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entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
ga of him (clitic genitive singular of {{i|on|ȏn ... Serbian
Gabelj (regional, colloquial, pejorative) Male Gypsy
Gabeljica (regional, colloquial, pejorative) Female G ...
gad a repulsive person Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гад a repulsive person Serbian
gadan ugly, disgusting Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гадан ugly, disgusting Serbian
gaditi (transitive, reflexive) to disgust, nauseate
гадити (transitive, reflexive) to disgust, nauseate
gaj grove
гај grove
gakati (intransitive) to quack, cackle (of geese)
гакати (intransitive) to quack, cackle (of geese)
gaknuti (intransitive) to quack, cackle (of geese)
гакнути (intransitive) to quack, cackle (of geese)
gaktati (intransitive) to quack, cackle (of geese) Croatian
гактати (intransitive) to quack, cackle (of geese)
galaksija galaxy
галаксија galaxy
galama fuss, buzz, noise (of human voices)
галама fuss, buzz, noise (of human voices)
galamiti (intransitive) to roar, clamor, vociferat ...
галамити (intransitive) to roar, clamor, vociferat ...
galeb seagull Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
галеб seagull Serbian
galerija gallery
галерија gallery
galon gallon (a unit of volume)
галон gallon (a unit of volume)
galop gallop Croatian
галоп gallop
galski Gallic, Gaulish
галски Gallic, Gaulish
gama gamma, the Greek letter Γ, γ
гама gamma, the Greek letter Γ, γ
Gambija Gambia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Гамбија Gambia Serbian
Gana Ghana Croatian
Гана Ghana
Ganac Ghanaian
Ганац Ghanaian
gandža (uncountable, slang) marijuana Croatian
ганџа (uncountable, slang) marijuana
ganjati (transitive) to chase, pursue, run after
гањати (transitive) to chase, pursue, run after
ganski Ghanaian
гански Ghanaian
garaža garage (place to store a car, tools and other ...
гаража garage (place to store a car, tools and other ...
garda guard (of a sovereign or an army commander)
гарда guard (of a sovereign or an army commander)
garderoba wardrobe (department in theater; collection o ... Croatian
гардероба wardrobe (department in theater; collection o ...
gas (Bosnian, Serbian) gas (state of matter) tag
гас (Bosnian, Serbian) gas (state of matter) tag
gasiti (transitive, reflexive) to turn off (light ... Croatian
гасити (transitive, reflexive) to turn off (light ...
gasnuti (intransitive, language of literature) to ... Croatian
гаснути (intransitive, language of literature) to ...
gavran raven Serbian Bosnian,Croatian
gaz ford, shallow place Croatian
газ ford, shallow place
gazda master Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
газда master Serbian
gazela gazelle Bosnian,Serbian
газела gazelle Serbian
gaziti (transitive) to wade, tramp Croatian
газити (transitive) to wade, tramp
gađenje disgust (an intense dislike or repugnance) Croatian*
гађење disgust (an intense dislike or repugnance)
gde where tag Serbian
где where Serbian
gdje where (interrogative) tag Croatian*
gej a gay person, homosexual (male)
геј a gay person, homosexual (male)
general general (military rank) Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
генерал general (military rank) Serbian
genitiv the genitive case Croatian
генитив the genitive case
genocid genocide Bosnian,Serbian
геноцид genocide Serbian
genom genome
геном genome
географија geography
geologija (science) geology Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
геологија (science) geology Serbian
geometrija geometry Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
геометрија geometry Serbian
gepard cheetah (acinonyx jubatus)
гепард cheetah (acinonyx jubatus)
gerila guerilla warfare Croatian
герила guerilla warfare
gerilac guerilla fighter Croatian
герилац guerilla fighter
German German (member of a Germanic tribe) Croatian
Герман German (member of a Germanic tribe)
germanski Germanic (relating to the Germanic peoples or ... Croatian
германски Germanic (relating to the Germanic peoples or ...
