Appendix:Word formation verb -en noun -ness

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This is a list of word-triples consisting of an adjective, a verb that's formed from the adjective by appending -en, and a noun that's formed from the adjective by adding -ness. In some cases, there is a more common noun formed with -th or -t, and in three of those cases, the verb is then formed from the noun(-th) + -en.

awake awaken awakeness
black blacken blackness
bright brighten brightness
broad broaden broadness breadth
chaste chasten chasteness
damp dampen dampness
dark darken darkness
dead deaden deadness death
deep deepen deepness depth
fast fasten fastness meaning fixed
fat fatten fatness
flat flatten flatness
fresh freshen freshness
glad gladden gladness
hard harden hardness
high heighten highness height
hoarse hoarsen hoarseness
less lessen lessness lessness is uncommon
light lighten lightness
long lengthen longness length
loose loosen looseness
mad madden madness
moist moisten moistness
oak oaken oakness
quick quicken quickness
quiet quieten quietness quieten is uncommon
red redden redness
ripe ripen ripeness
sad sadden sadness
sharp sharpen sharpness
short shorten shortness
sick sicken sickness
soft soften softness
stiff stiffen stiffness
straight straighten straightness
strong strengthen strongness strength
sweet sweeten sweetness
taut tauten tautness
thick thicken thickness
tight tighten tightness
tough toughen toughness
weak weaken weakness
white whiten whiteness
wide widen wideness width