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a aa a axis abandoned mine abandoned workings abandonment Abbe jar Abbe refractometer Abbe theory Abbe tube mill ABC system Abel's reagent abernathyite aberration abime ablation breccia A.B. Meco-Moore Abney level abnormal place abraser abrasion abrasion hardness abrasion index abrasive abrasive blasting respirator abrasive formation abrasive ground abrasive hardness test abraum salts abraumsalze abriachanite absolute absolute age absolute atmosphere absolute bulk strength absolute chronology absolute daily range absolute humidity absolute isohypse absolute ownership absolute permeability absolute potential absolute pressure absolute roof absolute scale absolute temperature absolute time absolute viscosity absolute weight strength absolute zero absorbed water absorbent formation absorbent ground absorbents absorber absorptiometer absorption absorption hygrometer absorption loss absorption rate absorption spectra absorption spectrum absorption tower abundant vitrain abutment abutment load abutment pillars abysmal abysmal sea abyss abyssal abyssal deposit abyssal injection abyssal plain abyssal realm abyssal theory abyssal zone abyssobenthic abyssolith abyssopelagic acanthite accelerated weathering test accelerator accelerometer accented contour acceptor accessory accessory element accessory mineral accessory plate access road accidental inclusion accordion roller conveyor accretion vein accumulation accumulative rock accumulator accumulator conveyor accuracy acetamide acetic acid amine acetylene acetylene lamp acetylene tetrabromide achavalite Acheson graphite Acheson process achirite achroite achromatic acicular acicular bismuth acicular powder aciculite acid acid Bessemer converter acid bottom and lining acid clay acid cure acid-dip survey acid-dip test acid drainage acid electric furnace acid embrittlement acid-etch tube acid-etch vial acid flux acid-forming materials acidic acidization acidize acidizing acid leach acid lining acid mine drainage acid mine water acid neutralizers acid open-hearth steel acid ore acid process acid-recovery operator acid refractory material acid refractory product acid regenerator acid rock drainage acid slag acid sludge acid soil acid steel acid strength acid test acid water aciform aciniform acinose acinote acinous aclinal aclinic aclinic line acmite acopolado acoustic acoustical well logging acoustic attenuation log acoustic dispersion acoustic impedance acoustic interferometer acoustic log acoustic-radiation pressure acoustic radiometer acoustic resistance acoustics acoustic scattering acoustic sounding acoustic-strain gage acoustic theodolite acoustic wave acquired lands acre acreage rent acre-foot acre-inch acre-yield actetic acid amine actinide actinide element actinolite actinote activated alumina activated carbon activated charcoal activated clay activated coal plow activated plow activating agent activation activation analysis activator active agent active earth pressure active entry active fault active layer active mining area active workings activity actual age actual breaking strength actual horsepower actual performance curve actuated roller switch acute bisectrix adamantine adamantine luster adamellite adamic earth adamite adamsite ada mud adapter trough added diamonds additive addlings Adeline steelmaking process adelite ader wax adhesion adhesive slate adiabatic calorimeter adiabatic compression adiabatic efficiency adiabatic expansion adiabatic temperature adiabatic temperature change adinole adipite adipocerite adipocire a direction adit adit end adit level adjacent sea adjustment of error adjutage admission admittance adobe adobe charge adobe flat adobe shot adsorption adsorption analysis adular adularescence adularia adularia moonstone advance advance development advanced gallery advanced materials advance gate advance overburden advance per round advance stope advance stripping advance wave advance working advancing advancing longwall adventurine adverse adverse claim adverse intent advertised out aedelforsite aedelite AED process aegirine aegirine-augite aegirite aenigmatite aeolian Aeonite aerate aeration aeration zone aerator aerial aerial cableway aerial mapping aerial photograph aerial photomosaic aerial railroad aerial ropeway aerial spud aerial survey aerial tramway aerobe aerobic aeroclay aerodynamical efficiency aerodynamic diameter aerodynamic fan aerodynamic instability aeroembolism aerofall mill aerofloc aerofoil-vane fan aerohydrous aeroides aeromagnetic prospecting aerometer aerosite aerosol Aerosol aerugite aerugo aeschynite aethiops mineral aetite affinity A-frame A-frame headgear African emerald afterblast afterblow afterbreak afterburst aftercooler afterdamp aftergases aftershock aftersliding afwillite agalite agalmatolite agardite agaric mineral agate agate jasper agate opal agatized wood age Agecroft device agent age ratio agglomerate belt flotation agglomerate screening agglomerating value agglomeration agglutinate agglutinating power agglutinating value agglutinating-value test agglutination aggradation aggregate aging Agitair flotation machine agitation dredging agitation