geslo password Croatian
gibak flexible Croatian
гибак flexible
gigabajt gigabyte
гигабајт gigabyte
gigant giant
гигант giant
gigantski gigantic
гигантски gigantic
gimnazija gymnasium (type of school) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гимназија gymnasium (type of school) Serbian
gips (uncountable) plaster, cast, plaster cast Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гипс (uncountable) plaster, cast, plaster cast Serbian
gitara guitar Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гитара guitar Serbian
glad hunger Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
глад hunger Serbian
gladak smooth Croatian
гладак smooth
gladan hungry Croatian
гладан hungry
glagol verb Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
глагол verb Serbian
glagoljica (uncountable) Glagolitic script Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
глагољица (uncountable) Glagolitic script Serbian
glagolski pridev radni present active participle tag Serbian
glagolski pridev trpni past passive participle tag Serbian
glamur (uncountable) glamour
гламур (uncountable) glamour
glas voice Serbian Bosnian,Croatian*
глас voice Serbian
glasan loud, noisy Croatian
гласан loud, noisy
glasati (intransitive) to vote (+ (za, for) + ... Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
гласати (intransitive) to vote (+ (за, for) + ... Serbian
glasina rumor
гласина rumor
glasnik messenger, herald
гласник messenger, herald
glasno loudly, aloud Croatian
гласно loudly, aloud
glasnoća (uncountable) loudness
гласноћа (uncountable) loudness
glasonoša messenger, herald
гласоноша messenger, herald
glasovati (intransitive) to vote (+ (za, for) + ... Croatian
гласовати (intransitive) to vote (+ (за, for) + ...
glasovit famous, renowned Croatian
гласовит famous, renowned
glava (anatomy) head Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
глава (anatomy) head Serbian
glavat large-headed, having a big head; megacephalic Croatian
глават large-headed, having a big head; megacephalic
glavetina big, ugly head
главетина big, ugly head
glavica small head
главица small head
glavić (anatomy) glans penis
главић (anatomy) glans penis
glavni main, chief, principal Croatian
главни main, chief, principal
glavnina bulk, main part (+ genitive) Croatian
главнина bulk, main part (+ genitive)
главобоља headache
glavurda big, ugly head Croatian
главурда big, ugly head
gledalac spectator, viewer Serbian
гледалац spectator, viewer
gledati (transitive) to look, watch, see Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гледати (transitive) to look, watch, see Serbian
gledište viewpoint, aspect Croatian
гледиште viewpoint, aspect
glečer glacier Croatian
глечер glacier
gležanj ankle (joint between foot and leg) Croatian
глежањ ankle (joint between foot and leg)
glib mud, mire Croatian
глиб mud, mire
glibav muddy, slimy
глибав muddy, slimy
glibovit muddy, slimy
глибовит muddy, slimy
glicerin (uncountable) glycerine
глицерин (uncountable) glycerine
glinen made of clay; earthen
глинен made of clay; earthen
glista earthworm Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
глиста earthworm Serbian
gljiva mushroom Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гљива mushroom Serbian
gljivar mushroom gatherer
гљивар mushroom gatherer
globalan global
глобалан global
globalno globally
глобално globally
glodati (transitive) to gnaw Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
глодати to gnaw Serbian
gluh (Bosnian, Croatian) deaf tag Croatian
глух (Bosnian, Croatian) deaf tag
gluhoća (uncountable) (Bosnian, Croatian) dea ... tag Croatian
глухоћа (uncountable) (Bosnian, Croatian) dea ... tag
glumac actor Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
глумац actor Serbian
glumica actress Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
глумица actress Serbian
glumiti (transitive) to act (to perform a theatri ...
