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pachnolite Pachuca tank Pacific suite pacite pack pack builder pack cavity system pack drawer packer packfong pack hardening pack hole packing packing density packing factor packing gland packsand pack wall pad paddle paddle conveyor paddle loader paddle mixer paddle-type mixing conveyor paddle washer paddle-wheel fan paddy paddy bit paddy lamp padlock sheave page pagodite Pahrump paint paint gold painting paint mill paint rock paint-rock ore pair pair production palagonite palasome pale brick paleo- paleobotany paleoclimatology paleocurrent paleoecology paleogeography paleogeologic map paleolithologic map paleomagnetism paleontological facies paleontologist paleontology paleozoology palimpsest palingenesis palladinite palladium palladium amalgam palladium gold pallas iron pallasite palleting pallet molding pallet-type conveyor Palo-Travis analyser paludal paludification palustrine palygorskite palynology pan panabase panabasite pan amalgamation pan-amalgamation process Pan-American jig pancake panclastite pan conveyor pandermite pan-edge panel panel barrier panel slicing panel working pan feeder pan-feeder operator panhead panidiomorphic panman panning pantellerite pantograph pan-type car Panzer conveyor Panzer-Forderer snaking conveyor papa papagoite paper clay paper coal paper shale paper spar par- para- parabola parabutlerite paracelsian parachrosis paraconformity paraconglomerate paracoquimbite paradamite paraffin shale paragenesis paragenetic paragneiss Paragon paragonite paragonite schist paraguanajuatite parahilgardite parahopeite parajamesonite paralaurionite paralic paralic coal basin parallax parallel blasting circuit parallel circuit firing parallel cut parallel displacement fault parallel drum parallel duplex mine cable parallel entry parallel extinction parallel firing parallel flow parallel fold parallel growth parallel lines parallelogram parallel ripple mark parallel series parallel series circuit parallel unconformity parallel wire method paramagnetic paramagnetism paramelaconite parameter paramontroseite paramorph paramorphism paramoudra pararammelsbergite pararealgar paraschist paraschoepite parasymplesite paratacamite paratellurite paratomous parautochthonous granite paravauxite parbigite pargasite Parian marble parisite parkerite Parkerizing Parker process Parkes process parmalee wrench parral agitator Parr formula Parrish arm Parrish shaker Parr's classification of coal parsonsite part part 90 miner part-face blast partially fixed partial melting partial pressure partial pyritic smelting partial roasting partial subsidence particle particle diameter particle mean size particle size particle-size analysis particle-size distribution particle-size reduction particle sorting particle velocity particulate parting parting and connection man parting boy parting cleaner parting density parting flask parting glass parting liquid parting powder parting slate partition curve partition density partition factor partitioning method partition size partly filled stope parts of line part-swing shovel party chief party foreman party manager Pasadenian orogeny Pascal's law pascoite pass passage passby passing boss passing point passing track passivation passivator passive coefficient of earth pressure passive earth pressure passive fault passive metal passive state of plastic equilibrium passive transducer passivity pass pipe paste paste fill paste pumping pasting patch patchy pat coal patent patent ax patented claim patented rope patent survey Patera process paternoster pump pathfinder path of percolation patina patinated chert patio patio process patronite pattern pattern molder pattern shooting Patterson agitator Pattinson process Pattinson's pots Paulin altimeter paulingite Pauling's rules pavement pavilion paving breaker paving sand pavonite pawl paxite pay dirt pay formation pay gravel pay limit pay load pay material pay ore pay out pay rock pay shoot pay streak peachblossom ore pea coal peacock coal peacock ore pea gravel pea grit pea iron ore peak load peak loading peak particle velocity peak stope pea ore pearceite pearl pearl ash pearlite pearlite iron pearl mica pearl opal pearl sinter pearl spar pearlstone pearly peastone peat peat bed peat blasting peat bog peat gel peat hag peat machine peatman peat moss peat press peat spade peat-to-anthracite theory pebble pebble armor pebble dike pebble gravel pebble jack pebble mill pebble phosphate pebble powder pebblestone pecopteris Pecos ore pectolite pedalfer pedestal pedestal boulder pedestal rock pedestrian-controlled dumper pediment pedimentation pediment pass pedion pediplane pedis possessio pedocal pedogenesis pedogeochemical prospecting pedologic horizon pedology pedometer pedosphere peeler Peerless explosive peg peg adjustment pegleg pegmatite pegmatitic pegmatitic stage pegmatitization pegmatoid pegmatolite peg point peg structure Pehrson-Prentice process Peirce-Smith converter Peirce-Smith process Peissenberg ram PEL pelagic deposit or sediment pelagochthonous Pelatan-Clerici process peldon