ratio agitator aglaite agmatite agnesite agonic line agreement agricolite agricultural geology agricultural lime agrite agrogeology aguilarite ahlfeldite A-horizon aikinite aimafibrite AIME air airafibrite air-avid surface air barrage air bell air belt airblast airblasting air block airborne electromagnetic prospecting airborne magnetic prospecting airborne magnetometer air box air breakers air brick air bridge air bubble air chamber air change air channels air circulation air classification air classifier air cleaning air compartment air conditioning air-conditioning process air-cooled blast-furnace slag air course air coursing air creep air crossing air current air cushion air cyclone air decking air dome air door Airdox air drain air-dried air-dried basis air drift air drill air-dry air duct air elutriation air elutriator air endway air-float table airflow airflow-equalizing device airflow meter air flush air flushing airfoil fan air furnace airhammer air heater air hoist airhole air horsepower air hp airing air intake air jig air lancing air leakage air leg air-leg support air level air lift air-lift dredge airlift sampler air-line lubricator airline respirator air lock airman air mat air mover air-operated winch air photograph air pit airplane-strand wire rope air-power-operated mine door air pressure air-pressure drop air propeller air pump air-purifying respirator air quantity air ramming air receiver air-reduction process air regulator air requirements air rig air rod puller air rotary drilling air-sand process air seal air separation air separator air set air shaft air shooting air shot air shrinkage air-slaked air-slaking air slit air slug air sollar air-space ratio air-sparged hydrocyclone air split air stack air stain air starter air-stowing machine air streak air survey air-swept ball mill air-swept mill air swivel air table air-track drill air transport air trunk air tub air turbolamp air valve air velocity air vessel airveyor air-void ratio air volume air washer air wave airway Airy hypothesis Ajax ajkaite ajutage akaganeite akhtenskite Akins' classifier akrochordite aksaite alabandite alabaster aladzha alamosite alaskite albertite albert shale albite albite-epidote-amphibolite facies albite porphyrite albitite albitization albitophyre albond alchemy alcohol alexandrine sapphire alexandrite effect alexandritelike tourmaline alexeyevite algae algal algal coal algal limestone algal reef algal stromatolite algarite alga sapropel Algerian onyx alginate algite algodonite Algoman orogeny alidade alien filling align alignment alinement clamp aliphatic alipite alisonite Aliva concrete sprayer alive alkali alkali bentonite alkalic alkalic feldspar alkali earth alkali feldspar alkali flat alkali garnet alkali granite alkali-lime series alkali metal alkalimeter alkaline alkaline-earth bentonite alkaline-earth metal alkaline metal alkalinity alkali soil alkali subbentonite alkane alkene alkinite alkyne allactite allagite allanite allargentum allcharite alleghanyite allemontite Allen cone Allen-O'Hara furnace allevardite alley stone alliaceous alligator all-mine pig allochem allochemical allochroite allochromatic allochromatic mineral allochthon allochthonous allochthonous coal allochthonous peat alloclasite alloclastic breccia allogenic allogonite allomeric allomorph allomorphism allomorphite allomorphous allopalladium allophane allophanite allophanoids allothimorph allotriomorphic allotriomorphic-granular allotropic allotropism allotropy allowable bearing value allowable pile-bearing load allowable stress alloy alloyage alloy sludger alloy system alluaudite alluvia alluvial alluvial clay alluvial cone alluvial deposit alluvial fan alluvial flat alluvial mining alluvial ore deposit alluvial plain alluvial slope alluvial tin alluvial values alluviation alluvion alluvium almagra almandine almandine ruby almandite almeria ore almond furnace almond stone alnoite Aloxite alpha alumina alpha celsian alpha chalcocite alpha hyblite alpha mercuric sulfide alpha quartz alpha zinc sulfide alpine Alpine diamond alquifou alshedite alstonite altaite alteration altered mineral altered rock altered stone alternate pillar and stope alternate polarity alternating-current ampere alto alum alum cake alum earth alumina aluminate alumina trihydrate aluminite aluminosilicate refractory aluminous abrasive aluminous ore aluminum aluminum detonator aluminum silicates alumite alumocalcite alumogel alum rock alum salt alum schist alum shale alum slate alunite alunitization alunogen alvanite alveoli alvite amalgam amalgamate amalgamated claims amalgamating barrel amalgamating table amalgamation amalgamation process amalgamator amalgam barrel amalgam pan amalgam plate amalgam retort amalgam treatment amang amarantite amargosite amatrice amause amazonite amazonstone amber Amberine amberite amber mica amberoid amber opal ambient ambrosine amenability American American-Belgian furnace American forge American jade American ruby American system American Table of Distances amesite amethyst amethystine amethystine quartz amethyst point amianthinite amianthus amiantoid amigo aminoffite ammine ammiolite ammite ammonal ammonia ammonia