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This table shows only admins who have been active or semi-active recently. For the remaining admins see #Inactive administrators
User Group(s) Appointed Time Zone Babel/Other notes
PierreAbbat March 17, 2003 UTC-5/-4 en, fr-3, es-2, pt-
Hippietrail bureaucrat May 10, 2004 en, es-2, de-1, ja-1, fr-1
SemperBlotto bureaucrat February 15, 2005 UTC/+1 in summer (GMT) en, it-3, fr-1, la-1
Dvortygirl bureaucrat June 13, 2005 UTC-8 en, es-2, el-1
Mike sv.wikt bureaucrat June 30, 2005 UTC+1/+2 sv, en-3, de-2, da-1, no-1
Stephen G. Brown bureaucrat
nv.wp admin
global renamer
September 18, 2005 UTC −6 en, es-4, de-4, ru-4, fr-3, pt-3, ar-2, la-2, el-2, ja-2, zh-2, ko-2, nl-2, it-2, sv-2, he-2
TheDaveRoss CheckUser Feb. 28, 2006 UTC-5 en, es-3, la-1
Dijan Mar. 9, 2006 UTC-5/-4 sh, en-4, es-3, fa-2, hi-2, ur-2, tr-2, sl-2, mk-2, fr-2, ar-1
EncycloPetey bureaucrat May 3, 2006 UTC-8/-7 en, es-2, la-2, ang-1, de-1, ke-1, nl-1, pt-1
Jusjih Meta admin
Commons admin
zh.wikt admin
WP admin
WQ admin
en.ws admin
May 4, 2006 UTC-5/-4 zh-TW, zh-CN-3, en-3, fr-1, ko-1
Widsith May 23, 2006 UTC+1/+2 en, fr-4, es-3, ang-2, sco-2, ar-1, lo-1
DAVilla June 14, 2006 UTC-5/-6 en, es-1
BD2412 WP admin
WQ admin and bureaucrat
September 3, 2006 UTC+8 en, fr-1, zh-CN-1
Jaaari September 15, 2006 UTC+2 fi, en-3, de-2
Atelaes February 12, 2007 UTC-5/-6 (Central) en, grc-2, he-1.
Ruakh May 9, 2007 UTC-5/-4 en, fr-3, es-2, he-4/2
Thryduulf en.wp.admin, Commons admin (lapsed) August 6, 2007 UTC/+1 en, cy-1, de-1
Hamaryns September 11, 2007 UTC+1/+2 nl, de-4, en-3, fr-3, ru-2, is-1
Saltmarsh 11 September, 2007 UTC/+1 en, el-2
AugPi September 11, 2007 UTC-6/-5 en, es, nl-2, eo-1
Neskaya September 11, 2007 UTC-8 en, he-3, ase-3, yi-3, fr-3, sco-2, vi-1, eo-1, es-1, pt-1, chr-1, ja-1, de-1 (languages at 1 are verbal ability and I may not be able to read/write in them)
Matthias Buchmeier December 24, 2007 UTC-6 de, es-4, en-3, fr-2, pt-1, it-1, nl-1
Bequw January 21, 2008 UTC-5 en es-3 ht-1
Ivan Štambuk January 30, 2008 UTC+1 sh en-3 de-1 la-1 cu-1
DCDuring January 30, 2008 UTC-5 en de-1 fr-1 la-1 grc-1
msh210 enWP autoreviewer, reviewer, rollbacker February 10, 2008 UTC -6 (winter) /-5 (summer) (U.S. CT) en, he-2, ase-1, tmr-1
Krun April 3, 2008 UTC+0 is, en, da-3, sv-2, no-2, fr-2, de-2, fo-1, ja-1
Panda10 25 June 2008 UTC -5 hu, en-3, de-1, ru-1
Mzajac (Michael Z.) August 26, 2008 UTC -6/-5 (CST/CDT) en, uk-3, fr-1, ru-1
Gauss November 7, 2008 UTC +1 de, en-3, fr-3, la-3, pl-2
Vahagn Petrosyan January 8, 2009 UTC +4 hy, ru, en-4, de-1, es-1, fr-1, it-1
Daniel Carrero January 13, 2009 UTC -3/-2 pt, en-3, ja-2, es-2
Leftmostcat January 22, 2009 UTC/+1 in summer (GMT) en, ga-3, de-2, ja-2, fr-1, ang-1, sga-1
Carolina wren April 4, 2009 UTC -5/-4 (ET) en, ca-1, fr-1, cy-0, es-0, it-0, pt-0, sw-0, and haw-0 (0's indicate I know something of the language, but not enough to hold even a basic conversation in them.)
