pro aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to suspect a person: suspicionem habere de aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to be separated by a deadly hatred: capitali odio dissidere ab aliquo (De Am. 1. 2)
    • (ambiguous) to revenge oneself on some one: ulcisci aliquem, poenas expetere ab aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to revenge oneself on another for a thing or on some one's behalf: ulcisci aliquem pro aliquo or pro aliqua re
    • (ambiguous) to revenge oneself on another for a thing or on some one's behalf: poenas alicuius or alicuius rei repetere ab aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to have something to say against a person, to object to him: offendere in aliquo (Mil. 36. 99)
    • (ambiguous) to ask for an oracular response: oraculum petere (ab aliquo)
    • (ambiguous) to dwell in a certain place: domicilium (sedem ac domicilium) habere in aliquo loco
    • (ambiguous) to become a friend and guest of a person: hospitium cum aliquo facere, (con-)iungere
    • (ambiguous) to associate with some one: societatem inire, facere cum aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to be always in some one's company: assiduum esse cum aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to be on intimate terms with some one: uti aliquo (familiariter)
    • (ambiguous) to be on friendly terms with a person: usu, familiaritate, consuetudine coniunctum esse cum aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to be on friendly terms with a person: est mihi consuetudo, or usus cum aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to be on friendly terms with a person: vivere cum aliquo
    • (ambiguous) relations are strained between us: in simultate cum aliquo sum
    • (ambiguous) to enter into conversation with some one: sermonem conferre, instituere, ordiri cum aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to enter into conversation with some one: se dare in sermonem cum aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to converse, talk with a person on a subject: sermonem habere cum aliquo de aliqua re (De Am. 1. 3)
    • (ambiguous) to meet a person by arrangement, interview him: congredi cum aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to speak personally to..: coram loqui (cum aliquo)
    • (ambiguous) to shake hands with a person: dextram iungere cum aliquo, dextras inter se iungere
    • (ambiguous) to be married to some one: nuptam esse cum aliquo or alicui
    • (ambiguous) something has been left as a legacy by some one: hereditate aliquid relictum est ab aliquo
    • (ambiguous) I have received a legacy from a person: hereditas ad me or mihi venit ab aliquo (Verr. 2. 1. 10)
    • (ambiguous) to have business relations with some one: contrahere rem or negotium cum aliquo (Cluent. 14. 41)
    • (ambiguous) to transact, settle a matter with some one: transigere aliquid (de aliqua re) cum aliquo or inter se
    • (ambiguous) to do no business with a man: nihil cum aliquo contrahere
    • (ambiguous) to lend, borrow money at interest: pecuniam fenori (fenore) alicui dare, accipere ab aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to borrow money from some one: pecuniam mutuari or sumere mutuam ab aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to balance accounts with some one: rationes putare cum aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to demand an account, an audit of a matter: rationem alicuius rei reposcere aliquem or ab aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to demand an account, an audit of a matter: rationem ab aliquo reptere de aliqua re (Cluent. 37. 104)
    • (ambiguous) to contend with some one for the pre-eminence: contendere cum aliquo de principatu (Nep. Arist. 1)
    • (ambiguous) to gain some one's favour: gratiam inire apud aliquem, ab aliquo (cf. sect. V. 12)
    • (ambiguous) to raise oneself by another's fall: crescere ex aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to be on a person's side (not ab alicuius partibus): ab (cum) aliquo stare (Brut. 79. 273)
    • (ambiguous) to take some one's side: cum aliquo facere (Sull. 13. 36)
    • (ambiguous) to hold different views in politics: ab aliquo in re publica dissentire
    • (ambiguous) to conspire with some one: conspirare cum aliquo (contra aliquem)
    • (ambiguous) to deliver some one from slavery: ab aliquo servitutem or servitutis iugum depellere
    • (ambiguous) to go to law with a person: (ex) iure, lege agere cum aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to proceed against some one with the utmost rigour of the law; to strain the law in one's favour: summo iure agere cum aliquo (cf. summum ius, summa iniuria)
    • (ambiguous) to live with some one on an equal footing: aequo iure vivere cum aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to examine a person, a matter: quaestionem habere de aliquo, de aliqua re or in aliquem
    • (ambiguous) to use some one's evidence: aliquo teste uti
    • (ambiguous) to give evidence on some one's behalf: testimonium dicere pro aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to have a person tortured: quaerere tormentis de aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to defend a person: causam dicere pro aliquo
    • (ambiguous) some one is to blame in a matter; it is some one's fault: culpa alicuius rei est in aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to exact a penalty from some one: poenam petere, repetere ab aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to exact a penalty from some one: poenas expetere ab aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to exact a penalty from some one: supplicium sumere de aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to execute the death-sentence on a person: supplicium sumere de aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to join forces with some one: copias (arma) cum aliquo iungere or se cum aliquo iungere
    • (ambiguous) to demand satisfaction, restitution: res repetere (ab aliquo) (Off. 1. 11. 36)
    • (ambiguous) to begin a war with some one: bellum cum aliquo inire
    • (ambiguous) to make war on a person: bellum gerere cum aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to triumph over some one: triumphare de aliquo (ex bellis)
    • (ambiguous) to triumph over some one: triumphum agere de or ex aliquo or c. Gen. (victoriae, pugnae)
    • (ambiguous) to treat with some one about peace: agere cum aliquo de pace
    • (ambiguous) to make peace with some one: pacem facere cum aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to conclude a treaty with some one: pactionem facere cum aliquo (Sall. Iug. 40)
    • (ambiguous) to conclude a treaty, an alliance: foedus facere (cum aliquo), icere, ferire
    • (ambiguous) to set one's course for a place: cursum dirigere aliquo
    • (ambiguous) to be driven out of one's course; to drift: deferri, deici aliquo