глумити (transitive) to act (to perform a theatri ...
glup dumb, stupid, moronic Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
глуп dumb, stupid, moronic
glupan idiot, fool Serbian
glupača a stupid woman
глупача a stupid woman
glupost stupidity, nonsense
глупост stupidity, nonsense
gluv (Serbian) deaf tag
глув (Serbian) deaf tag
gluvoća (uncountable) (Serbian) deafness tag
глувоћа (uncountable) (Serbian) deafness tag
gmaz reptile Croatian
гмаз reptile
gnev wrath, fury, anger tag Serbian
гнев wrath, fury, anger Serbian
gnezdo nest tag Serbian
гнездо nest Serbian
gnijezdo nest tag Croatian Bosnian
гнијездо nest
gniv (Chakavian, Ikavian) wrath, anger, fury tag Croatian*
gnjev wrath, fury, anger tag Bosnian,Croatian*
гњев wrath, fury, anger
gnjida nit (louse egg) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гњида nit (louse egg) Serbian
gnoj pus Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гној pus Serbian
god name day
год name day
godina year Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
година year Serbian
godišnji annual Croatian
годишњи annual
golem giant, mammoth, very big (of a size of sth)
голем giant, mammoth, very big (of a size of sth)
golenjača shin tag
голењача shin
goljenjača shin tag
гољењача shin
golub pigeon Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
голуб pigeon Serbian
golubica pigeon (female) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
голубица pigeon (female) Serbian
gomila pile, heap
гомила pile, heap
gomilati (intransitive) to amass, accumulate, hoard
гомилати (intransitive) to amass, accumulate, hoard
gondolijer gondolier
гондолијер gondolier
goniti (transitive) to chase, pursue Croatian
гонити (transitive) to chase, pursue
gora mountain Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гора mountain Serbian
gorak bitter Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
горак bitter Serbian
gord proud Croatian
горд proud
gordijski Gordian
гордијски Gordian
gordo proudly
гордо proudly
goreti (intransitive) to burn tag Croatian,Serbian
горети (intransitive) to burn Serbian
goriv inflammable, combustible
горив inflammable, combustible
gorivo fuel (substance consumed to power an engine) Croatian
гориво fuel (substance consumed to power an engine)
gorjeti (intransitive) to burn tag Croatian
горјети (intransitive) to burn
gorljiv inflammable
горљив inflammable
gorljivo ardently, zealously, fervently
горљиво ardently, zealously, fervently
gornji upper, top
горњи upper, top
gorostas giant
горостас giant
gorostasan giant
горостасан giant
gorčina (uncountable) bitterness (quality of feel ...
горчина (uncountable) bitterness (quality of feel ...
Gospod Lord, as in our Lord, God Serbian
Господ Lord, as in our Lord, God Serbian
gospodar master, lord Croatian
господар master, lord
gospodarica mistress (a woman who has control over someth ...
господарица mistress (a woman who has control over someth ...
gospodarski of, relating to, or characteristic of a maste ...
господарски of, relating to, or characteristic of a maste ...
gospodin gentleman Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
господин gentleman Serbian
gospođa Mrs. Croatian
госпођа Mrs.
gospođica Miss, young lady Croatian
госпођица Miss, young lady
gospoština (uncountable) high society, gentlemen (ra ...
госпоштина (uncountable) high society, gentlemen (ra ...
gost guest Croatian
гост guest
gostionica inn Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гостионица inn Serbian
gostioničar innkeeper
гостионичар innkeeper
gostoljubiv hospitable
гостољубив hospitable
gostoljubivo hospitably
гостољубиво hospitably
gostoljubivost (uncountable) hospitality
гостољубивост (uncountable) hospitality
Got Goth
Гот Goth
gotički Gothic (of or related to the architectural st ... Croatian
готички Gothic (of or related to the architectural st ...
gotov ready Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
готов ready Serbian
gotski Gothic Croatian
готски Gothic
govedo cattle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
говедо cattle Serbian
govno (vulgar, slang) shit (solid excretory prod ... Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
говно (vulgar, slang) shit (solid excretory prod ... Serbian
говор speech Serbian
говорити (ambitransitive) to speak Serbian
govorljiv chatty, talkative, loquacious Croatian
говорљив chatty, talkative, loquacious
govorljivost (uncountable) talkativeness
говорљивост (uncountable) talkativeness
govornik orator Croatian
говорник orator
gozba feast Croatian
гозба feast
gošća guest (female) Croatian
гошћа guest (female)
grabiti (transitive) to grab, seize Croatian
грабити (transitive) to grab, seize
grablje (plurale tantum) rake Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
грабље (plurale tantum) rake Serbian
grabljiv grasping, greedy
грабљив grasping, greedy
grad city Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
graditelj builder, constructor Croatian
градитељ builder, constructor
graditeljski of or pertaining to a builder, constructor, a ...