Pele's hair Pele's tears pelite pelitic pelitic gneiss pelitic hornfels pelitic schist pelletizing Pelletol pellet powder pellet texture pell-mell structure pelter Pelton wheel pelyte pena penalty Penang tin Penberthy anoloader pencil-core bit pencil-coring crown pencil ganister penciling pencil mark pencil ore pencil stone pencil structure pendant pendletonite pendulum pendulum buffer pendulum mill penecontemporaneous structure peneplanation penetrating pulley penetration feed penetration log penetration macadam penetration per blow penetration rate penetration resistance penetration resistance curve penetration speed penetration test penetration twin penetrometer pennant flag pennantite pennine Pennine system penning penning gate penninite Pennsylvanian pennyweight penroseite penstock pentagon pentahydrite pentahydroborite pentasol xanthate pentavalent Pentelic marble penthrit penthrite pentice pentlandite pentolite pentrough peon pepper-and-salt texture peptization peptize peralkaline peraluminous percentage extraction percentage ore percentage subsidence percentage support perch perched ground water perched water perched water table percolation percolation leaching percolation rate percussion bit percussion cap percussion drill percussion drilling percussion figure percussion machine percussion powder percussion sieve percussion system percussion table percussive boring percussive drill percussive drilling percussive machine perfect-discharge elevator perfect frame performance curve perhydrous maceral peri- periblain periblinite periclase periclasite periclinal pericline pericline twin peridot peridote peridotite peridot of Ceylon perimeter blasting perimeter of airway perimorph period periodic law periodic reverse periodic table peripheral fault peripheral speed peripheral-turbine pump peripheral ventilation peritectic perlite perlitic permafrost permafrost drilling permalloy permanent adjustment permanent expansion permanent hardness permanent hard water permanent magnetism permanent monument permanent pump permanent set permanent shaft support permanent way permanganate permeability permeable permeameter permineralization permissible permissible blasting device permissible blasting unit permissible dustiness permissible explosive permissible exposure limit permissible hydraulic fluid permissible lamp permissible machine permissible mine equipment permissible mine locomotive permissible motor permissible velocity permit man permitted permitted explosive permitted light permitting process Permocarboniferous Permotriassic permutite process perofskite Perosa process perovskite perpend perpendicular separation perpendicular slip perpendicular throw persilicic persistent personnel proximity survey persorption persuader perthite perthorite pervious petalite petaloid petcock peter petering out Petersen grab PETN petralite petrifaction petrification petrified moss petrified rose petrified wood petro- petrochemical petrochemistry petrofabrics petrogenesis petrogenic element petrogeny petrographer petrographic petrographic microscope petrographic province petrography petroleum coke petroleum ether petroleum-oil cannel coal petrology petrolo-shale petrophysics petrotectonics petrous petuntze petzite pH phacellite phacolith phanerite phaneritic phanerocrystalline Phanerozoic phantom crystal phantom horizon pharmacolite pharmacosiderite phase phase angle phase-balance relay phase control phase converter phase diagram phase disengagement phase disengagement rate phase displacement phase equilibria phase inversion phasemeter phase rule phase shifter phase system phase transformation phenacite phenakite phengite phenhydrous phenocryst phenocrystalline phenol phi grade scale Philadelphia rod phillipite phillipsite Phleger corer phloem phlogopite pH modifier pholerite pholidoide phonolite phosgenite phosphalite phosphate phosphate lands phosphate of lime phosphate rock phosphatic nodule phosphide phosphochalcite phosphophyllite phosphor phosphorate phosphor bronze phosphorescence phosphoric acid phosphorite phosphorize phosphorized copper phosphorochalcite phosphorogen phosphorus phosphorus copper phosphorus steel phosphosiderite phosphuranylite photicite photoelasticity photoelectric cell photofluorography photogeology photogeomorphology photogrammetry photographic borehole survey photographic interpretation photographic-paper recorder photointerpretation photolithotroph photomacrograph photomagnetic borehole surveying photometric method photomicrograph photomultiplier photon photosensitive photostat printing phototheodolite phototropism phragmites peat phreatic phreatic explosion phreatic gas phreatic line phreatic surface phreatic water phreatic zone pH regulator phthanite phthisis phyllic alteration phyllite phyllite-mylonite phyllitic cleavage phyllonite phyllonitization phylloretin phyllovitrinite phyre physical depletion physical geology physical mineralogy physical oceanography physical shock physics physiographic province phyteral phytogenous rock phytolith phytoplankton piano wire screen picacho pick pick-a-back conveyor