Lmaltier fr.wikt admin May 12, 2009 UTC+1/+2 fr, en-4
BiT June 3, 2009
Diuturno it.wikt admin June 5, 2009 UTC+1 it, en-3, fr-1, es-1
Nbarth (Nils Barth) Nov. 14, 2009 UTC-8/UTC-7 (summer) (Pacific Time) en, fr, es-2, ja-1
Internoob Nov. 16, 2009 UTC-8/UTC-7 during DST (Pacific Time) en, fr-3, ht-1, es-0, ko-0
Ultimateria Nov 30, 2009 UTC -6 (-5 during DST) en, es-3, eo-1, ja-1
Yair rand Dec 3, 2009 UTC -5 en, eo-1, he-1
Bogorm Jan 31, 2010 UTC +2/+3 (EET) bg, en-3, de-4, ru-4, fr-3, da-3
Jamesjiao Feb 17, 2010 UTC +13 (NZST) zh, en-4, fr-3, nl-2, es-1, ja-1, sv-1
Atitarev March 1, 2010 UTC+11 (AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)) ru, en-4, de-4, fr-3, pl-3, uk-3, zh-2, ja-2, cs-2, be-2, es-2, sv-2, no-2, da-2, fi-1, it-1, ar-1, ko-1, hi-1, vi-1, th-1
CodeCat April 11, 2010 UTC+1/2 en, nl, de-2, sv-2, ca-1, fi-1, fr-1
Leasnam February 2, 2011 UTC-5 en, ang-3, enm-2, es-2, de-2, fr-1, nl-1, sco-1, ko-1
-sche 16 September, 2011 UTC+1 / UTC-6 en, de
Angr en.wp admin, Commons admin, en.ws admin, cy.ws admin 19 October 2011 UTC+1 (last Sunday of March to last Sunday of October: UTC+2) en, de-4, fr-2, ga-2;
Theoretical rather than practical knowledge of: ang, cy, dsb, grc, la, my, mga, pgl, sa, sga, wlm, yi
Maro 21 October, 2011 UTC +1/+2 (CET) pl, en, ru-1, de-1, nl-1
Eirikr 25 October, 2011 UTC +7 en, ja-4, de-3, es-2, cmn-1, ko-1, haw-1, mi-1, nv-1
Haplology 27 October, 2011 UTC +9 en, ja-2 es-1
TAKASUGI Shinji 1 November, 2011 UTC +9 ja, en-3, fr-3, ko-2, cmn-1
Lo Ximiendo 28 November, 2011 UTC −5 en
Robin Lionheart 10 January, 2012 UTC −5 en, eo-3, fr-2, es-1, ja-1; la-1, jbo-1, tlh-1, qya-1, sjn-1, Shaw, Dsrt, Teng
Metaknowledge 1 May 2012 UTC-8, but it varies en, la-3, it-1, enm-1, tpi-1, es-0.5, various Polynesian-0.5 <<for updated info and my Babel disclaimer: here>>
Chuck Entz bureaucrat 9 May 2012 UTC-8/7 Languages: en, de-1, es-1, fr-1, grc-1, la-1,(sub-1: he,ang,it,cmn,sa,others)
Ungoliant MMDCCLXIV 2 August 2012 UTC −3 pt, en-3, es-2, de-1, ia-1
MaEr 5 December 2012 UTC+1 (CET) de, nl-3, en-3, no-2, it-2, fr-2
Wikitiki89 1 January 2013 UTC-5/-4 (EST/EDT) en, ru, fr-3, he-2, ar-1, yi-1
ZxxZxxZ fa.wp admin 25 July 2013 UTC+3:30/4:30 fa, tg-4, en-3, ar-2, pal-2, de-1
Pereru 18 September 2013 UTC -1 pt, en-4, fr-4, de-3, nl-3, ru-3, eo-3, vo-2,...
Wyang zh wikt bureaucrat 18 May 2014 UTC+10/+11 zh, en-4, ...
kc_kennylau 29 July 2014 UTC+8 yue, cmn-4, en-4, fr-3, es-2, ja-2, de-1
ObsequiousNewt 10 November 2014 UTC-5/6 en, grc-3, la-2, de-2, es-1
Mr. Granger 30 March 2015 Varies, but usually UTC-5/6 en, es-3, eo-3, ase-1, ca-1, zh-1, la-1
I.S.M.E.T.A. 31 March 2015 UTC/UTC+1 (GMT/BST) en, cy, la-2
JohnC5 22 June 2015 UTC-6 (CST/CDT) en, la-3, de-2, fr-2, ine-pro-2, sa-1, fro-1, non-1, gem-pro-1, grc-1
Benwing 11 August 2015 UTC-6 (CST/CDT) en, pt-3, es-3, fr-3, de-2, it-2, la-2, ar-2, ang-1, fro-1
DTLHS 14 October 2015 UTC-7 (MST) en, es-1
Romanophile 14 May 2016 UTC-6 (GMT) en, es-3, fr-3, pt-3

