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Q {letter} :: The seventeenth letter of the German alphabet
quabbelig {adj} :: wobbly, flabby
Quacksalber {m} :: quack (fraudulent doctor) (male or of unspecified sex)
Quacksalberei {f} :: quackery
Quaddel {f} :: hives
Quader {m} [geometry] :: rectangular cuboid
quaderförmig {adj} :: cuboid
Quadrant {m} :: quadrant (region of the Cartesian plane)
Quadrant {m} :: quadrant (measuring device)
Quadrat {n} :: square
quadratförmig {adj} :: square (in shape)
quadratisch {adj} :: quadratic, square
Quadratkilometer {m} :: square kilometer
Quadratmeter {m} {n} :: square metre
Quadratur {f} [mathematics] :: quadrature
Quadratwurzel {f} :: square root
Quadratzentimeter {m} :: square centimeter
quadrieren {v} :: to square
Quadriga {f} :: quadriga
Quadrilliarde {num} :: 1027, a short scale octillion
Quadrillion {num} :: A long scale quadrillion, 1024; a short scale septillion
quadrillionste {adj} [ordinal] :: septillionth
quaken {v} [ducks] :: to quack
quaken {v} [frogs] :: to croak
Quäker {m} :: Quaker
Qual {f} :: agony, torment, torture (that one suffers)
quälen {v} :: to torture, torment, agonize
quälen {vr} :: to toil, struggle
Qualifikation {f} :: qualification
qualifizieren {vt} [to make someone competent or eligible] :: to qualify
qualifizieren {vr} [to become competent or eligible] :: to qualify
Qualifizierung {f} :: qualification
Qualität {f} :: quality (level of excellence, level of being free from defects)
qualitativ {adj} :: qualitative
Qualitätsanforderung {f} [business, quality] :: quality requirement
qualitätsbewusst {adj} :: quality-conscious
Qualitätswein {m} :: Qualitätswein (A category within the German and Austrian official systems of wine classification)
Qualle {f} :: jellyfish
Qualm {m} :: smoke, particularly when very dense or regarded as unpleasant; fume
qualmen {v} :: to fume
qualmen {v} [colloquial, tobacco] :: to smoke
qualvoll {adj} :: excruciating, agonizing
Quant {n} :: quantum (indivisible unit of a given quantity)
Quäntchen {n} :: a small amount, a scrap
Quantencomputer {m} [computer] :: quantum computer
Quanteneigenschaft {f} [physics] :: quantum property
Quantenelektrodynamik {f} [physics] :: quantum electrodynamics
Quantenfeldtheorie {f} :: quantum field theory, QFT
Quantenfluktuation {f} [physics] :: quantum fluctuation
Quantenmechanik {f} [physics] :: quantum mechanics
quantenmechanisch {adj} [physics] :: quantum mechanical
Quantenoptik {f} [physics] :: quantum optics
Quantenphysik {f} [physics] :: quantum physics, quantum mechanics
quantenphysikalisch {adj} :: quantum physics (attributive), quantum mechanical
Quantenpunkt {m} :: quantum dot
Quantensprung {m} [physics] :: quantum leap
quantentheoretisch {adj} :: quantum theory (attributive)
Quantentheorie {f} :: quantum theory
Quantenzahl {f} [physics] :: quantum number
quantifizierbar {adj} :: quantifiable
Quantifizierung {f} :: quantification
Quantil {n} [statistics] :: quantile
quantisieren {v} :: to quantize
Quantisierung {f} :: quantization
Quantität {f} :: quantity
Quantität {f} [grammar] :: quantity of syllabes (being long or short)
quantitativ {adj} :: quantitative
Quantum {n} :: quantum
Quappe {f} :: burbot, Lota lota
Quarantäne {f} :: quarantine
Quark {m} :: quark (kind of cheese or cream)
Quark {m} [colloquial] :: nonsense; rubbish; baloney
Quark {n} :: a quark (particle)
Quarkonium {n} :: quarkonium
Quartal {n} :: a quarter year
quartalsmäßig {adj} :: quarterly
quartalsweise {adj} :: quarterly
quartär {adj} :: quaternary
Quartär {prop} :: the Quaternary
Quarte {f} [music] :: An interval of 5 halftones
Quartett {n} [music] :: quartet (music composition in four parts)
Quartett {n} [music] :: quartet (group of four musicians)
Quartett {n} [literature] :: quartet
Quartett {n} [card games] :: four of a kind
Quartier {n} :: accommodation, quarters
Quartier {n} [Switzerland] :: quarter (neighborhood of a city)
Quarz {m} :: quartz
quarzen {v} [slang] :: to smoke
Quarzglas {n} :: quartz glass
Quarzglas {n} :: fused silica
quarzhaltig {adj} :: quartziferous
quarzhältig {adj} :: alternative form of quarzhaltig
Quarzit {m} :: quartzite
Quarzkristall {m} :: quartz crystal
Quarzröhrchen {n} :: quartz tube
Quarzsand {m} :: quartz sand
Quarzstaublungenerkrankung {f} :: silicosis or silico-tuberculosis (literally, "quartz dust lung illness"—cancer of the lungs due to the effect of crystalline silicon dioxide (SiO2))
Quasar {m} :: quasar
quasi {adv} :: effectively, as it were
quasichemisch {adj} [physics] :: quasichemical
quasistationär {adj} :: quasistationary
quasistatisch {adj} :: quasistatic
quasseln {v} :: jabber, natter, palaver, yap, gab, jaw, twaddle, rattle on, rabbit on (to talk a lot or talk nonsense)
Quasselstrippe {f} :: magpie, chatterbox
Quasselstrippe {f} :: tattletale (one who gossips)
Quaste {f} :: tassel
Quastenflosser {m} :: coelacanth (fish)
quastenförmig {adj} :: tufted
Quatsch {m} [colloquial] :: verbal nonsense
