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U+55EE, 嗮

CJK Unified Ideographs


Han character[edit]

(radical 30, +10, 13 strokes, cangjie input 口日一田 (RAMW), composition)


  • KangXi: not present, would follow page 204, character 11
  • Hanyu Da Zidian: not present, would follow volume 1, page 667, character 7
  • Unihan data for U+55EE


simp. and trad.
variant forms



  1. (Cantonese) Verbal aspect marker for full extent.
    功課 [Cantonese, trad.]
    功课 [Cantonese, simp.]
    Zou6 saai3 gung1 fo3 mei6 aa3? [Jyutping]
    Have you finished all your homework?
    今晚點解個個冇乜胃口搞到 [Cantonese, trad.]
    今晚点解个个冇乜胃口搞到𩠌 [Cantonese, simp.]
    Gam1 maan5-1 m4 zi1 dim2 gaai2 go3 go3 dou1 mou5 mat1 wai6 hau2, gaau2 dou3 sik6 zing6 saai3 di1 sung3. [Jyutping]
    For some reason, everyone is not hungry tonight and left all the food almost untouched.
    多謝 / 多谢 [Cantonese]  ―  Do1 ze6 saai3! [Jyutping]  ―  Thank you very much!
    佢哋 [Cantonese, trad. and simp.]
    Dang2 keoi5 dei6 zau2 saai3 sin1. [Jyutping]
    Wait until they've all gone.
    已經出便 [Cantonese, trad.]
    已经出便 [Cantonese, simp.]
    Ji5 ging1 hai2 saai3 ceot1 bin6 laa1. [Jyutping]
    They're all outside already.