Inactive administrators

User Group Appointed Time Zone Babel/Other notes
Paul G bureaucrat January 17, 2004 UTC/+1 in summer en, it-4, fr-3, es-1, pt-1, el-1
Timwi July 14, 2004
Richardb December 13, 2004
Wytukaze June 30, 2005 UTC/+1 in summer (GMT) en, tpi-3, fr-2, de-2, gaa-1, nl-1
GerardM June 30, 2005 UTC+1 nl, en-3, de-1
Jonathan Webley Feb. 10, 2006 UTC en, eo-2
Rodasmith CheckUser May 23, 2006 UTC-8 en, es-3, de-2, eo-2, fr-2, ja-2, it-1, pl-1, pt-1, ru-1
Versageek WP admin and checkuser September 15, 2006 UTC-5 en, es-1
A-cai October 15, 2006 eng, cmn-4, nan-3, jpn-2
Enginear December 26, 2006 UTC/+1 en, fr-2, la-1, de-1, sco-1
Dominic CheckUser, en.wp admin, Meta admin February 12, 2007 UTC-8/-7 en, es-2
Beobach972 May 9, 2007 UTC-5/-4 en-4, de-3, fr-1
Visviva en.wp.admin August 17, 2007 UTC+9 en, ko-3, de-2
Sewnmouthsecret October 25, 2007 UTC-4 en
Goldenrowley November 8, 2007 en, fr-2, es-1
RJFJR November 8, 2007 utc-4 en
Jyril November 8, 2007 fi, en-3, sv-2
Algrif December 24, 2007 UTC+1 (CET) en, es-3, fr-1
Conrad.Irwin January 2, 2008 UTC+0 en
Rsvk January 30, 2008 UTC+9 en la-2 sp-2 de-1 grc-1 he-1
Mike Dillon February 15, 2008 UTC-7/8 en, es-2, la-1, grc-1
PalkiaX50 November 15, 2008 UTC +0/+1 en, ga-2, fr-2, ja-0 (I can read limited kanji and I guess I know a handful of words, that's why I use Moji for definitions. I do intend to learn the language though.)
Brett simple.wikt bureaucrat Aug 6, 2009 UTC-4/+1 in summer en, ja-2, fr-1
Pharamp February 21, 2010 UTC +1/+2 (CET) it, fr-3, en-2, la-2, es-1
Kephir 14 January 2014 UTC+1/+2 pl, en-4, de-1, ja-1


For nominees

  • Be sure to accept your nomination, by signing your vote page where it says "Acceptance". Until you do, the nomination will not be recognized as valid.
  • Make sure you have a working e-mail address; that is, your [[Special:EmailUser/Username]] page should work.

For new sysops

  • Please add yourself to the table above, specifying the requested information.
  • See also Wiktionary:Sysop tools for some assistance regarding your new buttons.

Requests for administrator rights

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