quatschen {v} [colloquial, pejorative] :: to talk nonsense
quatschen {v} [colloquial] :: to chatter, babble
Quattuordezillion {num} :: A long scale quattuordecillion, 1084
Québec {prop} {n} :: Quebec (the province of Canada)
Québec {prop} {n} :: Quebec (the capital city of the province Quebec)
Quecke {f} :: quitch (Elymus repens)
Quecksilber {n} :: mercury (chemical element, Hg)
Quecksilberdampflampe {f} :: mercury-vapour lamp
Quecksilberelektrode {f} :: mercury electrode
quecksilberhaltig {adj} :: mercurial (containing the metal mercury)
quecksilberhältig {adj} :: alternative form of quecksilberhaltig
Quecksilberlegierung {f} :: amalgam (mercury alloy)
Quecksilberorganyle {f} [organic chemistry] :: organomercury compound
Quecksilberorganyle {f} [medicine] :: organomercurial (drug)
Quecksilberoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: mercuric oxide
Quecksilbersulfid {n} [inorganic compound] :: mercuric sulfide
Quecksilberthermometer {n} :: mercury thermometer, mercurial thermometer
Quecksilberverbindung {f} :: mercury compound
Quedlinburg {prop} :: A town located north of the Harz mountains, in the district of Harz in the west of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. A UNESCO World Heritage Site
Queen {f} :: The Queen of England (and various political superstructures which contain England)
Queen {f} [colloquial] :: woman who, in a certain environment, enjoys special attention
Queen {f} [homosexual slang] :: queen; effeminate homosexual man
Quellcode {m} :: source code
Quelle {f} [origin of a river or stream] :: spring
Quelle {f} :: well (oil, gas)
Quelle {f} :: source
quellen {v} :: to well
quellen {v} :: to swell, to soak
Quellenangabe {f} [reference to a source for writing an academic document] :: reference
Quellfluss {m} :: a headstream
quelloffen {adj} [computing] :: open-source
Quelltext {m} :: source code
Quellwasser {n} :: springwater
Quellwolke {f} :: cumulus (a large white puffy cloud)
quengelig {adj} :: peevish, crotchety, obstreperous, ornery
quengeln {v} :: to whinge, to grizzle, to nag, to niggle
Quentchen {n} [historically] :: a quarter of a lot (in German known as Loth or Lot)
Quentchen {n} :: a small amount, a scrap
Quenya {prop} {n} :: Quenya
quer- {prefix} :: Separable prefix, that denotes a physical diagonal direction of the verb
quer {adj} [rare] :: crosswise, cross
quer {adv} :: crosswise, across
Querdenker {m} :: lateral thinker
queren {v} [a street] :: to cross
Querflöte {f} :: transverse flute, Western concert flute, C flute
Querformat {n} :: horizontal format, landscape format
Querkopf {m} :: contrarian, contradicter, one who habitually and stubbornly opposes others’ opinions
Querkopf {m} :: maverick (one who does not abide by rules)
Quermaß {n} :: crosswise measurement, transverse measurement
Querschnitt {m} :: profile
Querschnitt {m} :: cross section
Querstrich {m} :: horizontal line (a dash, a horizontal bar, a transversal bar etc.)
Querulant {m} [psychology] :: querulant
Querulant {m} :: grouser, griper (stubborn person who constantly complains)
Querulantin {f} [psychology] :: female querulant
Querverweis {m} :: cross-reference
Querverweis {m} [computing, Internet] :: hyperlink
Quetsche {f} [Lorraine, Alsace, Luxembourg] :: alternative form of Zwetschge
quetschen {v} :: to squeeze, to squish
Quetschung {f} :: contusion
Quetzal {m} :: quetzal (bird)
Quetzal {m} :: quetzal (monetary unit)
Queue {f} [billiards, snooker, pool, masculine in Germany, neuter in Austria] :: cue
Queue {f} [computing, feminine] :: queue, waiting list of e.g. tasks to be done
Queue {f} [military, feminine] :: the end of a column of troops
Quiche {f} :: quiche
quick {adj} [rather rare, dated] :: lively
quickfidel {adj} :: healthy, lively
quicklebendig {adj} :: lively; alive and thriving
quietistisch {adj} :: quietistic
quietschbunt {adj} :: garish
Quietscheentchen {n} :: rubber duck (with a squeaker)
quietschen {v} :: to squeak
quietschend {adj} :: squeaky
quietschfidel {adj} :: extremely cheerful
quietschnass {adj} [rare] :: soaked, soaking wet
quinär {adj} :: quinary
Quinnat {m} [rare] :: a chinook salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha
Quinte {f} [music] :: An interval of 6 [kleine Quinte] or 7 (große Quinte) halftones
Quintessenz {f} :: quintessence : the essence of a thing
Quintillion {num} :: A long scale quintillion, 1030; a short scale nonillion
Quirl {m} [cooking] :: beater
Quirl {m} :: whorl
quirlig {adj} :: lively, exuberant
quitt {adj} [only used in the predicative] :: quits, even
quitt {adj} [only used in the predicative, regional] :: rid of something, having lost something
Quitte {f} :: quince (fruit)
quittegelb {adj} :: quince-yellow
quittengelb {adj} :: alternative form of quittegelb
Quittung {f} :: receipt, voucher
Quiz {n} :: quiz, trivia
Quorum {n} :: quorum
quotal {adj} :: proportionate
Quote {f} :: a quota
Quotient {m} :: quotient (number resulting from division)