dynamite ammonia gelatin ammonia gelatin dynamite ammonia niter ammonia stillman ammoniojarosite ammonium chloride ammonium hydroxide ammonium nitrate ammonium nitrate gelignites amoibite amorphous amorphous coal amorphous graphite amorphous metal amorphous mineral amorphous peat amorphous phosphorus amosite ampangabeite ampelite ampelitis ampere ampere-hour ampere volt amphibole amphibole-magnetite rock amphibolide amphibolite amphibolite facies amphibololite amphigene amphoteric amygdale amygdaloid amygdaloidal amygdaloidal rock amygdule amyl alcohol amyl xanthate Anaconda method anaerobic analcime analcimite analcimization analcitization analog computer analogous analytical chemistry analytic group analyzer anamigmatization anamorphic zone anamorphism anastomosing anatase anatectic anatexis anauxite Anbauhobel anchaduar anchorage anchor bolt anchor charge anchor jack anchor prop ancylite andalusite andersonite Anderton shearer loader andesine andesinite andesite andorite andradite andre Andreasen pipette Andrews' elutriator andrewsite anemoclastic anemogram anemograph anemolite anemometer aneroid barograph aneroid barometer ANFO angelellite angle beam angle brace angle-cut angledozer angle drilling angle hole angle level angle of attack angle of bite angle of dip angle of draw angle of external friction angle of extinction angle of friction angle of inclination angle of nip angle of obliquity angle of polarization angle of pull angle of reflection angle of repose angle of rest angle of shear angle of slide angle of swing anglesite angle to the right angle trough angling angling dozer angstrom angular angular cutter angularity test angular unconformity anhedral anhydride anhydrite anhydrock anhydrous anhydrous ammonia anidiomorphic aniline point anilite animikite anion anion exchange capacity anionic collector anionic current anionic detergent anionic flotation anisodesmic anisometric anisotropic anisotropic fabric anisotropy ankerite annabergite annealed wire rope annealing annealing color annealing oven annerodite annite annivite annual labor annual layer annual value annular bearing annular-drainage pattern annular kiln anode anode compartment anode copper anode effect anode furnace anode metals anode mud anode scrap anode slime anodic zone anomaly anorthic anorthite anorthoclase anorthosite anorthositization anoxia anthill anthoinite anthonyite anthophyllite anthra anthracene anthracene oil anthracite anthracite-coal-base carbon refractory anthracite coal sizes anthracite duff anthracite fines anthracite silt anthracitic anthracology anthracometer anthraconite anthracosilicosis anthracosis anthrafilt anthrafine anthrasilicosis anthraxolite anthraxylon anthraxylous coal antibreakage device anticlinal anticlinal axis anticlinal bend anticlinal mountain anticlinal valley anticline anticlinorium antiferromagnetic antiferromagnetism antiform antifriction bearing antigorite antilogous antimagmatist antimonate antimonial arsenic antimonial copper antimonial red silver antimonial silver antimonite antimonpearceite antimony antimony blende antimony crudum antimony glance antimony ocher antimony regulus antimony star antimony trioxide antinode antipathy of minerals antiperthite antistatic antistress mineral antithetic fault antithetic shear antitropal ventilation antiturbidity overflow system antlerite AN-TNT slurry antofagasite antozonite anvil anvil block anvil jaw anvil stone anvil vise apartalite apatelite apatite apex apex law aphanesite aphanite aphanitic aphanophyre aphothonite aphrite aphrodite aphyric aplanachromatic lens aplanatic lens aplite aplitic aplogranite Apocal Apold-Fleissner process apomagmatic apophyllite apophysis aporhyolite Appalachian coalfield Appalachian orogeny Appalachian revolution apparent cohesion apparent density apparent dip apparent movement of a fault apparent plunge apparent porosity apparent resistivity apparent specific gravity apparent superposition apparent velocity apparent volume apparent width appliances of transportation Appolt oven appraisal approach distance appropriation approved permissible flame safety lamp approximate original contour Apricotine apron apron conveyor apron feed apron feeder apron plate apron rope apron wall apyrous AQ aqua ammonia aqua regia aquarium test aqueous aqueous fusion aqueous liquor aquiclude aquifer aquifer test aquifuge aquitard aragonite aragonite sand Aragon spar aramayoite arbitrage arborescent arcanite arc cutter arc furnace arch arch blocks Archean arched Archeozoic arch forms arch girder Archimedes' principle arching arching action arching to a weakness arch rib arch set arch structure arcose arc shear machine arc shooting Arctic suite arcwall machine arc welding Ardeer double-cartridge test ardennite areal geology areal map areal pattern area of airway area of influence of a well area of settlement arenaceous areng arenite Arents tap arfvedsonite Argall furnace Argall tubular furnace argental mercury argentate argentation argentiferous argentiferous galena argentiferous lead argentine argentite argentojarosite argentopyrite argil argillaceous argillaceous hematite argillaceous limestone argillaceous ore argillaceous