pick-and-shovel miner Pickard core barrel pick boy pick breaker pick carrier picker pickeringite picket picking picking belt picking chute picking conveyor picking out eyes picking table pick lacing pickle pickling pick machine pick mine pick miner pick money pickrose hoist pick tongs pickup pickup test pickwork picky poke bar picotite picral picric acid picrite basalt picrochromite picrolite picromerite picture Pidgeon process pie piecemeal stoping piece weight piecework piedmont piedmont alluvial plain piedmontite piedmont plain piedmont scarp piel piemontite pier pier cap piercement piercement dome piercement fold piercer piercing pier dam pietra della raja piezocrystallization piezoelectric axis piezoelectric detector piezoelectricity piezometer piezometric surface pig pig and ore process pig and scrap process pig bed pig caster pigeonhole pigeonhole checker pigeonite pig foot Piggot corer piggyback conveyor pig handler pig lead pigment mineral pig metal pigotite pigsticker pigsty pigsty timbering pig tailer pike Pike process piking pilarite pile pile dam pile drawer pile driver pile extractor pile group pilehammer pile head pile helmet pile sinking piling pill pillar pillar-and-breast pillar-and-chamber pillar-and-room pillar-and-stall pillar boss pillar burst pillar caving pillar coal pillar drive pillar extraction pillaring back pillar line pillar man pillar methods of working pillar mining system pillar recovery pillar road pillar robber pillar robbing pillar robbing and hand filling pillar split pillar strength pillar working pillow pillow block pillow lava pillow structure pilot pilotaxitic pilot bit pilot bob pilot burner pilot drill pilot hole pilot-hole cover pilot lamp pilot method pilot plant pilot reamer pilot reaming bit pilot sampling pilot sequence pilot shaft pilot tunnel pilot valve pilot wedge Pilz furnace pimelite pimple metal pin pinacoid pinch pinchbar pinched pinching out pinch out pinder concentrator pineapple pine tar ping pinguite pinion pinion gear pinite pinnacle pinned coupling pinnel pin puller pintadoite pin thread pin timbering pintle pintle hook pin-to-box pin-to-pin pin-type slat conveyor pion pioneer bench pioneer road pioneer wave piotine pipe pipe bit pipe clamp pipe clay pipe coil pipe coupling pipe cutter piped air pipe drivehead pipe elevator pipe factor pipe fitting pipe friction pipe grab pipe jack pipeline transport pipeman pipe prover piper pipe sampler pipe sampling pipestone pipette analysis pipette method piping piracy pirssonite pisanite pisolite pisolith pisolitic tuff pistacite pistol pipe piston piston corer piston drive-sampler piston sampler piston speed piston-type sampler piston-type washbox pit pit ash pit bank pit bar pit boss pit bottom pit brow pit cage pit-car loader pit-car-loader operator pit-car repairer pitch pitch arm pitchblende pitch circle pitch diameter pitcher pitches and flats pitching bar pitching chisel pitching seam pitch length pitch line pitch off pitch ore pitchstone pitchwork pitch working pitchy pitchy copper ore pitchy iron ore pit efficiency pit eye pit-eye pillar pit foreman pit frame pit guide pit hand pithead pithead output pit hill pit lamp pit limit pitman pitman arm pitmen pit mining pitotmeter Pitot-static tube Pitot tube pit pony pit prop pit quarry pit room pit rope pit sampling pit sand pit shale pit slope pittasphalt pitticite pitting Pittsburgh bed pit water pit wood pitwork pivot pivoted-bucket carrier pivoted-bucket conveyor pivot shaft pivot tube place placer placer claim placer digging placer gold placer ground placer location placer mine placer mining placodine plaffeiite plagihedral plagioclase plagioclase rhyolite plagioclastic plagiohedral plagionite plain plain clinometer plain concrete plain detonator plain pilot plaiting plan planar planar cross-bedding planar element planar flow structure planar gliding planar structure planation plane plane course plane engineer plane fault plane figure plane group plane man plane of saturation plane of stretching plane of symmetry plane or rectangular coordinate plane-polarized light planer planerite plane schistosity plane shear plane strain plane stress plane surveying plane table planetary geared drum planetary lap planetary mill planetary set gear plane tender planet gearing planimeter planimetric analysis planimetric map planimetry planisher plank timbering plankton plankton bloom planktonic plank tubbing planning planning engineer planometric projection planosol plant plant mix plant-mixed concrete plant-mix method plant scrap plasma plasma jet plastering plaster mill plaster pit plaster shooting plaster stone plastic plastic and semiplastic explosive plastic clay plastic deformation plastic design plastic explosive plastic firebrick plastic flow plastic fracture plastic igniter cord plasticity plasticity index plasticizer plastic limit plastic modulus plastic soil plastic solid plastic state plastic strain plastic tamping rod plastic tooling plastic yield plastic zone Plast-Sponge plat plate plate amalgamation plate-and-frame filter plate apron feeder plateau plateau