градитељски of or pertaining to a builder, constructor, a ...
graditi (transitive) to build Croatian
градити (transitive) to build
gradonačelnik mayor Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
градоначелник mayor Serbian
gradski city, town, municipal (of or pertaining to th ... Bosnian,Serbian
градски city, town, municipal (of or pertaining to th ... Serbian
graf (mathematics) graph Croatian
граф (mathematics) graph
grah bean Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
грах bean Serbian
graja hubbub, clamor, noise
граја hubbub, clamor, noise
gramatika grammar Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
граматика grammar
gramatički grammar (of or pertaining to grammar) Croatian
граматички grammar (of or pertaining to grammar)
grana branch Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
грана branch Serbian
гранат pomegranate
grandiozan grandiose
грандиозан grandiose
grandiozno grandiosely
грандиозно grandiosely
granica border Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
граница border Serbian
granje (collectively) branches
грање (collectively) branches
grančica a small branch; twig
гранчица a small branch; twig
gravitacija gravitation, gravity Croatian
гравитација gravitation, gravity
gravitacijski gravitational Croatian
гравитацијски gravitational
gravitirati (intransitive) to gravitate, tend
гравитирати (intransitive) to gravitate, tend
građa building material, fabric Croatian
грађа building material, fabric
građanin citizen Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
грађанин citizen tag Serbian
građanka citizen (of a city) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
грађанка citizen (of a city) Serbian
građanski civil, civilian (of or pertaining to citizens ...
грађански civil, civilian (of or pertaining to citizens ...
građanstvo (uncountable) citizens, the civic community
грађанство (uncountable) citizens, the civic community
građevina edifice, building
грађевина edifice, building
građevinac civil engineer
грађевинац civil engineer
građevinski of or pertaining to the process of building, ...
грађевински of or pertaining to the process of building, ...
grašak pea Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
грашак pea Serbian
grb coat of arms Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
грб coat of arms Serbian
grba hump Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
грба hump Serbian
grbav hump-backed Croatian
грбав hump-backed
grebati (transitive, reflexive) to scrape, scratch Croatian
гребати (transitive, reflexive) to scrape, scratch
greda beam (large piece of timber or iron long in p ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
греда beam (large piece of timber or iron long in p ... Serbian
greh sin tag Serbian
грех sin Serbian
grejpfrut grapefruit Croatian
грејпфрут grapefruit
Grenland Greenland
Гренланд Greenland
grenlandski Greenlandic
гренландски Greenlandic
grepsti (transitive, reflexive) to scrape, scratch Croatian
грепсти (transitive, reflexive) to scrape, scratch
grešan sinful, sinning
грешан sinful, sinning
grešiti (intransitive) to be wrong, make a mistake tag Serbian
грешити (intransitive) to be wrong, make a mistake Serbian
greška fault (defect) tag Croatian
грешка fault (defect) tag
greškom by mistake
грешком by mistake
grešnica sinner (female) Croatian
грешница sinner (female)
grešnik sinner Croatian
грешник sinner
grgeč perch Croatian
гргеч perch
grijeh sin tag Bosnian,Croatian
гријех sin
griješiti (intransitive) to be wrong, make a mistake tag Bosnian,Croatian
гријешити (intransitive) to be wrong, make a mistake
gristi (ambitransitive) to bite Croatian
гристи (ambitransitive) to bite
griva mane (longer hair growth on back of neck of a ...