rock argillation argillic argillite argillization argon argulite argyrite argyrodite argyropyrite argyrose argyrythrose arite arithmetic-mean particle diameter Arizona ruby arizonite Arkansas diamond Arkansas stone arkansite arkose arkose quartzite arkosic arkosic sandstone arkosite arm armangite arm conveyor armenite armor armored apron armored cable armored flexible conveyor armored relict Armstrong air breaker arnimite arochlors aromatic compound aromatic hydrocarbon aromatite arquerite arrastra arrastre arrested decay arrester arrival dealings arrojadite arrow arroyo arsenargentite arsenate arsenic arsenical antimony arsenical nickel arsenical pyrite arsenic bloom arsenicite arsenic trioxide arsenious oxide arsenite arsenobismite arsenoclasite arsenolamprite arsenolite arsenopyrite arsenosulvanite arsenpolybasite arsenuranocircite arsenuranylite arterial road artesian artesian aquifer artesian basin artesian discharge artesian leakage artesian spring artesian water artesian well arthurite articulite artificial aging artificial brine artificial horizon artificial island artificial liquid fuel artificial refractories artinite asbestiform asbestine asbestos asbestosis asbestos minerals asbestos yarn asbestus asbolan asbolane asbolite ascensional ventilation ascension theory ascharite aschisite aschistic ash ashcroftine ash curve ash drawers ash error ash fusibility ash-fusion temperature ashlar ash-specific gravity curve ashstone ash yield asparagolite asparagus stone aspect asperolite asphaltic asphaltic ore asphaltic rock asphaltite asphalt rock asphalt stone asphyxiate aspirating aspirator assay assay balance assayer assay foot assay grade assay inch assay office assay plan assay plan factor assay split assay ton assay value assay walls assembled stone assembly rod assessment assessment drilling assessment labor assessment work asset assigned protection factor assimilation assistant mine foreman Assmann psychrometer association association placer location assured mineral astatic astatic gravimeter astatic pendulum astatization asteria asteriated asteriated quartz asteriated topaz asterism asthenolith asthenosphere ASTM coal classification astochite astrakanite astridite astringent astrophyllite asymmetrical asymmetrical vein asymmetric class asymmetric fold asymmetric unit atacamite ataxic atelestite at grade Atkinson Atkinson's friction coefficient Atlantic suite Atlas ore Atlas spar atmosphere atmosphere-supplying respirator atmospheric condenser atoll texture atom atomic charge atomic distance atomic moisture meter atomic number atomic plane atomic scattering factor atomic susceptibility atomic volume atomic weight atomization atomized metal powder atomizer atopite attached ground water attack rate attapulgite attendance signaling system attenuation Atterberg limits Atterberg scale Atterberg test attitude attrital coal attrition attrition mill attritious wear attritus audiofrequency augelite augen augen gneiss augen schist augen structure auger auger bits auger boring auger head auger hole auger mining augite augite bronzite augite diorite augite syenite auralite aureole auri-argentiferous aurichalcite auricupride auriferous auriferous pyrite aurobismuthinite aurosmirid aurostibite aurous austempering austenite austenitic stainless steel austenitizing austinite Australian bentonite Australian cinnabar authigene authigenesis authigenetic authigenic authigenic mineral authorized fuels authorized person autochthon autochthonous autochthonous coal autochthonous peat autochthony autoclastic autogenous autogenous grinding autogenous roasting autohydration autoinjection autointrusion autolith automatic ash analysis automatic belt takeup automatic clip automatic clutch automatic coupling automatic cyclic winding automatic dam automatic door automatic doors automatic feed automatic feed sampler automatic heat-treating machine automatic pump control automatic pumping automatic reclosing relays automatic recorder automatic sampler automatic sampling automatic sprinkler automatic winding autometamorphism autometasomatism automolite automorphic automorphic-granular autopneumatolysis autospray autostoper autotransformer autotroph autrometer autunite auxiliary auxiliary anode auxiliary cylinder auxiliary fault auxiliary mineral auxiliary operations auxiliary ventilation available alumina available energy available lime available power available power loss available relief available silica avalanche avalanche protector avanturine aventurescence aventurine aventurine feldspar aventurine glass aventurine quartz average assay value average clause average loading avicennite AW awaruite AX axes axial angle axial compression axial element axial figure axial flow axial-flow compressor axial-flow fan axial line axial plane axial-plane cleavage axial-plane folding axial-plane foliation axial-plane separation axial priming axial ratio axial stream axial trace axinite axiolite axis axis of acoustic symmetry axis of symmetry axonometric projection axotomous axstone azimuth azorite Aztec stone azulinhas azurchalcedony azure azure malachite azure quartz azure spar azure stone azurite azurite malachite azurlite azurmalachite