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Invokes Module:it-pronunciation, which generates phonemic IPA transcriptions of Italian words. Not complete yet. It should eventually include phonetic transcriptions.

Uses the page name by default, so requires no input, unless the word is not accented on the penultimate syllable, or there is an open e or o. In that case, put the word in the first parameter, with an acute or grave accent added to indicate the stressed syllable or the open vowel.

By default, z is transcribed as /t͡s/. It can be switched to /d͡z/ with |voiced=. (The name of the parameter might be changed.) This can be a boolean if all instances of z are voiced, or a series of numbers separated by commas that indicate which sequences of z are voiced. Z in the -izzare suffix is automatically voiced.


  1. {{it-IPA}} (on the page migliore)
  2. {{it-IPA}} (ragazza)
  3. {{it-IPA|fòrza}} (forza)
  4. {{it-IPA|bène}} (bene)
  5. {{it-IPA|zanzara|voiced=yes}} (zanzara)
  6. {{it-IPA|clab|clèb}}
  7. {{it-IPA|sta-sera}} (stasera)
  1. IPA(key): /miʎˈʎo.re/
  2. IPA(key): /raˈɡat.t͡sa/
  3. IPA(key): /ˈfɔr.t͡sa/
  4. IPA(key): /ˈbɛ.ne/
  5. IPA(key): /d͡zanˈd͡za.ra/
  6. IPA(key): /klab/, /ˈklɛb/
  7. IPA(key): /staˈse.ra/

For more, see Module:it-pronunciation/testcases.