ubi ubi

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Alternative forms[edit]


ubī ubī

  1. wherever, wheresoever
    Ubi ubi est, fac, quamprimum haec audiat.
    Wherever he is, make it so to the highest degree that he may hear this.


Usage notes[edit]

  • The adverbs ubī ‎(where), ubinam ‎(where in the world?), ubīcumque ‎(wherever) and ubīubī are sometimes used with the genitive of terra ‎(land) (singular: terrarum), locus ‎(place) (singular: loci, plural: locorum), nation (singular: gentium), to detonate the same meaning as "where on earth". "in what country" or "where in the world":
    Ubi ubi est genitium.
    Wherever in the world is he?