basalt plateau gravel plate bearing test plate cleaner plate conveyor plate coordinate plated crystal plate feeder plate former plate girder plate roll plate tectonics plate tongs platform platform gantry platform hoist platina platinic gold platiniridium platinize platinum platinum-group metal platinum sponge platting plattman plattnerite platy flow structure platynite platy structure playa playa basin playa lake play of color plenargyrite plenum pleochroic pleochroic halo pleochroism pleomorphism pleonaste plessite pliable armored cable pliable support plication ploat plombierite plot mark plotting instrument plotting scale plow plow cut plow deflector plow steel plow-type machine plucking plug plug-and-feather hole plug-and-feather method plug bit plug box plug drill plugged plugged bit plugged crib plugging plughole plughole stopping plugman plug shot plug valve plum plumb plumbago plumbago crucible plumb bob plumber's dope plumbic plumbiferous plumbing plumbline plumbocalcite plumboferrite plumbogummite plumbojarosite plumbomicrolite plumbous plumb pneumatic jig plumb post plumites plummet plumose plumose antimony plumose mica plumosite plump plum-pudding stone plunge plunger plunger bucket plunger case plunger jig washer plunger lift plunger press plunger pump plunger-type washbox plus distance plush copper ore plus mesh plus sight pluton plutonic plutonic metamorphism plutonic ore deposit plutonic rock plutonic series plutonism pluviometer ply pneumatic pneumatic blowpipe pneumatic caisson pneumatic cartridge loader pneumatic cleaning pneumatic concentrator pneumatic conveying pneumatic conveyor pneumatic drill pneumatic drill leg pneumatic filling pneumatic flotation cell pneumatic friction clutch pneumatic hammer pneumatic hoist pneumatic injection pneumatic jig pneumatic lighting pneumatic lubricator pneumatic method pneumatic mortar pneumatic pick pneumatic ram pneumatic riveter pneumatic rod puller pneumatics pneumatic shaft sinking pneumatic stowing pneumatic table pneumatic tamper pneumatic tool pneumatic transport pneumatic water barrel pneumatogenic pneumatolysis pneumatolytic pneumatolytic metamorphism pneumatolytic stage pneumo- pneumoconiosis pneumokoniosis pocket pocket-and-fender method pocket-and-stump method pocket compass pocket conveyor pocket hunter pocket of gas pocket transit pod Podsol Podzol podzolization poecilitic Poetsch process poicilitic poidometer poikilit poikilitic poikilitic texture poikiloblastic point point agate point chalcedony point defect point driver pointed box point group point kriging point of attack point of compound curvature point of curvature point of decalescence point of frog point of intersection point of recalescence point of switch point of tangency point plotting point source poise Poiseuille's law poisoning Poisson's ratio poker man polar Polar Ajax polar curve polar explosive polariscope polarity polarizability polarization polarized light polarizer polarizing prism polar moment of inertia Polaroid Polar Viking polder pole pole chain pole figure poleman pole piece pole strength polianite poling poling back poling board polirschiefer polish polished section polished surface polishing polishing cask polishing mill polled stone pollen peat poll pick pollucite pollux poly- polyargyrite polybasite polychroilite polychroism polychroite polycrase polycrystal polycrystalline polydymite polygenetic polygon polygonal polygonal method polyhalite polykras polymer polymerization polymerize polymetallic sulfide polymignite polymorphism quad quadrantal bearing quadrant cutter quadrant search quadrilateral quadrille twinning quadrivalent quadruple block quagmire quake sheet quaking bog qualitative analysis quality quality control quantitation quantitative quantitative analysis quantitative survey quantity quantity control quantity-distance table quaquaversal quaquaversal fold quarey lode quarfeloids quarl quarman quarpit quarrel quarrier quarry quarry body quarry drainage quarry drill quarry face quarry-faced masonry quarry floor quarrying quarrying machine quarry lode quarry machine quarryman quarry powder quarry-rid quarry sap quarry waste quarry water quartation quarter quartering quartering in quartering way quarter line quarterly survey quarter octagonal quarter-point veins quarter post quarter section quartz quartz andesite quartz battery quartz boil quartz claim quartz conglomerate quartz diorite quartz felsite quartz glass quartz gold quartzic quartziferous quartz index quartzite quartzitic quartz keratophyre quartz latite quartz lead quartz liquefier quartz mill quartz mine quartz monzonite quartzoid quartz ore quartzose quartzous quartz porphyry quartz reef quartz sinter quartz syenite quartz trachyte quartz wedge quartzy Quaternary quaternary alloy queane quebracho queen queer queery quench quenching quenching oils quenching tub quene quenselite Querwellen wave questal bentonite quick quickening quicklime sizes quickness quicksand quicksilver quicksilver cradle quicksilver rock quick test Quigley gun quill shaft quincite quinquevalent quitclaim quoin Q wave