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z {letter}  :: The twenty-third letter of the Classical Latin alphabet, called zēta
Z {letter}  :: The twenty-third letter of the Classical Latin alphabet, called zēta
zaberna {f}  :: A kind of scrip
zabolus {m}  :: synonym of diabolus
Zabulon {prop} {m}  :: Zebulun
zabulus {m}  :: alternative spelling of zābolus
Zachalias {prop} {m}  :: Name of a Babylonian writer, contemporary of Mithridates
Zacharias {prop}  :: Zechariah
zacon {m}  :: synonym of diācōn
zaconus {m}  :: synonym of diagōnus
zaconus {m}  :: synonym of diāconus
Zacynthus {prop} {f}  :: Zakynthos
zaeta {f} [Late Latin]  :: manuscript variant form of diaeta
Zagrabia {prop} {f}  :: Zagreb, capital of Croatia
Zama {prop} {f}  :: Zama (a Numidian town in modern Tunisia, and the site of a famous battle)
Zambia {prop} {f} [New Latin]  :: Zambia
zamia {f}  :: hurt, injury, damage, loss
zamorensis {adj}  :: Zamora (attributive)
zanca {f}  :: alternative spelling of zancha
zancha {f}  :: A kind of soft Parthian shoe
zanga {f}  :: alternative form of zancha ("kind of soft Parthian shoe")
zanthenes {m}  :: a particular yellow gem
zaplutus {adj}  :: very rich
Zarax {prop} {f}  :: The name of a town and mountain of Laconia
zea {f}  :: A type of grain; spelt (Triticum spelta)
zea {f}  :: emmer wheat
zea {f}  :: A type of rosemary
Zebedaeus {prop}  :: Zebedee
zebra {f} [New Latin]  :: zebra (Equus zebra)
zebratus {adj} [New Latin]  :: zebra (attributive)
zelans {v}  :: loving jealously
zelanter {adv}  :: zealously
zelantissime {adv}  :: superlative of zēlanter
zelantius {adv}  :: comparative of zēlanter
zelator {m}  :: zealous person; zealot
zelatrix {f}  :: A female zealot
zelatus {v}  :: loved ardently or zealously
zelivira {f} [Late Latin]  :: a jealous woman
zelo {v}  :: I love ardently or zealously
zelo {v}  :: I am jealous of; am zealous for
zelosus {adj}  :: jealous
zelosus {adj}  :: zealous
zelotes {m}  :: a person who loves with jealousy; a jealous person
zelotypa {f}  :: a jealous woman
zelotypia {f}  :: jealousy
zelotypus {adj}  :: jealous
zelotypus {m}  :: a jealous man
zelus {m}  :: zeal, emulation
zelus {m}  :: jealousy
zema {n}  :: cooking utensil, saucepan
Zenobii insulae {prop} {fp}  :: the Khuriya Muriya Islands
zephirum {n} [Medieval Latin, mathematics]  :: zero
zephyrius {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to a zephyr or the west wind
zephyrus {m}  :: Zephyrus, the west wind
zeros {m}  :: A precious stone, otherwise unknown
zerum {n} [New Latin, mathematics]  :: zero
zeta {n}  :: The name of the Greek letter zeta (Ζ /-/, ζ /-/)
zeta {n}  :: The name of the letter Z
zeta {f} [Late Latin]  :: manuscript variant form of diaeta
zetarius {m} [Late Latin]  :: manuscript variant form of diaetarius
zeugites {m}  :: a type of reed
zeugma {n} [Late Latin]  :: zeugma
zeus {m}  :: John Dory (or a similar fish)
zeylanicus {adj}  :: Zeylan (attributive); Sri Lankan
zibethus {m}  :: civet
Zimbabua {prop} {f}  :: Zimbabwe
zimpiberi {n}  :: ginger; alternative form of zingiberi
zincum {n}  :: zinc
zingiber {n}  :: ginger
zingiberi {n}  :: ginger
zinzala {f} [Late Latin]  :: a type of gnat
zinziare {v}  :: to chirp
zinzilulaturus {v}  :: about to chirp
zinzilulo {v}  :: I chirp
zirbus {m} [anatomy]  :: caul, omentum
zirconium {n}  :: zirconium
zizania {np} [Ecclesiastical Latin]  :: cockle, tares, darnel (a weed, probably Lolium temulentum)
zizanium {n}  :: cockle, darnel, tares, vetch (cereal weed)
zizyphum {n}  :: jujube
zizyphus {m}  :: jujube tree
zmaragdinus {adj}  :: alternative form of smaragdinus
zmaragdus {m}  :: alternative form of smaragdus
zmintha {f}  :: an aromatic plant, type of mint
zmyrna {f}  :: alternative form of smyrna
Zmyrna {prop} {f}  :: Smyrna
zodiacus {adj}  :: of or pertaining to the zodiac
zodiacus {m}  :: the zodiac
Zoelae {mp}  :: An Asturian tribe of Hispania Tarraconensis
zona {f}  :: belt, girdle
zona {f}  :: zone
zonalis {adj}  :: Of or belonging to a zone
Zonar. {prop} {m}  :: abbreviation of Zōnarās
Zonaras {prop} {m}  :: surname
Zonaras {prop} {m}  :: Joannes Zonaras (fl. 12th C.), Byzantine Constantinopolitan chronicler and theologian
zonarius {adj}  :: of or pertaining to a girdle or belt
zonarius {m}  :: a maker of girdles
zonatim {adv}  :: in a circle, round about
zonatissime {adv}  :: superlative of zōnātim
zonatius {adv}  :: comparative of zōnātim
zonatus {adj}  :: belted, girdled
zonatus {adj}  :: zoned
zonula {f}  :: a little or small belt or girdle
zooepidemicus {adj} [New Latin]  :: That is epidemic (widespread) in animals
zoognosia {f} [New Latin]  :: zoological knowledge
zoologia {f} [New Latin]  :: zoology
zoologicus {adj} [New Latin]  :: zoological
zoophagus {adj} [New Latin]  :: carnivorous
zoophorus {m}  :: The frieze of a column, especially one decorated with animals
zoophthalmos {m}  :: A plant with succulent leaves, of uncertain identification, possibly a species of Sempervivum or Sedum
zootrophion {n} [New Latin]  :: menagerie
zopissa {f}  :: Tar or pitch that is mixed with wax, which was scraped off from ships
zopyron {n}  :: A plant, possibly Clinopodium
zoranisceos {m}  :: A precious stone from the Indus region
zoster {m}  :: The shingles
zoster {m}  :: A kind of sea shrub
zotheca {f}  :: a private room, chamber, or closet
zotheca {f}  :: a recess, niche
zothecula {f}  :: a small closet or cabinet
zæta {f}  :: alternative typography of diaeta
zuccarum {n}  :: alternative form of saccharum
zuma {n}  :: alternative form of zema ("cooking utensil" "saucepan")
Zuonimir {prop} {m}  :: given name cognate to Zvonimir
zupania {f} [New Latin]  :: A region or province in Croatia
zura {f}  :: The seed of the plant Paliurus spina-christi, also known as Christ's thorn
zygapophysealis {adj} [anatomy]  :: zygapophyseal
Zygere {prop} {f}  :: A town of Thrace mentioned by Pliny
zygia {f}  :: a hornbeam
zygia {f}  :: a marriage or nuptial flute
zygostates {m}  :: a master of the weights, weighmaster
Zyras {prop} {m}  :: A river of Thrace flowing into the Black Sea
zythum {n}  :: beer or ale