грива mane (longer hair growth on back of neck of a ...
grješka (Croatian) {{i|alternative spelling of|gr ... tag Croatian
Grk A Greek (male person) Croatian
Грк A Greek (male person)
Grkinja A Greek (female person) Croatian
Гркиња A Greek (female person)
grkljan gullet Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гркљан gullet Serbian
grlica turtle dove Croatian
грлица turtle dove
grliti (transitive, reflexive) to hug Croatian
грлити (transitive, reflexive) to hug
grličji turtle dove (of or pertaining to)
грличји turtle dove (of or pertaining to)
grlo throat Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
грло throat Serbian
grm bush Croatian
grmeti (intransitive) to thunder tag
грмети (intransitive) to thunder
grmjeti (intransitive) to thunder tag
грмјети (intransitive) to thunder
grmljavina thunder Croatian
грмљавина thunder
grob grave Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гроб grave Serbian
grobar gravedigger
гробар gravedigger
groblje cemetery Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гробље cemetery Serbian
grobnica tomb
гробница tomb
grof count Croatian
гроф count
grofica countess Croatian
грофица countess
grom thunder Bosnian,Serbian
гром thunder Serbian
groteskan grotesque
гротескан grotesque
groteskno grotesquely
гротескно grotesquely
grozan terrible, awful, horrible Croatian
грозан terrible, awful, horrible
grozd grapes
groznica fever
грозница fever
grozno terribly Croatian
грозно terribly
grožđe grapes Bosnian,Serbian
грожђе grapes Serbian
grub rough, coarse Bosnian*,Croatian*,Serbian*
груб rough, coarse Serbian*
grubo roughly
грубо roughly
gruda lump, clod
груда lump, clod
grumen lump, clod
грумен lump, clod
grupa group Croatian
група group
Gruzija Georgia (country in Eurasia) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Грузија Georgia (country in Eurasia) Serbian
gruzijski Georgian
грузијски Georgian
grč cramp Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
грч cramp Serbian
Grčka Greece Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Грчка Greece Serbian
grčki Greek Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
грчки Greek Serbian
gubitak loss Croatian
губитак loss
gubiti (transitive) to lose, misplace
губити (transitive) to lose, misplace
gubitnica loser
губитница loser
gubitnik loser
губитник loser
gudura gorge, ravine
гудура gorge, ravine
gulaš goulash Croatian
гулаш goulash
gulikoža usurer, bloodsucker
гуликожа usurer, bloodsucker
guliti (transitive) to peel, husk, shell
гулити (transitive) to peel, husk, shell
guma rubber Croatian
гума rubber
gurati (transitive) to push on (roughly), thrust ... Croatian
гурати (transitive) to push on (roughly), thrust ...
gurnuti (transitive) to push on (roughly), thrust ...
гурнути (transitive) to push on (roughly), thrust ...
guru guru Croatian
гуру guru
gusar pirate
гусар pirate
gusenica caterpillar tag Serbian
гусеница caterpillar Serbian
gusjenica caterpillar tag Bosnian,Croatian
гусјеница caterpillar
guska goose Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
гуска goose Serbian
gust dense Croatian
густ dense
gustina (Bosnian, Serbian): density tag
густина (Bosnian, Serbian): density tag
gusto densely
густо densely
gustoća (Croatian) density tag
густоћа (Croatian) density tag
gutanje deglutition
гутање deglutition
gutač swallower
гутач swallower
gutljaj gulp Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гутљај gulp Serbian
guzica butt Bosnian,Serbian
гузица butt Serbian
guša goitre Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гуша goitre Serbian
gušenje strangling, choking, suffocating
гушење strangling, choking, suffocating
gušiti (transitive) to choke, strangle
гушити (transitive) to choke, strangle
gušter lizard Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гуштер lizard Serbian
guščad (collective) goslings
гушчад (collective) goslings
gušče gosling
гушче gosling
gužva crowd, jam Croatian
гужва crowd, jam